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The Lay of The Best Man - Part 1
The Lay of The Best Man - Part One I’ve seen men ‘good’, and surely, I’ve seen men ‘bad’ So jealous and so envious, I’ve seen men ….sad Twisted, fuming with anger, and consumed with rage Callous and cruel to an extreme - with evil engage Bitter and nasty, with the vilest contempt The meanest of these, have never even wept. I’ve seen men hopeless, forlorn and distressed Some raging with hatred, oppress the oppressed. I’ve seen men loathe - as well as lie under oath Sceptic and septic, they hurt mate - and child; both. I’ve heard men cuss and curse with outrageous repulse And spit with venom - on a pathetic corpse. I’ve seen men twisted with bile so vile, they even smile Some are so bloated with spite, they gloat, with style. Bumbling Perjiggityflumps and Groinks (Yes, Greedy pigs) Bumptious buffoons with bellicose barbs and hurtful digs. Insidious corruption has overrun their souls, it stinks Incessant wickedness has nulled their hearts. It sinks. Am I being unfair? Are not the majority of men ‘good’? Tarnishing all men with the ‘bad brush’ because of a mood? Am I being unjustly harsh? Men not fallible? Give credit. And what of women…are they too not subject to demerit? Maybe it is best to look for the best in each of mankind Or is it you, with hope forsaken, preferring to remain blind? I have seen a ‘Good Samaritan’ pilfer goods of an injured man; lain prostrate. I have seen men revel in the misfortune of others - or gleefully spectate I have seen them excited harbouring horrid Schadenfreude I have seen Carers/Helpers abuse the invalid and defraud I have seen the man filled with fun and laughter, but thereafter….. I have seen him, oblivious as he treads, crush Aunty Ant! … great character! I have seen bad men ‘change’, contrite: truly seen The Light And there are those, that fight with might - defending one’s Right But mostly, all I see is a decay of morals and ill-discipline With lack of empathy, sympathy for fellow man: all is sin. Soon I realise where we are heading, by and by - and wonder ‘why, oh why?’ But my answer lies in the Good Book; and be sure: that Book does not lie! What hope is there for mankind when man is so unkind? They choose not to make choices, sadly, that’s the ‘choice of the mind’. When heart choices are reserved for one’s elect; selective What you are left with is a compromised intellect; defective. You stoutly defend family/community/country/humanity - from all foes Next thing, ‘humanity’ is not your family(?!?!) - you contribute to their woes?!?! Listen carefully to the cry of the mind that’s small [to which he is in thrall] Not very wise proudly trills: ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ Whether it be for family, country, or religion, (never humanity) his call,…. It is still none other than the divisive ‘them and us’ division install. ’This is mine - that is yours’ shall NEVER unite: no doubt an appall... Put the Devil to shame; and hail: ‘all for one ….and one for all’!!! Was it not from start of time that brother did brother kill? Have we not seen the blood they spill to alter the father’s Will. Is not the greatest pain of all, deception by one’s own kin? And could that stranger not yet met be closer than one’s own twin? Blood is thicker than water, but water is still part of blood That same water unites us all - to form one great big flood! The greatest handicap to man is the capacity to think …or perhaps not. Any man can ‘think’, but why should he bother to reason? Very bad thought. To do unto others as will to self, a motto abandoned, the least sought. To 'look after number one' and ‘it’s every man for himself’, so starts the rot. ‘The Selfish Gene’ , ‘Things Fall Apart’; simply implies ‘we’ve lost the plot’. Sadly, very little will change. ‘Choice’ and ‘Chance’, that’s all we’ve got!!!
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