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Late Summer Nights Dream at the Cat in the Hat

    It was way after eight, at the Cat in the Hat.
    The whole plaice was swimming, quoth the mackrel to sprat.
    Though the milk was upset, she still stifled her cry,
    So sorry i spilt you, mumbled poor humble pie.
    My joints are the bees knees, squealed the honey roast ham,
    And the apple agreed, she was better than spam.
    Then red herring denied, he had something to hide,
    Like a small Bombay duck, is a fish that is dried.
    While tasty choux pastry, bared her soul to an eel,
    The mock turtle announced, i believe i am veal.
    And the ice cube was crushed, as she played fast and loose,
    For an orange refused, to be part of fruit juice.
    As warm rhubarb crumble, melts in custards embrace,
    The sour gooseberry tart, wails she's taking my place
    Then a voice in my head, spoke it's all fantasy.
    Your table awaits you, said the waitress to me.
    I glanced at the menu, it was all a la carte.
    I said,bring me everything, but let's start with that tart.

Copyright © george seal | Year Posted 2017

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Honey Dippers

Honey Dippers bees caress petals blend sweet nectar honey comb pressing fun yummy treat tea for two honeyed sweet tasty lips delightful succulent the bees knees By: Debra Squyres 2/14/13 For: Member Contest "Ellip"

Copyright © Debra Squyres | Year Posted 2013

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Speak--Easy----- 1920's

I may be all wet, but I sure ain't no bluenose!
And, while it's none of my beeswax,
Let's have a bull session-lesson !
Take a gander around, and tell the guy with the cheaters
I'll give him an ear-full, if he'll just hang around

There's a gatecrasher here..., I heard, on the level
He's  zozzled on hooch, a big lollygagger!
He staggered in blotto, with a ciggy on his lips
Sipping on bootleg, and lookin' for whoopee!
He's the fall guy,  (I've heard), for a weird, double cross

Here comes the hoofer, the one with the gams
That vamp is a pushover, a gun- moll, man chaser
A real hotsy-totsy!, she dresses real spiffy
Her toy is a shiv,  she's the Jane, Real McCoy,
makes a sap out of guys, who carry a torch
Bumps them off, on their own front porch !

And that's the "Big Cheese", who runs the speakeasy
He thinks he's high hat, but is full of baloney
He gives all the dames, the real "heebie-jeebies"
Just a poor drug-store cowboy... filled with nothin' but hooey

Hard-boiled. they come,   gold-diggers and hoods
I've been beating my gums, and I'm dying of thirst
This is the berries, been the real bees knees!
Oh, it has been swell, while chewing the fat!

But, facts are the facts, on the up and up

Well, bye, Buttercup,......the jig is up
I'm serious Sam, in a serious jam
The truth of the matter is, that I'm on the lam

You don't know for nothin', stay out of a pickle !...
Remember my friend, don't take wooden nickels !!

For Deb's Contest: Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk   (1920's Slang)

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2015

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talk to the hand - for contest

y'all know me-     I'm in the poem biz     
and it is a no brainer     when I need a fix(I come to the main drag)of
       this poetry site

this my security blanket     my safe harbor    my home away from home
    it has taken me years to learn the
                 set up(its a long way to poet)gonna take a journey 

listen I don't consider my poems hot stuff 
nor do I have hang ups             but the bare bones is this    
    I go bananas for contests                I won't bamboozle you    
 I just wanna win (win and win)

but getting a poem selected    is an uncertain crapshoot      
     its a tricky business
            when the theme is announced    
                    I need to give it a good think (think)

and sometimes I write a lemon                (a real stinker)        
      oh when I lose(so blue)oh so near  when I win   bees knees happy

sometimes I put on my war paint       and make my way
    to the shooting gallery        (I mean the blogs)
        don't wanna open a can of worms    but
            a poet needs guts to make a comment there

oh yessiree    your words can be turned to smoke
sometimes its all snoggling       and sometimes its just aggro
      the blogger asks for an opinion      then the fun begins
get out the boom box     say what           talk to the hand

bring me the funny wagon     gotta get outa there
before I go nuts   gotta chill out         take my peepers to a poem                  
            like it when its mellow yellow in blog world

y'all know me-     I'm in the poem biz
and it is a no brainer       when I need a fix(I come to the main drag)of
         this poetry site

