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Cheer Up Ballad Poems

These Cheer Up Ballad poems are examples of poetry about Cheer Up Ballad. These are the best examples of Ballad Cheer Up poems written by international poets.

Premium Member THE CAR HAS EARS


  by Charles Eastland
  (also Kindle eBook:  Selected Poems by Charles Eastland) 

Shhh shhh…whisper 
that news about...

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Categories: 9th grade, anxiety, books,

Control Blues
I have so much control, I don't know what to do
I have so much control, I don't know what to do
If I get any more...

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Categories: cheer up, conflict, confusion,

for mi wifey
1/4 cup of pumpkin seeds
4 cups of chicken thighs chopped
1/4 c green onions
1 cup of avocados
2 tablespoon of crushed garlic
3 tablespoons of crushed red pepper...

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Categories: cheer up, creation, desire,

No One and Said too much
No One

No one ever told you its ok to fall apart sometimes.
When it all gets too much.
The mind and soul crack without any signs.
It gets...

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Categories: cheer up,

Amy Blue Gaze
Reading your thoughts through the words on my screen
You gave me the courage to open up and believe
Your blonde hair and blue eyes led me...

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Categories: cheer up, engagement, inspirational

looking beyond the sky, yes i stare above the mountain.
to climb it in several trips that at last i build a tower.
withing my thought the...

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Categories: anxiety, appreciation, cheer up,

From Mudguard to a Tough Nut
For those of us who have lost your hair
And feel embarrassed as a mudguard up there
The truth of the matter is simple to see
Just shave...

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Categories: hair, humorous,

Premium Member But God Saved You You Could Have Been Dead Part 1
Slipped and you fell in it 
you,  your head on the street
you could have been dead 
you could have been dead 
but,  but...

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Categories: adventure, anxiety, blessing, cheer

Even In Death
"Darling, I can't avoid this fate,
Everyone, someday, somehow,
Must transcend into the realm
Only Death himself will know.
My time, yes, came a bit soon,
And while I'll not...

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Categories: absence, cheer up, dark,

Premium Member Someone to Confide In part 1
It's better, so better, you better you ought to believe;
It's better, so better, if you just be still and receive;
Of all this worrying, stop and...

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Categories: appreciation, assonance, bereavement, caregiving,

Premium Member Beautiful Feet of Evangelism
Beautiful feet of evangelism;
harness the glory trails;
Beautiful feet of evangelism;
I walked for God's glory;
To heal and back for this story;
To share with man and men;

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Categories: appreciation, bible, caregiving, celebration,

Premium Member Am I the Oppressor
Am I the oppressor
As I returned to the place of my bondage;
As I ignored the faith of the fate in my homage;

Am I the Oppressor;


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Categories: abuse, anxiety, cheer up,

Mountain of hope
We lock a mountain of hope 
Inside our little hearts
Each day we let go off some
To understand the victories and defeats
That life has to offer

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Categories: anxiety, blessing, cheer up,

The Ballad of Robin and Edna
Edna Clouds,  dreamer,  catch-me-if-you-can, hunted by police, together with her man.

T’was Robin Banks, that set her heart a throbbin’, a needy chap who...

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Categories: ballad, cheer up, humorous,

A brief escape from Purgatory
Do not fear my darling for spring has come early.
Step outside and feel the warm yellow rays on your face,
Feel the earth melt beneath your...

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Categories: cheer up, imagery, metaphor,

All that was wet dream
A big dream now a life is dim
Yours gleam it seem
But we were once one a team
Gave you top creme de...

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Categories: abortion, break up, cheer

Adequate Autumn
We may not have autumn
But the leaves here falls
Just the same
Not as much
But as necessary

The grass on either side has always been green....

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Categories: autumn, cheer up, life,

With skin so bronze i smell so sweet i taste just as delicious as i write. Like silk sheets rubbing up agianst my skin i...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, bible, black

A Comely Damsel
I was a comely damsel
Made of fragile fair clay,
Pregnant with unhatched rebellion,
Beclouded with the mist of youthhood,
And on the broad path
Dreaming of butterflies.

I heard a...

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Categories: cheer up, christian, forgiveness,

In spite of the storms
No safe harbor free from storms
Only a calm lake resides in the heart,
Surrounded by rugged mountains
And the angry sky with flashing light.
Out of the...

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Categories: bereavement, break up, cheer