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For Shame

The inky black water sucks her in further As she descends into the black depths of the abyss Cloying dark swirls cover her head as soundlessly it reaches Possessing her every inhalation – exhalation - it envelopes her with force Takes her heart, reaches for her soul, it’s now her master Breaking News!! Beautiful snow on Tropical Island Mountains and dales covered with a white mantel But it is the middle of Summer - What? She gives in humbly, her every fiber reaching out, screaming to be one with the Death of Darkness Breaking New!! Fukushima has been a worldwide wake-up call The country with the largest reactors - 104 When Nature and Nuclear energy come into collusion Consequences can catastrophically be lethal with fusion For Shame Mankind - For Shame From the dawn of creation, in perfect unity they abided Her beauty was ethereal, all things she bore magnificent and surreal Proud in their union till mankind’s focus declined and degenerated Once the most beautiful of planets in the solar system Mankind the most ruthless in his destruction - and all she can ask is why? Her environment is in chains? Breaking News!! The bees are dying Chemicals poison the flowers Who will tend her gardens? For Shame Mankind - For Shame She has the feelings of utter abandonment, loneliness and sorrow In defeat - she struggles to fight back, draining her depleted energy even more So she gives into its cruelty, and she surrenders, she surrenders As she sinks steadily murky bubbles streaming away Enfeebled and expended descending lower, lower into darkness, giving in Too weary to fight back - It makes No difference now - No difference Breaking News!! Pristine stream - Beaches - Oceans Carelessly man strews with litter Plastic islands form - fish sick and dying For Shame Mankind For Shame And then - a child’s soft touch, caressing her cheek sweetly Feeling so like Love - Softly - oh so softly Her daughter, Water strokes her on her cheek Then lifts her mother gently, surfacing quickly, so quickly With every ounce of strength, she decides to fight back One last desperate attempt to live for her planet once more Rushing to her side are her two sons Lightning Bolts streak like the hammer of Thor Furious - one breathes extreme heat and fire Burning down everything in his path in his ire Ferocious and Destructive is he in his Fury The other - unbridled pure unadulterated Air of the Winds They join as a team spreading destruction even faster Terrifying in their unified collaboration Formidable are they when joined together All for One and One for All Putting differences aside they arrive to save her Their Mother, Mother Earth, they rise together as one Earth - Wind - Water and Fire to fight back for a Planet they love One More Time - One More Time - One More Time Mankind arise from the depths of your Shame Wake up to your sacred mandate Time’s short - But it’s never too late Guns and Wars - phenomenal destructive havoc you wreak Its Peace and Abundance in this message I seek Cast aside differences, disputes, conflicts, dissension like the elements do Bring Peace and Serenity on earth which helps the Environment too
Footnote added –!!NEW BREAKING NEWS!! In my reply to Nette Onclaud’s kind message, I mentioned a dedicated lady in Hong Kong who has rallied the people to clean up the island. Her name is Kinzie who is originally from Canada. Coincidentally, she sent me an email which I’m sharing the link on here with you. Please copy and paste the link below on google Newsletter is now available online:****-show Enjoy ...Naturally, Kinzie - Founder natural life in the fast lane - Everything is connected. - Listen to your own heartbeat. Video and Music Save the Mother Earth - Ken Wei Published on May 4, 2012 This video and track is a non-commercial attempt to highlight the fact that world leaders, irresponsible corporations and mindless 'consumers' are combining to destroy life on earth. It is dedicated to all who died fighting for the planet and those whose lives are on the line today.

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2017

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3 Musketeers A collaboration with Casarah Nance and Tim Smith

I wrote a poem of despair 
My hearts been tossed up into the air 

She wrote a limerick that was taboo 
She made me laugh when I was so blue 

Entering stage left was Tim 
Writing of past lovers sins in a hymn 

It seems that we laugh or we cry 
We live, we love, or we die 

The three of us, holding poetic swords up high 
Throughout the ages we all do fly 

No subject goes unspoken 
For the freedom of words we've awoken 

No battle to long or too fierce 
Our duels are true and unrehearsed. 

