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Best Barb Poems

Below are the all-time best Barb poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of barb poems written by PoetrySoup members

Jazz Man

Lips of sweat,
Igniting catalyst tune as they burn, 
Crossed eyes, attention spreads
feeling the whiteness in the pure magic
Each memo confronts the other, 
Soul cord...

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Categories: barb, art, music,

Maybe The Last Letter To My Beloved
My heart?
You have always owned that,
I'm surprised you didn't know.

Its flow?
How do I explain without being unkind,
simply, its flow is mine.

There's the barb, my vision puts me on a...

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Categories: barb, conflict, love,

Premium Member Beatle Mania
Beatlemania (The Fab Four As Lovers)

Once a choir boy, John turned to romance,
Fell for Yoko almost at first glance.
In full public view 
In bed with...

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Categories: barb, celebrity, funny,

Premium Member The Fisherwoman - For Contest
A desperate spinster, Jane took

strong measures the day she would cook

fresh trout. Her date bit

the barb left in it!

He truly was caught on her hook!


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Categories: barb, fish,

Premium Member Blood Masks the Lea
Blood masks the lea, the blasted loam
upon whose breasts soldiers came home.
The earth, herself, held each to chest
the mist of sky killed with each breath

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Categories: barb, death, war,


One of the true ways 
to remain in captivity is to keep silent to avoid your captor’s 
hostility and confusion

A penny for my 
thoughts has...

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© AC Benford  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: barb, africa, black african american,

Premium Member the truth about masterpieces
drifting beyond the lightest cloud
(pastel clowns in post mortem rain parade)
cascading in the cold moon dust
to shed this latest mascarade

wounded memories hang from the mind

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Categories: barb, art, introspection, life,

Brave new world
(based on Aldous Huxley's book "Brave New World")

Human hatchery

Clink clink clink clink...
Test tubes prattling past
along the chrome plated production line.
Glistening under fake fluorescence
humming in harmony

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Categories: barb, confusion, depression, heartbreak, humanity,

Premium Member I am a Red Red Rose
I am a Red Red Rose
I am a red red rose
A beauty to behold
My texture captivates
My scent invigorates
Petals, a velvet red
Coverings for your bed
Leaves an...

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Categories: barb, rose,

lost herd
As the sun rises
a young pioneer saddles his ride.
Mounting his horse
his young bride
his love as he rides
Off to find his herd.
 His proud mare ...

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Categories: barb, happiness,

Raymond Ngomane
R-enovated thoughts the mirror of my identification/
A-gain and again a day a poem i lip gloss humanity's forms/
Y-awning words sleepy brains require chilli baked words...

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Categories: barb, abuse, africa, emotions, heartbroken,

Villain Unmasked
Villain Unmasked

In odd places the Villain appears,
In the right places he disappears-
On merry moments then re-appears.

For, such is the habit of a Villain
Who enjoys to...

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Categories: barb,

Premium Member Barb's Delights
Let's go to Barb's Place
Have something to eat
Her perogies and cabbage rolls 
Are really hard to beat

If that's not enough
You should try out her ribs

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Categories: barb, dedication,

The Lighthouse
What breathes into the brain 
  and sustains from some secret place a sullied heart?

The pains of faces of others for the wicked barb

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Categories: barb, courage, evil, hope, life,

Bittersweet Rose
Across the countryside and into the grassland pastures;
inhabits the battle fields that segregate a Peony Rose.
Such as the gentle beauty of the rose that threatens...

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Categories: barb, introspection, social, world, beauty,

Premium Member Axle Grease
Words from limbo
Into life.

Slipping them from
The pocket of 
Your muse, onto
Eager paper.

Lovely linen,
Thick with roses.

Or threaded with

Altar for the gentle
Blood of visionaries,

Mingled with axle grease

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Categories: barb, work, writing,

children play conkers

trees cast precious seed


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Categories: barb, nature

Premium Member LA Sewers
When I was a child in the streets of Los Angeles you would sized up groups approaching by watching the movements they made.

I remember this...

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Categories: barb, abuse, growing up,

The Harvest Of The Seed

  Each field is barren white with snow, 
around me blind, they know.
I see.
Darkness brings the haze of dawn, 
how many must...

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Categories: barb, death, dedication, depression, devotion,

Premium Member Barbara Lee
Dear Barb, I remember the good times,

Working hard and calling it fun.

We toiled as a team making Christmas wreaths,

So proud of our efforts when done.


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Categories: barb, friend,

Poisonous Barb
A poisonous barb did depart
From her venomous mouth like a dart
Said with disdain
Caused much grief and pain
And embedded itself in his heart

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Categories: barb, love,

If I could change the world

Sometimes I don't switch on TV, the radio stays dumb
and finishing a newspaper can leave me feeling numb.
What is it with this world of ours,...

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© Viv Wigley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: barb, environment, humor, world,

Premium Member An Bee Cailleach
“Éagmais croí a dhíscaoileadh ar gach eagla.
Faoi dhíon taobh istigh de na blianta seo.
Fanacht i bhfianaise, a dhíscaoileadh ar gach eagla.
Ós rud é go ndearnadh...

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Categories: barb, fantasy, imagery, joy, life,

Premium Member I am a Red Red Rose
I am a red red rose
A beauty to behold
My texture captivates
My scent invigorates
Petals, a velvet red
Coverings for your bed
Leaves an emerald garb
That hide the hidden...

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Categories: barb, beauty, flower, red,

Premium Member Puberty Blues
Beyond the barb wired walls and sentry gates
  down on Sparkin Hill sped a Marina;
close behind, shitfaced teenage reprobates
  gave chase in a...

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Categories: barb, youth,