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Cliche Heaven

Cliche Heaven

Be it as it may I'll try my hand at some clichés
    and address the elephant in the room soon when pigs fly.
It’s a win- win situation, put your game face on, work the crowd
   as we wrap our heads around comparing apples to orange.
We are all data driven, with an ace in the hole, stick a sock in it
   while stepping  up to the plate and  peeling back the onion
 and easily hit it out of the ballpark with a world of hurt.

Be my team player, run with this, my agent of change  
  but don’t throw me under the bus as you think outside the box.
We can touch base later seeing where the rubber meets the road
  and put boots on the ground, a perfect storm, deal with it.
Here’s my two cents,  if it works  I'll go off the beaten path
    driving route 66 on the road not taken when it’s up for grabs,
     and taking a walk in the sun, learning the new math.

That said,  don’t  put me out to pasture,  wait for it,  
  there’s no sign of my slowing down,  its going viral.
These are the signs of the times, take the bull by its horns,
   It’s a brave new tomorrow and all bets are off.
Don’t  force my hand to be up close and personal
  I’m a rebel without a cause and  to die for.
   Don’t get bent out of shape raising the bar in the winds of change
    There’s something for everyone, just another babe in the woods.

Stay tuned, like, duh, as a matter of fact, at the end of the day,  
  it’s a last ditch effort as you live and learn the luck of the draw.  
Pay it forward, that’s the ticket, give and take, get a wake up call,
 same song and dance, say what you will, you’re as sharp as a tack.
It’s all smoke and mirrors, just splitting hairs to reinvent the wheel 
 and walk the red carpet for a quick buck to pay as you go
 Heaven help us, 
I believe there's an app for that.

Copyright © DM Babbit | Year Posted 2016

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The Quiet Storm

The Quiet Storm

Just wanted to drop a line
And tell you how proud 
Of you I am
Words can be painkillers
Thus sharing the heart
Wasn’t something you planned
But in those moments 
When you took the mask off
And the shield came down
My God, it was a revelation
Those are times
I will never forget.

As the years have gone by
The only regret I have
Is that I should have listened
More intently to your words of wisdom
Alas the stubbornness
Of you believing naively
That I had all the answers
Well time has proven that
I’m still a babe in the woods
Caught up in the should could would
But you didn’t forsake me
And leave me stranded to be devoured
By the wolves
Only stern lectures to follow
The ship has sailed 
It’s fruitless to wallow in self-pity
Stand up straight
Think and only share
If it helps the situation
Judged by not your looks
But by your actions
And it’s satisfying to say
That you didn’t hit it and run
Leaving momma to fend for herself
You took the blows
Stood tough and tried to figure out
The mystery that will never be quite solved
How to raise a child
And not be their friend
Love, prepare and make them aware
That they’re a part but not
The center of the universe
One that always questions
That doesn’t lead with charisma and charm
But whose mind and heart are as one.

You’re a tough act to follow
And I’m still the kid
Trying to please
But could not
Yet it’s surely better 
Being part of the cure
Instead of the disease.


Copyright © eric ploscik | Year Posted 2016

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"A soothing touch"

The old man
Sits alone,
A babe in the woods
Dead duck easy prey

A soft touch is offered,
I take the old one home

"Are these you're last days?" I ask,
He nods unknowingly

A shot of bourbon is given
Gratefulness he gives
With deep set eyes.

Sleep away now.

I'll never forget to remember
I too could be this old man,
On any given day.

Sleep away old man,
Sleep where you may.

Copyright © gary bechter | Year Posted 2010

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A Soothing Touch

Old man 
Sits alone

A babe in the woods
Dead duck
Easy prey

Offer a soft touch
I do
Take the old man home

Is this your last days i ask?
He nods unknowingly,,

A double shot
Of bourbon i give,
Gratefulness given
With deep set eyes

Good-night old man
Sleep away,,,
Sleep in comfort
Where you may..

I'll never forget
To remember?
I could be this old man
On any given day

Seek comfort now
Old man
Seek it where you may,,,

Copyright © gary bechter | Year Posted 2008