Through blood, sweat and tears 
A bond so strong that sweetens the years 

All for one and one for all 
Let us carry on and have a ball!

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2014

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Christmas Magic For Ed

Conflicted, dressed like a Santa Claus, Ed ponders the magical delight of Christmas time.   Is it only for Christians, or can it be for him too?  He likes this time of year, people are nice.
Bethlehem, Wisemen, Prince of Peace born in a manger, a virgin mother, familiar story told.  Sitting in this serene park, admiring the crystalline snowflakes, and the diamond-like cycles of ice.

Ed feels like he is in the middle of a slice of heaven himself, it seems mystical and surreal.  Dazzling, replenishing, vital.  He watches two snowflakes float gently down, near a bench, he calls "mine".
Kindness, joyfulness, humanitarians, and faerie pixie dust would not make this park any more ethereal.  All for one and one for all, always more believable at Christmas time than any other, time.

It is Santa Claus! A child yells.  Two children dressed in fat snowsuits with hoods are running toward Ed.  He is off work, but their merriment is not going to be thwarted by him on this magical night.
They run up and one plops right square on his lap. The other one does also, they scoot for each other.  Sorry, their mother says. I could not stop them. It is perfect, he tells her, better than all right.

Ed welcomed these two little giggly rosy-faced cherubs enthusiastically, as if they were wise men.  A star in the east, he thought, as he realized which direction he was facing, it deserved an Amen.

There was a melodious, peacefulness here tonight, a humbleness, on this beautiful wintery slope.  Two angels, sent tonight to sit on his lap and giggle, to bring God, and the Holy Spirit, and hope.

Ed reveled in the mystical, magical united feeling he had with the young family with the giggling girls,  A night he had planned to do something horrible to himself, but now thanks to their curls,

Realized that God had sent two angels to him, tonight, to remind him that he was loved by the Son.  He did not have to be a Christian to realize that he had a mission, and he was enough, won is one.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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The Lay of The Best Man - Part 1

The Lay of The Best Man - Part One

I’ve seen men ‘good’, and surely, I’ve seen men ‘bad’
So jealous and so envious, I’ve seen men ….sad
Twisted, fuming with anger, and consumed with rage
Callous and cruel to an extreme - with evil engage
Bitter and nasty, with the vilest contempt
The meanest of these, have never even wept.

I’ve seen men hopeless, forlorn and distressed
Some raging with hatred, oppress the oppressed.
I’ve seen men loathe - as well as lie under oath
Sceptic and septic, they hurt mate - and child; both.
I’ve heard men cuss and curse with outrageous repulse
And spit with venom - on a pathetic corpse.

I’ve seen men twisted with bile so vile, they even smile
Some are so bloated with spite, they gloat, with style.
Bumbling Perjiggityflumps and Groinks (Yes, Greedy pigs)
Bumptious buffoons with bellicose barbs and hurtful digs.
Insidious corruption has overrun their souls, it stinks
Incessant wickedness has nulled their hearts. It sinks.

Am I being unfair? Are not the majority of men ‘good’?
Tarnishing all men with the ‘bad brush’ because of a mood?
Am I being unjustly harsh? Men not fallible? Give credit.
And what of women…are they too not subject to demerit?
Maybe it is best to look for the best in each of mankind
Or is it you, with hope forsaken, preferring to remain blind?

I have seen a ‘Good Samaritan’ pilfer goods of an injured man; lain prostrate.
I have seen men revel in the misfortune of others - or gleefully spectate
I have seen them excited harbouring horrid Schadenfreude
I have seen Carers/Helpers abuse the invalid and defraud
I have seen the man filled with fun and laughter, but thereafter…..
I have seen him, oblivious as he treads, crush Aunty Ant! … great character!

I have seen bad men ‘change’, contrite: truly seen The Light
And there are those, that fight with might - defending one’s Right
But mostly, all I see is a decay of morals and ill-discipline
With lack of empathy, sympathy for fellow man: all is sin.
Soon I realise where we are heading, by and by - and wonder ‘why, oh why?’
But my answer lies in the Good Book; and be sure: that Book does not lie!

