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Trip to the park

I walk up the promenade franked by the flowers 
Seas of Marigolds with Alyssum waves  
An ocean of daffodils and a bluebell wood too
Manicured lawns and beautiful trees 
A cafe selling ice cream and afternoon teas 
I walk through a hidden glade  that leads to the zoo
rabbits and Guinea pigs and a parrot or two 
Mums pushing prams and dads playing games 
The lake as a bridge which is an honour to cross 
named after soldiers who fought in a war   
and now to the business at hand ! 
poaching the lake  and feeding the swans .

comp enter 14/02/2016  ,   new to the site if the form wrong someone tell me please.
The park in question is Crewe given to the town by the railway company,in its hey day coach trips would be arranged from other towns that is many years ago , The bridge over the lake is called the Burma star bridge , and no fishing allowed so a game of cat and mouse with the park wardens . cheers

Copyright © stephen pennell | Year Posted 2016

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At every meeting
behind every podium
	I stand
when I have the floor
	And times when I don't
I stutter before I speak
	Only slightly, for I have control
	No one sees the shadow that crosses my face
I swallow down the desire to speak the truth
	It isn't any of their business
I get to the business at hand
	Stifling my desire
It has ruined me
	Made me into what I am

At the end of every day
Behind my front door
	I bow down
I lay on the floor
	I drink
I drink to my loss
	I loose control
	And slip into the shadow
I smile and whisper the words
	"My name is Bill and I am an alcoholic"

Copyright © CL Creek | Year Posted 2012

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Could've Been (My baby daddy)


You asked me one day if it would be okay if we could consecrate our love
I told you that I was still a virgin and that my stuff was precious to me from above
At this point in our relationship you told me that you loved me
At least one time you did decree
Several times throughout we kissed, we fondled one another
You were such a gentlemen and you said you understood my brotha
And that me being a virgin wasn’t a bother
It’s been six long years, these days baby that’s a long time
One day you took it upon yourself to pop the question about love sublime
You begged and you pleaded for just a little squeeze
Just to let you smell my nature, you said: “PLEASE BABY PLEASE”		
I gave into you and said just a little peek but you must not tell cause,
This is on the down-low you know on the sneak
You tipped right on through
You tickled me, you wiggled you moved all about. It was oh so sensual 
I never felt anything so emotion-felt, in all my days
I began moving about in many, many ways and at this point my virgin-est behind
Wanted to know how the un-virgin lays
He moaned than I, as he tried entering my anatomy, he made me yell out and cry
I don’t need no baby daddy right now, I’m to young
My mom and dad would die
He stuck his tongue into my ear, then licked me down as he began to lie
He said: baby girl believe me when I say this; I’m a man not a boy
I take full responsibility for all this joy
I’m not ready to be your baby daddy
That’s when I said: “BOY DON’T BE COY”!
He said I got protection for me and you,
Now let’s get down to the business at hand, 
“You know I love you Boo”!
I knew I had love for this brotha, but what I wasn’t sure of is,
If what we had between the two of us was enough to become a father and a mother
All of a sudden something clicked; that’s when I belted out:
Get you lying tail off me, quick! 
I remember you now, you’re the joe-blow who’s face was plastered on
America’s most wanted
The most wanted dead-beat dad, labeled low-class!
He hemmed then hawed, trying t get back in, buut my still virgin behind got my head on
straight  to continue with my dignity and grin.

Copyright © Ida Igess | Year Posted 2009

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Tomorrow People

Tomorrow People

I planted a single seed left long ago
 In time roots sprung up out of the fertile soil
 In the game of life your time is very brief
 try turning over a brand new leaf

 many people today seem so very out of reach
 these are desolate times yet we settle for ill faded rhymes
 casualties are enormous for a stated cause that's atrocious 
 a mothers cry as the door bell rings

 vanishing salute to freedom as the church choir sings
 let's look above to the heavenly love
 merciful one come take this chip off my shoulder
 stop the senseless fighting as our nation grows a bit colder

 Tomorrow let's pray for better days
 instead of people getting caught in a purple haze
 eyes, face & hands
 when will we ever live to understand

 you can't stand in line while kicking it to the man
 how you have fought so hard & fierce
 my truest love is gone from here
 a challenge to be free is a question of time

 Tomorrow people will achieve if one can perceive
 it's more then a philosophical rant
 one must succumb to the business at hand
 hopefully someday all will understand

 for love is the true essence of one's inner existence
 a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of hope
 hope that can evoke feelings of positivity
 in a land so full of their negativity

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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Leaving Mars to the STARS

The MIMIC was soon dead and the real ramp lowered for our crew to board the: 
Amaryllis Two. Charlax7Android1 was soon busy at the damper board.

MarYlin Mist was on the pilots couch strapping down her loose anatomy parts.

Stokker was next to her watching her every piloting move. He was learning how to 
fly this thing to be an added asset to the guest list. The Matron IOLA was soon 
engrossed in the business at hand FRENCH toast. The Hydrogen engine was 
noise. The important water pipes the UTUBES stretching out of sight near the 
edges of the walls kept them all on edge and nerves stretched out in the engine 
noises of this interstellar space shippe as the worlds of the ASTERIODS 
approached the ship began to overdrive and the FASTERTHANLIGHTBEAMS@ 
modem on the MISTY WAY MAP lit up on MarYlin computer screen her brand new 
lap top. OH gentle ewe come back tomorrow for a brand new chapter poem. 
9Teen. The Stars in Reach. 

Copyright © charles hice | Year Posted 2007