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What Is Love To You

What is love really all about?
Is it a choice or planned in our route?
It seems to be what most of us our searching for,
We feel we need someone to make our life more.
Afraid we will grow old and alone,
Some will hurry to get married no time to postpone.
Then they find out they made a bad choice,
When they can't seem to talk without someone raising there voice.
So they end it and start over back to square one,
Feeling like they failed and like love is just not that fun.
Then sometimes we find the one we can't live without,
Even when things get bad and they begin to shout.
But are they really happy or just holding on to hope,
That things will get better and they don't want to cope?
I think as long as you never lose faith and always stay true,
Things will get better even if it's with someone new.
And maybe we should not rush or constantly worry.
Just have faith and see what is next in your story.
It might be something you thought would never happen to you,
But it was just what made you happy even if it doesn't end with I do.
I have faith our creator knows just what we need, 
To help us along our path to succeed. 
And Love is a choice you make everyday,
So don't allow fear of hurt to get in your way.
Remember no matter what happens right now,
It is what's right for you even if you don't take a vow.
And it may not be a person that love is about,
It might be a choice we should make without doubt.
If you always choose love in all that you do.
Then you will find exactly what love is to you.

Copyright © Kimbra Rodriguez | Year Posted 2018

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Back to Square One

Succumb,surrender,continue persist
Withdraw,retreat,live n' learn

Copyright © Joe Inka | Year Posted 2009

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Don't jump into conclusion

I am going to write a poem about jumping into conclusion
I was so glad when my boss didn't jump into conclusions
He sees what I did and keeps his cool
Had he jumped into conclusions I would have had it
And lose my cool
That's what you need my friend
A fresh head on your shoulder
Shall I say "cool head"?
Nowadays we all need someone with a cool head
Who is not biased and can see things from all sides
And always give someone the benefits of the doubt
Who always think good of others
And not ready to see the negatives
Did you know your measure of worth is based upon 
on how you treat others?
If you always see the good in people
It will come back to you
Like a head light
shine your way
Someone said "the measure of a good boss 
is how you create leaders"
If you produce leaders who are under you
Then you know you have made it
"A good boss"
Yeah God is a good boss
All He creates are leaders
You don't want to create followers
because they will follow you to your doom
Anyhow create leaders
Even in your circles of friends
Don't let them follow you
Encourage their own thoughts
Try their own ways
And don't insist on your ways
Because your way is no good
It may be good for you
But it's not for them
Try think things outside the box
Do things that haven't been done before
Take the initiative
Meet with failure
And turn it around
Is it a round?
Or is it square?
Back to square one
Hehe try it again
Do this
Do that
Try this
Try that
If it doesn't work
I'll do it this way
Hey you may be able to find your way 
out of a maze that is called "life"
Who said it's a maze?
I said 
A -maz-ing 
That's what it is
Not that one
Ahh you can do that one
Time for you 

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2015

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Empty Walls

We paved roads
By walls
Such empty walls
Humanity goes out
Inhumanity breeds

A starving mother
A lost wedding ring
Beneath a wrestling ring
Of the mind

We paved roads
By walls
Such empty walls
Humanity goes out
Inhumanity breeds

Taunt the trends
With lost and silly grins
A party hat
Covered in confetti smiles
A wicked motive
Hidden in shadow

Party time in America
Throw your voice in a hat
Shake it all around
Like vomit
Get back to square one

We paved roads
By walls
Such empty walls
Humanity goes out
Inhumanity breeds

Apocalypse looms
Hidden dangers in diversity
Sell a song to the ambidextrous
We're leaving out to come back in

We paved roads
By walls
Such empty walls
Humanity goes out
Inhumanity breeds

Settle the score with your neighbor
Remembering when he scored on your wife
The strife was clearly worth a life
Or perhaps two when you take your own
Family fabrics sewn together by adversity
And the hidden dangers in diversity
Another soul lost to this cursed city

Taunt the trends
We paved roads
Party time in America
By walls
A starving mother
Such empty walls
Get back to square one

Copyright © Christopher Goss | Year Posted 2015

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My Mystique

Each day is so different and so unique It's back to square one, it's happening as I speak Good thing my remembering Helps in my endeavouring To put on my bottoms to maintain my mystique

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016

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Falling in love - back to square one

Falling in love, "I love you".
Three magical words open a new world.