What hope is there for mankind when man is so unkind?
They choose not to make choices, sadly, that’s the ‘choice of the mind’.
When heart choices are reserved for one’s elect; selective
What you are left with is a compromised intellect; defective.
You stoutly defend family/community/country/humanity - from all foes
Next thing, ‘humanity’ is not your family(?!?!) - you contribute to their woes?!?!

Listen carefully to the cry of the mind that’s small  [to which he is in thrall]
Not very wise proudly trills: ‘united we stand, divided we fall’
Whether it be for family, country, or religion, (never humanity) his call,….
It is still none other than the divisive ‘them and us’ division install.
’This is mine - that is yours’ shall NEVER unite: no doubt an appall...
Put the Devil to shame; and hail: ‘all for one ….and one for all’!!!

Was it not from start of time that brother did brother kill?
Have we not seen the blood they spill to alter the  father’s Will.
Is not the greatest pain of all, deception by one’s own kin?
And could that stranger not yet met be closer than one’s own twin?
Blood is thicker than water, but water is still part of blood
That same water unites us all - to form one great big flood!

The greatest handicap to man is the capacity to think …or perhaps not.
Any man can ‘think’, but why should he bother to reason? Very bad thought.
To do unto others as will to self, a motto abandoned, the least sought.
To 'look after number one' and ‘it’s every man for himself’, so starts the rot.
‘The Selfish Gene’ ,  ‘Things Fall Apart’; simply implies ‘we’ve lost the plot’.
Sadly, very little will change. ‘Choice’ and ‘Chance’, that’s all we’ve got!!!

Copyright © Robert Amure | Year Posted 2015

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Exam malpractice


We are no saints, we haven't got holiness
Yet our steps can be retraced
Everyone there where he lacks 
For we're all for one and one for all

Many have been asked; they answered
Many have asked; they were answered
But if you've never been asked
And if you've never asked

Such that you never answered
And you were never answered
Haven't you ever been silent
When you should have admonished

Pal, lets devest our honour this innuendo
For by either action or inaction
We all have some sorry to say for exam malpractices 
You can; I can; we can!

Copyright © Fortunatus Chisom | Year Posted 2016

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Nothing is constant but change, it is said...
I hate that saying
I hate change
I hate the change of love to indifference
I hate the change that makes a lover a friend
I hate the change that makes a friend an acquaintance

I've witnessed changes...
a band of friends disbands
collaborators collide and subside
"All for one and one for all" becomes only....ONE
damage done


Not all change is bad
that much is clear to me
I've become stronger, you see
able to be

I hate the change that made you withhold
the greeting...grow cold
forgetting another saying,"old is gold!"
You should be told...
that in all that change
the constant

Eileen Manassian

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2016

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The Four Musketeers

There is a story of four musketeers 
French history would have you believe,
But no it’s not true they are Brits through and through
With a welsh lassies...but we will not grieve

It’s all for one and one for all 
Never one alone, will ever fall
The cry goes up and you can all hear
The other three will always be here.

Their swords are sharp their tongues are too
You can battle just one but never win two
Our weapons unique a pen or keyboard
Together the musketeers will never be floored

We have age and experience love and friendship
We cover our backs so the knife cannot slip
A tear cannot fall it will soon be wiped dry
And the four musketeers will never cause a sigh.

So raise up your sword arms and rally to the call
The four musketeers are gonna have a ball
We will patrol and protect all those in our clan
The four musketeers always stand up for their man

© ~GG~ 07/03/2013

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2013

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Yea baby on a universal scalerole and on its entity, u know the rest