July 1, 2015

Free Verse

For the contest, Colloquialisms, sponsor, Laura Leiser

Fourth Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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Bedeviled by Bees

Folks refer to grand times as “bees knees”
But I am often bedeviled by bees
     I take one step out the door
     Approached by a flying hoard
Stand motionless, so still, afraid to sneeze
But if they land upon an arm or leg
I split my shell like a hard-boiled egg
     Bedeviled I jitterbug
     An energetic spark plug
The hive is abuzz like a powder keg
I’ve no clue why they’re attracted to me
There is no reason that I can foresee
     In woods or on the beach
     If you hear somebody screech
It’s me pleading with bees for mercy

Copyright © Diane Locksley | Year Posted 2010

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Italia Pasta

When I think of my favourite food
my mind thinks of a wonderful land
one shaped similar to a boot
it's capital is so very grand

So my favourite food is Italia Pasta
those lovely strands made so slender
such smoothness made to a T
your taste buds feel it so tender

There's so many kinds of variety
such a lot to even mention
but gives such a great taste
for it always holds your attention

When made together with succulent meat
topped over with real creamy cheese
O the thought just fills your mind
it's really just the bees knees

I could have it every night
breakfast lunch dinner and tea
but too much of a good thing
makes the tummy too big to see!

Copyright © Gordon McConnell | Year Posted 2016

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To move on

love isn't a mask for sex
its the person who could make your life a success
lust is just pleasure you don't ever need to like each other
love makes ya interested
lust keeps it going
If its both you probably found someone so magical
don't blow it

life isn't a chase
i'm just gonna live it
gonna pursue my dream
of PHDs I'll be the bees knees
with or without ya
I'm gonna be the best I can be.

Copyright © jonny sance | Year Posted 2016

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Bees Knees

You’re the bee’s knees between my knees.
Sweet as nectar, 
Tart like blood.
A wolf in sheep’s clothing
Shopping for sheep,
Shopping for mercy,
Shopping for me.

To the naked eye
You’re just fine
But to the naked touch
Your skins too rough.
Your eyes too beady. 
You’ve lost your touch.
The lone wolf in sheep’s clothing
Losing his meaning.  

Copyright © Ira Dawson | Year Posted 2012

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Collage of Wisdom on an Angel Wing

When you see the writing on life’s stark wall, do not let other’s opinions hold sway. Life wouldn’t give you lights to prevent a fall – No green, amber or red to flag your way.
From tears shed in the dark grow pearls of wisdom – round and plump, cascading on cold cheeks. Denying the broken dreams of long forgotten youth. Grappling with the guilt felt over hard decisions made.
We pull out many rusty nails of doctrines old, which still impale the coffins of innocent lives. The objections may be loud, rife - But our brave souls are not for sale.
Sand castle on the beach... But still far out of reach, the tide will wash it away. Build the castle anyway.
Only a genuine smile will go that extra mile to undo that careless frown which we had thrown down. To heal might take a while.
Freedom is gained by insight and compassion – towards ourselves and towards others.
We can only silently reflect on the choices we made. Regret serves no purpose.
Morning on the river – soundless and still. Giving our souls rest and the peace we deserve. Drinking it in. Silence.
Upon the angel wing my love will sing to all who take flight and who seek the light. Changes it will ring.
This is a collage from my first collection of poems published - I really thought I was the "bees knees" ....Now, I cringe! I had written most of these during a time when I was close to being certified as a severe depressive but writing poetry pulled me out of the hole.... If this does not at least put a smile on your face, Becca, I give For Becca Lucas Contest: Chasing the Blues Away 1/31/2013

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2013

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Humble,bumble bee
One season's life,fly free

Working the summer scene
Unless crowned,as May Queen

Sometime cousin cuckoo,comes to stay
Her offspring eggs to lay

A nursemaid,then,Spring to Fall
'Til Winter's death knell,calls

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2008

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Computer Flirt

You flirt with your computer; as one does,
When you turn it on, you abuzz.
Poking all it's keys,
You think your the bees knees...
You flirt with your computer; as one does.