In childhood, an intrigue.
In adolescence, a fantasy.
In adulthood, a freedom of expression.
In middle age, a hope to live.
In old age, the reminiscence of youth.

First mum and Dad.
Then Brothers and sisters.
Then cousins, then friends, then others and others ...
And how many of them!
Oh when will it be my time...

And finally came my divine day
I lost count of everything...
I relish every seconds.
Repeated those fantastic words 
in different tune to different music.
But lo! the music stopped one gloomy day.

And then, so many times
was I to fall in and out of love.
As if there was nothing more important
to do in this whole world!
And great, this is where I never 
learnt a new lesson.

Every new time my 
counter is set to zero.
And here,  I'm back to square one...
I've fallen in love again!

Copyright © Sunita U.D Palawon | Year Posted 2016

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Overcoming Depression

My days are long and my nights longer still
As I sit here watching this little pill
Will it remove the gloom I feel inside
Or will it just provide a chance to hide

When it wears off, am I back to square one
With an even greater gloom to take on
I have tried all the normal avenues
Yet I still continue feeling the blues

What is it that I really need to do
To rid this gloom and become myself true
Deep inside me, there's a fighting spirit
Saying to face this gloom and conquer it

Connecting with Nature provides an ease
Listening to the sound of a  gentle breeze
While it's passing through the surrounding trees
Serenading them with the rustling leaves

I shall draw my strength from the divine source
In whose awareness I do not feel lost
I know I shall overcome finally
And once again my spirit shall be free

We all love you, Linda!
You Shall Overcome!


Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2014

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The Next Tomorrow

The television never stops murmuring atop hallowing cries.
Futuristic screens never seem to dim their luminescent glow. 
Hands grow accustomed to our own personalized key into society,
Intertwining its glossy curves around our skeletal touchscreen activators. 
Watching and gazing into the empty darkness that fills our brain with questionable pleasure, 
We become but almost nothing that we set out to be once. 
Rotting in the ruins of war-torn bean bag chairs with midnight shaded sunken eyes,
There we remain- supposedly living. 
Life has become repetitive and unsuspecting,
Consumed by the cyber world that fails to be found in present-day reality. 
Alarm bells cannot echo loud enough to snap us back to square one. 
Pathways to the next tomorrow set ablaze the past of the next today. 
Welcome to the future!
You can leave your ambitions at the door. 

Copyright © Keely Breen | Year Posted 2017

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Day One

Day one is the beginning of hard work-
January and March has taken my life back to square one.
Day one of each surgery, helpless as a new born baby.
One step at a time, so close but so far away,
Has prepared me for yet another surgery.
Light at the end of the tunnel as dimmed once more.
In August a surgery will take me back to another 'day one'.
With my faith, determination and hard work,
I'll be back on my feet in two shakes of a lamb's tail.
Okay, maybe not quite that fast, but I think I can,
I think I can, I know I can, like the "Little Engine That Could".
Slowly climbing up and over, then I'll say, "I knew I could",
By next year my 'day ones' will be far behind me.

For Poet Destroyer's contest, 'Day One'

Copyright © Connie Gildersleeve | Year Posted 2013

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You have deadline
You have plans
Your eyes, your ears, all faculties gage 
Journey on

Pause for the Source to whom you pray
Omens will poke, answers will click, ding, hover close
Who else would hold your hand with Master plan?
Back to square one

You've summoned successions of supplications
Isn't one enough fueling your needs? When
Whirl of stardust corporate, and
Past and present reflections says the future is now

Just trod softly, patiently my friend
The start of any work of art begins with thought
Look, listen. Hold words fueling no harm
But warm your heart and mind

Read any good book
Our inner lamp glows brighter
And our burden light

Yes, you have a plan
Another challenging one
Think transparency

Pay keen attention
As you move along life's net
Help is on the way.