Hi keep me in your visage,
keep me in your sociostew
quote me in a passage
or hey, F U
themes, ideas, sonnets, 
mambypamby contrivances set to words
tell me your thoughts are merely
terds. No creativity, stilitd patterns, 
prose passivity and illcreated 
rhytm lanterns given to pre cunni
lingual callings set to teen tonal
twitterings of **** adult annoyances
of prepostadnoidial fake frontal toe the line
godforbidugetpregnantwhileI haveuinthe
sanctifiedmarriagewithalloftheaccruments beguiledgiven to the EverWaiters
of sexo satisfied vagino villified vanilla wafer
wishes until the wounded wedding night cherry bursting
(yea right)
bomb blast blemishes. Keep it in in novative organ aztional
invigor ative essence to stand by yr manwomanpersonit
as statedstated by state in a reverenced supreme courted not society
given to a biased"What the hell do we do now guys/gals and inbetweens", SFHD.
Guess it and get the prize, or play our home game 
as your consolation gift.
 We r un evolving without the neutral notion of 
core capacity locus of control and seminal socialization. 
We r what we BE and all else is con
trivity. Sons/daughters noncompliant with the so be its and told u so's
do as I do keep it simple, we as boomers ahve set a style too conseropliant to 
reinvent the self. youth recapitulate your entity and serve no one unless it
benefits those insufficient to a misnomer antiquated to a universal device 
dead to annoyance and brevity. Unforgiving to a future promise. 
All for one and one for all.  

Copyright © Dave Collins | Year Posted 2014

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Brothers in Arms

Born to one, but lived as three
Born a son and kissed were we
Born to run and lived so free
Brothers in arms

You always showed you cared for me
You always showed you shared with me
You always showed you dared to be
Brothers in arms

Together we were brought to life
Together we have sought for life
Together we have fought for life
Brothers in arms

All for one and one for all
All for one we heard the call
All for one prepared to fall
Brothers in arms

Prepared to die for Victory
Prepared to die for history
Prepared to die? A mystery
Brothers in arms

One by one we lived and lied
One by one we hurt and cried
One by one we fought and died
Brother in arms

Copyright © Tom Clifford | Year Posted 2009

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My earliest memory, it certainly seems, is something I don’t want to boast. 

Cold, lonely and dormant and finite and boring, I grew tired of playing the ghost.

I pondered and wondered and questioned myself. Was this a fruitless endeavor? 

It’s about that time that I realized, that time was meant to be clever.

As the sunbeams moved and the cosmos proved, to give, I had nothing left. 

I regarded in awe as it started to thaw. I recoiled, retired and wept.

I’m spread too thin, through out the cosmic winds; I struggle to hold my grip.  

For a thin spread fabric pulled too tight, is surely destined to rip.

Now all for one and one for all, has always been lost in its meaning. 

But as time charges on and all matter is gone, the hope will still remain gleaming.

I leave you with this, last anecdote, May you cherish it amongst your lore. 

I never invented happiness. The choice was always yours.

Copyright © Adam MacKay | Year Posted 2015

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To Who Do I Owe This Dance

To who do I owe this dance? A playful game of the mind.
Twisting and turning I ask only one with partners adjourning.
All for one and one for all to end the night with bliss amiss.

Copyright © Chandell Nichols | Year Posted 2011

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Season's Greetings!

Oh yes! I am bringing to you my sweetest “Season’s Greetings”!
We’re all for one and one for all we have our gradual meetings!
In just one single season; 
I can change my very significance, 
Into my natural underlining supernatural spiritual being,
I am inducted into a higher level of a thorough healing.

Autumn decorates Mother Earth’s leaves with painted colors of a much clever design.
Winter sheds its leaves harvesting bared naked trees perfected by one purely divine.
Spring brings many blessings by bundles pleasing my senses delicately I’m breathing.
Summer sparkles in midnight’s mystical air soothing my torturous day stained in sweat.
Balanced by my four winds in heaven into brilliant glory,
Each day you and I personally have pleasured and met!

“Season’s Greetings”!
Great Goodness!
I ‘m believing in exactly what it is I‘m seeing and feeling!

“Season’s Greetings”!
Goodness Gracious!
I’m feeling Mother Earth moving a healing inside of my own natural being!

A Sun so bright, glaring shiny throughout the endless midnight skies spreading wide out.
A Moon so light, beams flow through down into depths of seas netting webs on a mount.
Skies so high my breath loses sight in the glare of golden visions all at once I forebear.

Shallow rivers and high Mountains sounding to winds of decrees summoned by degree!
Valleys and fields rain top rocks of thunderous clouds striking down at the perfect pair. 
‘Tis Season’s Greeting adjacent to humbling breaths with heirs to a mightier new year!