Computer flirts everywhere, it's true,
Electronic flirtatious rendezvous.
Gazing at your screen to your flirty searching stream,
You flirt with your computer, as one does.

You never want to leave it as you woo,
You flirt with your computer, as they do
Feel I should alert-
I admit I am a flirt;
A computer flirt...

Copyright © Paris-Maree Boreham | Year Posted 2018

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Listen Hunny, 
Just because you think that you're the bees knees doesn't mean you can tell me to buzz off,
I've got you in the palm of my hand and I think it's safe to say the gloves are off,
You used to be my queen bee,
You stole my heart and my love, it's too bad there's no honor among thieves,
But now I'm back with a vengeance like I had Scoliosis, 
Feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders, 
You couldn't be colder to me if it was snowing,
But look now my face is glowing, and I can't even help it,
The world is my oyster and now it's for me to be shellfish(selfish),
Pardon the pun but I have to stick to my guns,
You brought a knife to a gun fight, you better run for your life,
Because my pen is mightier than your sword, baby
And you can bet that I live by it today so I'm going to die by it later.

Copyright © Tom Murray | Year Posted 2015

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In My Head

Julie was going south on me
It was too tempting
For her can’t ya see?

It happened slowly
When I was lonely
Relaxin in my bed 			 

The curtains were drawn 
And the lights were dim
I pushed my marbles off to the side of the bed

A soft tune was playing
Mouth wide open she came to me		

Cause it was in my head			
I imagined the Queen of the bed		
I was desperately 				
Seeking the bees knees			
And when I came to				
My hands were filled with goo		
I wiped the tears from my eyes			
And washed away the imaginary lies	

Kristy was the sweetest thing
She got up, to fix me some grub	
But when I rolled back over again
I could hear the sound of my tub	

She drew me in with that imaginary wink
I braced myself against the sink	
She went south too, head first with no hands
I was truly the happiest man	

Samantha and the others never lied to me
Hell, they didn’t speak that well
In my head I’ve come to find out
That there’s no kiss and tell

Copyright © John Paluszek | Year Posted 2014

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My Computer 2

The Bees knees.
Except when it freeze.
Screen blank.
Like, hit by a tank.
It has a mind of its own!

Delete, defrag, firewall and defender.
Virus, spyware and distemper.
Memory that does not remember.
I fight them every day.

For birthdays, appointments and the like.
It is just right.
Telling how much in the bank.
It is very frank.

I have to prove, that I am best.
I win at chequers and chess.
I am looking for a poet.
Who is a computer Ace.
To help me repair it's face.

So many help files.
But I cannot find.
What I need to make and mind.
Keep it going at all cost.
Without it.  I am lost.


Copyright © Norman Purvis | Year Posted 2007

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She's All That

She is the beginning
As well as the end
The best part of the middle
Then start over again

The sweet part of the taste
On the tip of your tongue
The wisdom of old
The giggle of young

She is the breeze
That blows in the Spring
The long distance call
That brings you close with the ring

The moment you hear
Someone say yes
She is the mystery 
That hides in the guess

She is the hope 
That you hold onto
The talk of the town
The brand in the new

The little crease
At the edge of the smile
She's the bees knees
The answer to why

She is all this and
She is all that
When it comes to it all
She's where it's all at

32 Years ago today I married the love of my life.

Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2016

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I suppose we take for granted - except when we are stung -
The intelligence of those busy bees that largely goes unsung!
The little critters pollinate flowers and such, and, moreover,
Create for us combs of ambrosial honey from fields of clover!

The drone has a most blissful job - caterin' to the queen.
Once he's done his thing, alas, he passes from the scene!
Workers toil long and hard to glean pollen from the field,
Then, some inconsiderate dude has the gall to rob their yield!

