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Axiom Poems

Axiom Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of axiom poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for axiom.

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Premium Member AXIOM

Wise words will
Taut true till

Bloom bright boast
Taste tough toast

Feel form face
Thrill tough trace

Toil tells time
Charm crisp chimes

Live laughs lost
Craze carves cost

Lift lost lines
Feel faith fine

Set stern sway
Work walks way

Brave brisk break
Sign swift stake

Mind moves make
Touch treats take

Leon Enriquez
30 October 2019

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Categories: axiom, allegory,
Form: Couplet

Legion of mercenaries
As if humility were a legion of mercenaries
Descending rapidly over me as a scent of a lascivious woman
In my mind religiosity is a token given in your smile
The smile that often questions
The final indicia that separates wanting from needing,
Desirous from...Read More
Categories: axiom, men,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member NOW, IS PASSED

An axiom soon for a dairy truck, as it ambles,
The yellow school bus full of rambunctiousness,
A watched clock tower crowds fate gambles,
The unsteady quietude of the unconsciousness,
The core of crazed vs amazed is its ridiculousness.

Date: 08/29/2019

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Categories: axiom, 12th grade,
Form: Quintain (English)
Premium Member Villanelle: If only it were as easy as to turn the clock back
Villanelle : If only it were as easy as to turn the clock back

If only it were as easy as to turn the clock back
Seize the best missed chances men let drop through self-righteous pique
Make learning processes Life's axiom out...Read More
Categories: axiom, betrayal, growing up, introspection, philosophy, power, women,
Form: Villanelle
Along the glass of a lazy stroll, 
The jar popped open the doctor, 
Or so I thought, ‘cos attachment, 
Honour and protection was proctor. 

Amis of gel, congruence and ear, 
No disk did move my larynx clear, 
Undue was the...Read More
Categories: axiom, body, future, health, rights, science,
Form: Tail-rhyme

Premium Member A Sentimental Slob

The way to a man's heart is through his heart
Contrary to how the old saying goes
After all my years this is what I've discovered
It's an axiom most people don't know

The “through his belly” quote wasn't accurate
As far as this old...Read More
Categories: axiom, emotions,
Form: Narrative
Waiting For The Nirvana

Physical world runs on the mandate of physics
Controls the levers of life’s complex dynamics,
Every action has equal and opposite reaction.
Don’t follow the axiom, you become your relics.

Spread love if you don’t want to be hated,
See beauty in...Read More
Categories: axiom, god, inspirational, life,
Form: Rubaiyat

There it was loud on the intercom
“Please come to the office, Tom’
And just like a bad sitcom
They dropped the bomb
No discussion just a blunt axiom
Told to grab his pompom
And march off to Guam
To retrieve a precious rhomb
Tom was in quite...Read More
Categories: axiom, adventure, anxiety, silly, travel, work,
Form: Monorhyme
The Power of Giving
Giving is a placid air
It's safe to inhale in times of despair 
Lies deep a treasure chest that hold valuables 
To put smile on someone face 

To give is a priceless gift
Far better than a fountain of gold
In charity we...Read More
Categories: axiom, giving,
Form: Free verse
Knowledge and Science
Milton’s Paradise Lost is a book I sometimes dip into. For modern 
readers it does not lend itself to a quick browse. It’s pretty clear from the 
start who dunnit. 
My version in paperback contains insightful explanatory notes. 
Apparently “Science”...Read More
Categories: axiom, bible, poems, science,
Form: Free verse
The Artiste
I am The Artiste. 

I draws lines by cutting carcasses, among other things.

I am the crazed dancer, down pouring a diaspora of red essence and entrails as I sporadically spin.

I am the antagonist; the anti-hero jester with a ricin covered...Read More
Categories: axiom, anger, conflict, creation, loneliness, philosophy, strength, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member An Age Old Axiom

Some things in life are like falling off a log
Like eating and sleeping, like walking in a fog
Cept some days fall short
It's then we must resort
To the age old axiom, “A squeeky wheel annoys the dog!”