Copyright © Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis | Year Posted 2015

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STAY OR GO yes or no

STAY OR GO yes or no?
An offshore island we remain,
whether we stay or go..
But our history we need now
to declaim.. and say No!
Truly enfranchised for only a
few decades,now cheaply given
away for a pottage of gold...
all without our say so..
Sacrificed on politicians' ego trips.
We, the people,the everyday man.. 
back to square one of a century ago..
Disenfranchised again,ruled by a few..
part of another illusory 'grande ideale'.
Our kin so recently fought to win the war
..but we so easily gave away the peace..
Time again,for the English common man
to say No,to regain our release...
Time for this undemocratic 'Union' to cease..
Time for us to depart,we do not 'belong'
It's time to move on..
put once more 'our enfranchised horse'before 
'our' cart.
The 'global village' is now here.. a larger
stage on which England,on its own,
with much to give..can play a full part.

You may hear me recite my PS poetry on youtube under my pen name ichthyschiro 

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2015

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Brain Scratching 101

Have you ever had a major itch
Deep inside your brain
Where your whole face does a Chubby Checkers twist
Driving you erratically down crazy lane

You need to find that special something 
To cram far enough up your nose
And if you can't get to it that way
There's that hole just above the earlobe

I search around my place frantically 
When I come across a paper clip
Bending it to the perfect size and length
So in my canal of choice it will fit

I slide it in as far as it will go
Which causes a sever twitching of the eye
My left foot starts to tingle
As I lose all feeling down my right side

Clearly that didn't work 
So I search around some more
When I come across a #2 pencil
Feeling this is a major score

I use the end with the erasure
Don't want to break the lead off in my head
Everyone knows lead poisoning makes you stupid
And I am way far away from that!

So this time around I try the ear canal
When I wiggle it back and forth over a certain spot
My legs start to prance in a 70's disco dance
As I let out a rapid succession of barks

Any fool can clearly see
I need something long and sharp
Not a knife, I've never been that dumb in life
Now where's that old game of Lawn Darts

I search long and hard in the garage for the game
Then remember my wife threw it away
After the unfortunate incident with the neighbors
I never did care for that dog of theirs anyways

So I'm back to square one of my searching
When the broom handle catches my eye
It's a little wide so I get out my pliers
And stretch my nostrils to twice their normal size

I jam it in as far as I can
Giving it all that I have got
I scratch and scratch and laugh and laugh
I either just gave myself a lobotomy or hit the perfect spot
But what can I say either way it's okay
Just as long as the itching has stopped

Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2016

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I feel like a man of many but i master none

Too many dreams out there to just go after one

Its like my aspirations leave just as soon as they come

I take a loss,dust off,and its back to square one


"Where is the rest of it?"

Foolish thoughts of a pessimist

The hardest thing for me in this life is to make the best of it.

i figure since in life things aren't as they seem, I'll wake up and have another someday

Know what i mean?...its a dream.


Copyright © Angelo Pierre louis | Year Posted 2011

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Square One

Always the new kid with no friends
Every time we moved, my heart was shot
Never getting the time or love to mend
And back to Square One, I’d have to start

Walls were built up, stone barriers to my soul
Every time I began to let anyone in again
Just to learn I’m on the move again

There’s pieces of me, scattered many miles apart
Friends who don’t know me, but I remember them
Acquaintance with the whole world, who has no one
They all moved on with their lives
And back to Square One, I’d start

Many nights alone, the formative years
Witnessing the slow decay of a family
As the other kids played
A young man’s eyes filled with tears

Loneliness had it’s way with me
It gripped my heart and soul
Relentlessly, and to this day
Never gave up control