Honeybees are a bit more docile than the grumpy, yeller jacket.
Beware of the wily wasp - when agitated he'll create a racket!
The bumblin' bumble bee, their lumberin, bulky cuz,
Somehow aviates through the air - I often wonder how it does!

There ain't nothin' more entertainin' than a scholarly "spellin'" bee.
Can you think of anything more creative than a ladies "quiltin" bee?
Dexterity and hustle are required for "cornhuskin'" bees.
(Wonder who came up with that ridiculous reference to a "bees-knees"?)

I'd reckon that bees are nature's most maligned creatures.
Most probably due to its stinger - one of its most fearsome features!
But hold on! Before we decry the bee, here's the buzz:
It's obviously the most productive pollinator that ever wuz!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(© All Rights Reserved)

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2010

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The Number 1 Slam Poem

Your words are hurting my retina
'cus your rhymes stink like diarrhea
you're no rhyme Godzilla just a Gorilla
infected with poetic gonorrhea.

Your rhymes are thoughtless and without force
because of the very simple words you source
that make you sound like you are a horse
in a boat trying to flow without the oars.

You think you're a God and up there with Ali
and you might be at boxing but not poetry.
I think you should go and climb back up the tree
and rejoin your own family of Chimpanzee.

So can you take your rotten disease
and move yourself away from me please
'cus you're infected and carrying fleas
and are a risk to me, the bees knees.

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2018

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Happiness Is

Happy is well-being, when beauty's in the seeing. Happiness is quiet calm, a balm like a psalm. Happy is bees' knees, not knowing of bees' knees being! Happiness is the calming balm of a love's gentle palm. 4th Place Rhyme battle: Happiness: Round 8 Sponsor: Juli-Michelle 8/9/17

Copyright © Dale Gregory Cozart | Year Posted 2017

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A world with no bees?
No buzz waves heard in the sky or pollen in the breeze on bees knees as they follow their antenna towards nectar wells?
Oh my!
All the time bearing life for so many.
Oh my!
A world without bees would be no world at all.
Oh my!


Copyright © Jack Eldridge | Year Posted 2016

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3 Kings in Search of New Agong


So you see lah! dese three big noise fellas come last time outstation
To Judea now got Israel - visa ready, (back-hand donation)

Dey pretty dam clever also high class, an’ all got top degrees, 
Not  cheap stuff from China, in their land they sure da bees knees

 Dey know which way go. No sat nav, but got one big shiny star
 Like sign on North South highway it bring dem long way so far

So dey come wofore lah? I tell you. Dey look for new born King
Not just Sultan; dis a super-king - big Agong one, extra bling

Now dey askin "Where got new Agong lah? "-  dey gettin dis reply:
“You dam stupid ah!  Got king already, he one mean bad guy”

He not wantin no takeover, better stay clear his domain
So dey get back on deir camels an follow big star again.

Pretty soon star stop over big wood Atap animal godown
Dey think: "Dis not for Agong, like Ritz or da Hilton up town

Master bateroom, sweet bathrom including free breakfast buffet
Dey decide to go look-see, dey tarik the door anyway

Inside all dark an smelly (what expect with cows, sheep an’ goats lah!) 
Two smart fellas go cautious to small light in dark corner far

Da third one not careful; he step on big iron rake Waah!
Sure not clever - rake stick in foot, swing up - hit nose - sees more star

In dat hurt-him-bad moment  he feels that his nose has been diced
He cry out in the darkness: “OMG! - Ayah! JESUS CHRIST!”

All go quiet. Beasts stop moo, baa, chew, grunt, fart, hush deep like heaven
Den small voice say "Dat's a good name lah! Maybe we not call him Kevin”

Copyright © Geoffrey Brewer | Year Posted 2017

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i will order THE bees KNEES if you PLEASE


“oh man, really,  wake  up please”
There are women who will drive you to your knees
You can see it in their eyes they think they can control the sun
S**t, If I summon a lady to do something, believe this baby, it gets done

Weakness to me is a disease
That’s why I stay off of my knees
There are some women who think they can control the weather
Shoot, I’d rather be happy and alone than unhappy being together

