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Sad Ballade Poems

These Sad Ballade poems are examples of Ballade poems about Sad. These are the best examples of Ballade Sad poems written by international poets.

Only You Can Save You
11 years of pushing back the tears 
11 years of shutting myself away in my room
Of drinking my pain away on this day 
I almost...

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Categories: bereavement, courage, death, death

Premium Member King of All He Sees - A Royal Digression
Sad day on Senlac Hill.
King Harald takes an arrow 
Through his royal eye.
And that Norman bastard,
Duke William, steals his crown.
Though it’s embroidery, 
Not tapestry, tells...

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Categories: allegory, history,

Premium Member Because I Am Snappy Apologies To Pharrell Williams
It might seem silly what I’m ‘bout to say
Fun rhyme is here. You can make a cake.
I’m a hot bear buffoon that could easily race.

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Categories: humorous, music,

Contemplative Moment
Contemplative moment

 Late October if has rained but stopped
the town is green air mild and gentle, but no jubilation
no flowers grow.
Seed slumbers in the soil.

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Categories: age, best friend, blessing,

A Ship Sinking Off Shore
On a wind-tossed day at Port Gale
I saw a small ship out at sea,
amidst the tall white-caps it sailed,
though it did so clumsily,
pitching back and...

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Categories: lost, ocean, sad, sea,

The Poise
Days come and go with the morning and evening star,
tempered dreams and conclusion by all means so far.
Tears from the subtle of some despair,
how did...

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Categories: 12th grade, mystery, spiritual,

The Manor House
By invitation from a trusted friend, 
a medium intervention took place and I went.
The building set in the thick forest by a shimmering lake,
some broken...

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Categories: imagination, inspiration, nostalgia, parody,

The in duration of pain,
have many colors to gain.
Tattoo’s, scarification, piercing,
are some hues of pain liberation.
Every competitive sport has its threshold,
for the intimate courage to...

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Categories: angst, atheist, life, mystery,

If Only
The feeling of wanting someone
I cannot have haunts me
The feeling of her getting someone else
Also haunts me

The feeling of seeing her sad
Haunts me
The feeling of...

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Categories: 11th grade, 3rd grade,

There's always that one tear to hide
Always that broken peace we want to hide
There's always that smile we have to force
Always that little toughness we...

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Categories: 11th grade, anxiety, change,

Lonely Bird,
There were two birds,
The two birds lived together.
One day when they were flying,
They caught by the storm,
One of the birds falt down
And died.
When the storm...

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Categories: friend, heartbroken, lonely,

Life Support
The church has given up on me.
Giants of bureaucrats sit on their thrones
Referred to as justice
They have their agendas
Call it by any other name
I call...

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Categories: analogy, conflict, death, feelings,

A Little Child In a Lost Ballon
give your tears to time
let them run over my forehead
in waves of goodbyes
like tides of isolation
like this bitter fruit truth

still i wanna be the earth...

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Categories: allegory, arabic, art,

Last Frontier
minute broken pieces of glass and gold
no consoling embrace and warm arms to hold
alchemy at it’s finest, rejected in purifying the soul 
for love has...

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Categories: heartbreak, life, lonely, sad,

Premium Member Swift Arthur
King Arthur had a lightning rod. Guinevere found him trying.
His vassals though profoundly odd were far more satisfying.
In martial arts he did excel. At other...

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Categories: fantasy, hero, humor, magic,

Book: Shattered Sighs