My loving mother, frustrated by the news
My father always brought
That we were bound again to move
And back to Square One, I’d have to start

I’m an outcast even though I’m not
Time made me one, I had no choice
And the harsh circumstances
I never got a chance, had no voice

There’s pieces of me, scattered many miles apart
Friends who don’t know me, but I remember them
Acquaintance with the whole world, who has no one
They all moved on with their lives
And back to Square One, I’d start

Copyright © Andrew Shannon | Year Posted 2014

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Twenty-six came fast... Possibilities
close in by the hundreds, as if they were marching
to the sound of a choke-hold.
Pressure's a good thing
when it has us make something
beautiful, or something hot.
Stardom, creation, art, 
invention, love, whatever...

Those are something.

But twenty-six years
don't guarantee illumination-
that a step forward won't be going back 
where the space is too expansive for comfort.

Why does the emptiness scream so loud?

Maybe I'll run off to Boston
or Brooklyn, or somewhere in Florida
where the noise is real,
where the sun can make me forget.
I hear Santa Fe's nice and full of hippies like me.
But there they are again-

Was I tricked?

Twenty-six... and mother society
(that *****) 
says I should stop screwing around.
Try stability like other healthy-functioners.

But they look bored.
I'll be damned before I'm one of them.

See, I'm a should-must-hater to the core.
But I get it...
I can only say 'screw that' so many times,
til I've screwed just about every should in the book,
an obligatory ****.
And I know that somewhere in time, 
poignant obligations could become wanted.

Transformation happens to us all-
no tricks.

But twenty-six still haunts...
narrowing halls, nightmares, bad dreams...
wedding bells and crying babies
and sweat-soaked sheets.

Enough! I need a drink,
drink too much, back to square one...

But before you guess,
or relate in ways
that make your world seem smaller
and less heavy-
Before you judge me 
too far gone, or too unsafe for pleasure,
Let's at least acknowledge together
That I have one thing (make me feel better)

Time the wish-granter is still big
at twenty-six.
It's the lesson-learner, the justification
of risk, and the stupidity of youth.

(And if time's not linear as once they said,
I wonder will I always BE somewhere?
Lost in some traveling wavelength?)
Time is a mind-boggler too.

I'm twenty-six... but at fifty-two
I may not have all the answers I want.
But I can relax about that,
that's what time can do.

all that's left for me now

is a thousand different ways
to enjoy the movement,
to take a moment and watch it spin
into constant re-arranging moods 
through the interaction...
Like a falling deck of cards echoed
into an oblivion 
of my very own.

Copyright © Erin Beckett | Year Posted 2013

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I want to know;
For you came beautiful and pleasant
Charmed me with your charming ‘words’ 

You said you’d be kind-
Why have I felt your wrath so many times? 
That you’re not the green-eyed type-
Why am I a prisoner of your jealousy?
Said you don’t get easily provoked-
Why have I suffered physical and psychological blows?
That you won’t take into account the wrongs -
Why the judgments for my petty imperfections?
You said you’d be patient-
Only it isn’t one of your attributes 

Said you’d always stick to the truth-
Why do I hear your punctuations read with lies
That you’d fill my heart with joy-
Why is my joy fear?
Said you’d always be faithful-
Did you mean faithful at straying?
That trust would abound-
And tear won’t descend;
Is trust and tears this tear and teary?
That forgiveness we would practice-
Guess actions speak louder than words 

You said amid the tides, through the calm;
We’d bear
We’d believe
We’d hope 
We’d endure 
For all times, we would be 
But is forever this short?

And I’ve tried
To bear, believe, hope and endure 
Because triumphing against all odds we built towards
And I’d want to go back to square one
When your ‘words’ reflected a beauty to behold
Not this character in front of me 
I want to know; is this you love?