I will not pay a woman’s fees
That’s how I stay off of my knees
I am not a man a woman can rearrange
Take that tip from me, and keep the f***ing change

Look in their eyes and if they should tantalize and tease
I’m telling you men, don’t let them jack-hammer you to your knees
Okay wait, I’ve rethought my advice
Only get down on your  knees if she’s hot enough and worth  the price
   © Phreepoetree ~free cee!~


Copyright © jeffry cohan | Year Posted 2011

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She believes in her Fate
That’s why she keeps the Faith
She’s made of tough Shell
Firing like Hell
Having an eye that stings
A character like Bees knees

Around her is a big umbrella
She knows she is Ella
Men Heat up when she’s near
Losing control but fear
Her heart and mind glows
When Jesus is close

Jesus keeps her to Men
For them to commend or condemn
For men see her Shell like flame
For there is one could burn that flame
That is her only Twin Flame

Then all is well that ends well
That all will turn to Gold in wishing well
She knows her great worth
But stays humbly and forth

Copyright © Shirley Ann Mendoza | Year Posted 2017

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Bees Knees

Bees Knees I've always heard are good
It would take a lot to make a mess
How you would fix them I'm not sure
Maybe Bees Knees and Gravy I guess

Copyright © PAT Adams | Year Posted 2017

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Hyperfocus Hocus Pocus

The force of my thoughts is a force to report,
Attention, no Deficit, Hyperactive, no Disorder, call it slaughter
when Hyperfocus onslaughts play hocus pocus with my thoughts,
a tornado, a hurricane a monsoon loom and taunt
a brainstorm of sorts in a sonic boom I'm caught.

My brain storms forth at a level that's unstoppable,
my thoughts think thought bubbles and they're unpoppable.

I'm not stumped I'm leaves and branches,
stretching wide across the countryside to ranches,
this Hyperfocus advantage never disappoints
growing higher than high to give me vantage points.

The results double, quadruple then orgies of thoughts form before me,
the capabilities of my abilities wear a cape, the possibilities gape,
encaged within curtains I drape never to escape,
used to upstage when captured on the page, I'm crazed.....

If impossible bodge it into possible logic that suits and pleasures 
and wears like measured, so it can't be refuted 
like, I could tutor computers at supersonic speeds
then loot them and tease to then sell products for their needs.

I don't brainstorm I live in a tropical climate,
take a topic to its peak, the point of climax,
others get thirsty as they trek with bad backs,
I climb a vertical style 
then shimmey back,
I'm versatile, 
writing a while the funny the vile the white the black that's right I yack.

Crab walking, left to right,
I use the left to write
and the right to fight,
I've a bilateral might, that's actual,
no dominant side to my mind, that's factual,
level hemispheres, 
left the devil dabbles here,
on the right side, 
I'm Mr. Brightside in a heavenly atmosphere.

Split personalities blitz out of me, but with domination equal 
I can nominate between being two people,
evil and lethal or kind and peaceful,
and I'm aware of it so I'm not Schizo,
I control the visits and the quick skit shows.

This ADHD's got to alienate me,
who needs friends when you've got imaginary,
they never badger me get mad at me be bad to me and see the sad unseen,
so you think I'm obscene, 
do you know what to me that means?
It's like a pubestash on the upper lip of teens.

They think ADHD is a disease,
well disease me please,
I rhyme like the Queen Bees knees,
accelerating speed like a blast but not to fast to now freeze. 

I'm going now to write a meaningful poem,
better than this pointless dribble that leaves your mind blowing.

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2018

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The Bees Knees

Do you think that a flying insects leg joints are the bees knees?
if 3 people have sex its a threesome.if 2 people have sex its a twosome is that why some men are described as handsome?
If at first you dont succeed maybe give up russian roulette.
I decided this weekend to move just enough so that people dont think i am dead
This year i am going to order a takeaway at 11.55 new years eve 
so when its delivered i can tell them i it ordered this last year
If nothing is impossible is it possible for something to be impossible?
And just remember choosing the lesser of 2 evils is still choosing evil

Copyright © CHRISTOPHER QUIGLEY | Year Posted 2018