Copyright © Ann Rich | Year Posted 2009

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Combination Poem. MY PART. I havent added shanis yet

Sometimes love just isn’t enough
Art is our way home to finding ourselves
We were blindfolded ballerinas. Swaying to the rhythm of our hearts breaking.  We tippy
toed  across a tight rope, looking for some sort of answer from dangerous lovers, like hope. 
She the tigress and I the poetess brought together by similar circumstance
Oxycontin madness
With men who constantly chased after their addiction.
Placing importance over their next fix over our happiness.
We were resilient, goddesses of patience
Two ships, headed towards the rocky shore, we ignored the guidance of the lighthouse.  We
used our hearts as and emotions to navigate blindly Feeling through the darkness. 
Your mind will always be illuminating, when it is the darkest.
Wearied travellers.... 
Of Love.... and Life. Let the wind carry you through the pain like a kite.
Grab onto your easels like a lifeline. Your paintbrush will be your escape, with each
brush stroke. Simple little joy,  a hug when you need it for your ego 
Art is the essence of self love yourrrrrrrrr self.
Let your soul take a walk,
 Your mind will be your deliverance to freedom,   unlocking the key  to your eternal kingdom. 
Press the paint between your palms, become one with the medium. 
Our poetry is the closet thing to Touching god.
Allah, Buddha, Jesus Christ,  Ishvara, Yahweh, and all the Hindu dieties 
I worship thee  on my KNEES for enlightening me, granting the gift of this serenity
We are the Irises that still flourish after the avalanche

Diamond thick skin Heroines
we write...........................
To set off a bouquet of explosively delicious fireworks, in the creation of our thoughts
Exploding magnificent technicolours into the deep recesses of our minds
Completely liberated from our insecurities
We press our pens together like swords , all for one and one for all
An everlasting oath to protect what we lost
Our artistic Souls

Copyright © laura Hew | Year Posted 2009

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The Triad

Should sin imagined need that we atone 
For angles lying equilaterally prone? 
Conjunctive on an even parity 
Of head and toed triangularity. 

Passion shaped by she and he and she, 
Yet friendship, understanding holds the key; 
Pyramidal the power of the prism, 
A dark side of the moon eroticism.

And though the devil days need exorcism, 
Night in liquid silk somnambulism 
Moulds the flesh and satiates the brain, 
Three sides to every story they remain.

Arise convention's bones and drab disdain 
At value judged contaminants again; 
The Triad burning love when night must fall, 
Embraces all for one and one for all.

Copyright © Tony Bush | Year Posted 2005

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F--k You

F--k the world
f--k you too
f--k the *****I thought I knew
f--k all that has been, or all that will be
f--k you f--king all
f--k the lie "all for one, and one for all"
f--k it "coming out in the wash"
f--k that good always prevails
f--k being nice to f--king jerks
f--king burn in f--king hell
f--k all the hate and misery
f--k you f--ks who gave it to me
f--k the dreams you f--ks destroyed
f--k my cold, hard heart
f--k all you f--king f--ks who ripped my life apart
f--k who I am supposed to be
f--k everyone and every f--king thing 
for all of eternity

Copyright © melissa lane-morgan | Year Posted 2013

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vengeance is mine sayth the lord

It was at the peak of the noon, during a eclipsed moon,
The shadows moved across an accuped room.
A sound that felt like the might of the night,
gasps of fear filled the eyes of tears
 as the wings of the shadow took flight
to get nearer.
We held hands due to the darkness command,
staying together to prevent a fall.
United we stood, all for one and one for all.
Days have past with out any rest or sleep.
Our eyes begun to turn red,
burning until they started to drizzle and  weep. 
By now we are afraid of the light
fore it may shine to bright.
Fearing god somehow made it alright,
as we embraced each other to hold on tight
We began to build ourselves a protective gore.
I still remember the words, fore it said 
vengeance is mine sayth the lord.

Copyright © Derrick Anderson | Year Posted 2010

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Mists of Time

 In the Swirling Mists of My Mind
 I Have Been Lost for So Many Years,
 Moving Here or Maybe There,
 and Clarity Would Only Bring Tears.