Copyright © Grace Mutindi | Year Posted 2014

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It seems you’ve already made up your mind
Rescinded decisions is what u made of l see
Something you need to know pretty well
Before you single out your property and leave 
That l got no compunctions at all for the path l took
I won’t even curse the day l met u
Neither shall l even consider forgetting
 The very moment when love got sour
But cherish l will the moments we had
 Some of those we held too dear
I hope you'll get the compulsory ingredient 4 your recipe
Cope, cope and cope
Cope with your life devoid of me
Cope with your sleep without my arms around you
Cope with your sorrows without me for consolation
Cope with your joys without me to give it the life it takes
I guess you got a message for me
The bells already ring loudly with clarity
 To remind me that my time is over
Back to the drawing board l have to return it seems
Now club Monaco awaits me
To hit the pool balls one at a time
As l swallow one, two or more for the road 
As l premeditate ma life without you
And get back as you sent mi.....

Copyright © KIHARA EZRA | Year Posted 2011

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I Hate You

You fill me with hope then storms blow me down
When I smile you create happy into a frown
Promises of being a father, sadly I believed you 
Back to square one i'm alone deja vu
Called me a parasite to crawl somewhere away
Scum and digusting is something else you say
Called me ugly and stupid for those years
Th cruelness won't reduce me to anymore tears
I hate you, detest you and us forever to be apart
Decision final daddy, you have no place in my heart

Copyright © CLAIRE BURKE | Year Posted 2011

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With a flick of her humour and a heartfelt warmth,
She pulls him right back to square one,
Before all the women came under his hands.
Before, on beds, careless coats were  flung

Before heartbreak kissed another goodbye,
And weary beliefs on love took hold.
Before time wounded heels that deserved nothing less
And jaded love was bought and sold

There is her....giddy delights and sweet disposition.
 Heart of wisdom and loyal friend. 
Dirty letters sent with orgasmic intention.
Heart of truth, no need to pretend.

Why has this girl been found so unopened?
She offers love pure, with no compromise
Why are her gifts left hidden..unnourished
And, at his age.....why does he have..... Butterflies?

It's just love.

© 2013

Copyright © Ruby Honeytip | Year Posted 2013

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Trailer Park Body (

I could not afford a Bow Flex, costs too much 
I get diagrams to build my own from a man named Henry Clutch 
The instructions say if I build it right 
It will make me lean and my stomach tight 
The first step, according to the instructions, is to collect empty beer bottles and 
I go across the road to see Inez and Stan 
They open their closet and tell me to take what I need from empties in here 
I was kind of disappointed when none of them were from Busch Beer 
They ask me what are they for, I tell them they're for a hobby 
I smile as I see myself in 32 weeks with a trailer park body 
The next step is to collect some full sand bags, I know who to contact, the 
National Guard 
I know a female Sargeant there, he name is Louise, but her troops call her Black 
She has the looks of her dad Stew 
But she has a singing voice like Julie Andrews 
She hooks me up with three full sand bags, which is more than I need 
Step three I can't do, it would violate the trailer park creed 
I guess cheaper isn't always the way to go 
I bragged to my wife about the new me, but now I must eat crow 
I decided to use the stuff I collected to decorate the front yard, but my wife said it 
would look too gaudy 
I look around at the heroes here at the park and realize that after all I do have a 
trailer park body 
Now I am back to square one
This trailer park is rippin' and roarin' fun
That couch sitting out in front of lot nine
After it's dark it will be mine

Copyright © Eugene Carmen | Year Posted 2008

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8 Years

Yesterday I had everything,
Yesterday I was complete,
Now the walls have crumpled,
Ruins lay at my feet,
Back to square one,
The tears do not stop,
It seems it was inevetable,
That I would fall from the top,
Now I lay broken,
With nothing left to lose,
You will never find me,
I shall leave no clues,
It was freedom that I wanted,
Yet to you I was a slave,
I would have left you long ago,
If only I had been brave,
I can no longer comply,
I hand in my resignation,
because after all my dear,
I am simply your creation,
So now I am leaving,
Under the cover of night,
and I shall never look behind....
At the wreckage of our final fight.