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Categories: axiom, silly,
Form: Limerick
Safe Haven
In this murky swamp
Where oxygen cannot creep
Dark is the blood of children 
Playfully allowed sleep
Westward facing 
A new front of tears
Delivers misfortune 
To their black masked fears
The axiom of power
Opens and closes its hand
And with casualty 
It makes a casual...Read More
Categories: axiom, political, , Lullaby,
Form: I do not know?
The Rant
Gone now are the wondrous minds of old,
whose era treasured learning over gold,
And humble were the thoughts and words of these,
who, trothed to truth, would now be left displeased,
by hurried tempers bent on winning wars,
neglectful of th’ endurance truth implores,
Tis...Read More
Categories: axiom, people, philosophy, political, society, truth, universe, wisdom,
Form: Didactic
To Brittany Flood
Seven years, one for each of the sages,
Who rose up to lay the law of the ages,
Lessons learned in love and depravement,
I've abused abasement to the point of containment,
A deranged modality attempts to explain it,
Cuz my pain remains until I...Read More
Categories: axiom, break up, devotion, engagement, i love you,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Unquotable quotes:Gals, Dolls, Bitches and Broads - XXXVII Part One
Unquotable quotes: Gals, Dolls, Bitches and Broads – XXXVII

( No aspersions are being cast here, willingly or otherwise, on the fairer, stronger and infinitely more sagacious sex. Even if these over-used words are somewhat overloaded with derogatory connotations, depending on...Read More
Categories: axiom, family, girl, husband, men, parents, wife, women,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member Dear Fellow Facilitators of Life
When Einstein was asked, by a journalist, how he came up with the theory of relativity, 
he had no audience for talking about his use of Thought Experiments,
more or less what a group discernment facilitator might use to frame a...Read More
Categories: axiom, body, health, identity, language, political, science, spiritual,
Form: Prose Poetry
Unseen Heart
Axiom does not lie upon the
plush bed of the words I've said.
It doesn't flourish under influence of the
flowery texts I've written.
Axiom does not fully exist behind the
actions I've deliberately displayed.

It is ingrained within the subtle folds,
inexplicable nuances
and playful innuendos.
It is...Read More
Categories: axiom, devotion, for him, love, september, word play,
Form: Free verse
The Sun
you’re more than just a heart of heat and light
     a rife marvel in the sky
          an axiom of one’s smile


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Categories: axiom, smile, sun, sunshine,
Form: Kimo
Programmers' axiom
There's no third option 
in the binary code of
lovers: to love or
not to love, that's the one and 
final truth of programmers....Read More
Categories: axiom, love, science, true love, truth,
Form: Tanka
A Bowl of Cherries
If life’s a bowl of cherries,
Or you think that saying fits,
You must realize there’s a factor
That the axiom omits.

Which is cherries, though delicious,
Have a stone lodged deep inside,
The existence of which isn’t something
That can be denied.

Therefore, optimists and pessimists
Can share...Read More
Categories: axiom, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Axioms With A Twist

“A day without sunshine is like...  well... night”
A brilliant axiom I say
To the person that uttered this amazing observation
You certainly just made my day

“If the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off”
That's a mighty safe assumption
So stop your belly...Read More
Categories: axiom, humor,
Form: Quatrain
Honest Lies
Begins with an appreciation of ledgers,
Clear, true and definite in appearance,
While a long journey through the never evers,
Finding fallacy in every reverence.

As much As I can I try to never,
Subdue that darkness within, such pain severed.
Sweats and strength wasted as...Read More
Categories: axiom, self,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Another Geometry Like Love
Basic geometry’s based on four axioms,
Something that many kids study in school,
But a fifth axiom’s needed to prove it all,
This is where things start in getting real cool.

Really this axiom sounds very theorem like
Many have tried just to prove that...Read More
Categories: axiom, god, math, science,
Form: Rhyme
Versifier - A communion
Versifier - A communion.

The sacrifice, adore, psalms - divine,

Inner devotion is emotion, commotions of thought,

Truth - from estranged proverbs, severe afflictions of the sacred heart,

Verity is fact, the axiom domain,

The path - flames of sentiment,

A sacred grail, of poured emotions.
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Categories: axiom, birth, desire, devotion, poetry, writing,
Form: Verse