 Time Has Finally Healed Me
 Oh, but it Moved So Slow.
 It Seemed it Took Forever,
 to Recover from the Blow.

 I Was Hit Hard on the Head,
 I Went down in Vietnam,
 for Awhile I Was Missing in Action, 
 I Had Got Too Close to a Bomb.

 I Woke up in a Vietnam Prison
 but My Mind Refused to Work,
 I Wasn't Able to Talk.
 All I Remember Is the Hurt.

 My Buddies Got Me out
 and Made Sure I Got Sent Home,
 I Have All of Them to Thank,
 but I Can't Do it on My Own.

 We Always Took Care of Each Other.
 It Was "All for One and One for All"
    Now It's Time to Thank My Friends.
 Their Names Are on the Wall.

Connie Moore
May 11, 2000  

Copyright © Connie Moore | Year Posted 2013

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The Olden Renewed

(I belong to the one in who the olden way has joined the new.)

I:- Can we meet In a park not so far away? Under an Ancient Oak Tree that bows to sway?
Like children in a meadow we run and play. Bound in Metal we find Today.
II:- Exhausted by flight we find in Tomorrow. Dreams and Hopes fill the Sorrowed.
All for one and one for all! Love surly shalt not fall.
III:- With Hope in their Eyes, passed through their Peers. There is a river produced of flowing tears.
As night falls, Vision Disappears..
Minutes go by, The End ever nears….
IIII:- Out of the tunnel, The Light abound! Surrounded, An Encircled Heart is found.
Bringing from darkness what once was bound.
“One” Appears given a Crown.
V:- The Teacher was Teaching The Students of Cost. Gaining what paid, Wished Never One Lost.
The Teacher Gone,… Done in the ‘morrow….
The Song Sung? That of your Sorrow…
VI:- He seen Today, The Dream Tomorrow.
The same Yesterday and to get to the Morale.
Without that Today, All would be lost. 
The Beggar of Sorrows,…
The knowledge of Cost…
VII:- The Man’s Cost was the Price He paid.
He was worth a whole life and He Gave it Away.
Tomorrow I see the Yesterday to Be. Who yet stands to Fight with Me?

Copyright © Eric Cover | Year Posted 2017

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you can pick your friends but not your family 
that sentiment is most true
but when it really comes down to it
family will always come through
be it a younger sister or an older brother
no matter the dynamics you still love one another

sibling rivalry and personality competition
wanting our share of mom and dad's attention
you might not like them, but you love them
and will always have each others back
as blood will always be thicker than water
you'll fight as one in times of attack

family, the deepest roots and extended branches
of the oldest tree
all for one and one for all
the ways it's suppose to be

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2007

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You cant fix a certain man...
If he doesnt have a heart.
Its pointless to even try...
He was broken from the start.

Not even a stitch or a bandaid...
You cant patch or repair.
I told you that hes broken...
Theres no feelings in there.

He has no guilt or remorse...
Its like talking to a brick wall.
Blank and empty hes all self...
Hes all for one and one for all.

Its pointless to even try...
Dont waste your precious years.
Hes out having a great time...
While your sitting home in tears.

So when he finally realises...
How he treated you bad.
All those missed opportunities...
Too blind to see what he had.

So as your time is precious...
And you have a loving heart.
There's someone more deserving...  
That loves you right from the start.

Copyright © Derani Blackburn | Year Posted 2018

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Mr President

Mr. President 
This world is full of hatred, people take their life for granted.
Kids going to school to learn but end up dead beside their books.
Mr. President it's not my fault that my friends grew up in the hood, but that don't give the cops the right to shoot'em 'cuz they could. A bullets not the answer, discrimination rips us apart. It's better to see eye to eye than to poison each others hearts. Mr. President, a family sticks together but you're tearing them apart. These little kids are crying breaking they mamas hearts. As a nation we stand together all for one, and one for all. But do we stand together or are we just watching each other fall? 
                   Mr. President

Copyright © C.J. Writes | Year Posted 2018