Copyright © rachel aylott | Year Posted 2014

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I sent a note, two notes in fact
and hoped I’d get a message back,
but none came forth, for several weeks,
I waited for email or tweets.

I knew for sure she’d been online,
but did not write a single time,
so I guess then there’s nothing there,
now I’m back to square one, I fear.

Copyright © Jim Tidd | Year Posted 2013

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Sunshine, clear visibility...
Youthful noon spies bridal eve
Naive groom lost in solemn dreams of knots
Leaving much still to the eagle's eye
And when the sun resumed, the bride was lost

Cloud cover, fair visibility....
I heard of the brighter days
When warriors pant less
A cup of coffee, and war is never ending
But I met the fogs, so thick
The closer.....we lost guard and sight
The fogs knocked our doors gently
Fear made no man squeaked
They tore the doors down with daggers
Amid sobs of agony and indifferent tweets
They brought iron doors on our wooden frames
And left with the keys

Clear visibility, cold, windy......
The rain has gone
Now our plants suffers cold
Our streets are flooded
Now we sobberlessly sob
Chanting cynical panegyrics to the innocent sky
The Sky that washed our hopes
Heaven that raped us back to square one
The priest has spoken - 'peace is cheap'
'but our very clan is the cost of our future'
We all are gonna die

Copyright © Ajani Ibrahim | Year Posted 2013

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Life is a mess
Life is a mission it is a test
Many succeed many fail
Trials and tribulations on its tail
Try to bring us down to the worst we can be 
So we are ever conflicted and never free
Family friends and love ones seems to care 
But when you are tested they are never there
 At your saddest moments they can't be found 
When there's   success they are always around 
They see only the happy you but not what is on the inside 
Due to you not being able to show them so you hide 
Your feelings your thoughts and your depression 
Your pain your sorrow your troubles and emotions 
Always left in the dark and shadowed by others your friends parents and family never notice your there
 But misses you whenever you’re gone 
Never realizing the importance of your presence until there is no one there.
The family you live doesn't love you the way you do
 The friend you consider friends don't consider you
 The people around you that you wouldn't stab in the back 
Would do it to you in the blink of an eye without looking back
You always seem to give second chances but never get in return
But you always forgive and forget because you never learn
Material things puts on their face a bright smile 
But like material things that lasts for a while
Back to square one the hatred the longing to belong 
The loneliness the foreshadowing the weakened bond that was once strong 
All disappear like smoke in the western breeze
 Conflicting your mind which was once at ease.
Very few people to talk to and share your mindset 
To curb the emotions that you feel and have felt  
Pouring it into your poetry and essays but never sends a message 
 Cause there is no one to read a sentence a paragraph a stanza or a passage.

Copyright © deigo peart | Year Posted 2017

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so you want to blame it on me

So you want to blame it on me
what you have done yourself
you know your guilt as much i do
I wish you knew how stupid you sound
what you fail to see is what is more important in life
i tried and i know ive made mistakes
i hope you forgave me or else how could anyone forgive you?
what kind of person are not to
but i made up for it though
i hope you saw if not then i wish i could do it all
im sorry but you think everything is healed
but its just the beggining of the start of your ending kid
iv have taught you but you misunderstand
you have your ideas but do you see your results?
do you believe me now?
i don't think you care
because your forgot everything
so it doesn't matter
i wish i could forgive you but you stop me 
because i you continue your hunger for attention
you havn't changed at all
you are back to square one
welcome to wher you fall i wish i was there to save you
but it seems like i can't do that
because youll take advantage of me
but just a reminder
I still wish i was there but you aren't real
i can't fall into yout trap
deny all you want
you know and i know what its really all about
its rediculouse
i thought you grew but i guess you havn't
it'll be the end of your road again
i just hope maybe you can think before you get to the dead end

Copyright © Pancho Gomez | Year Posted 2011