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Shape Animal Poems

These Shape Animal poems are examples of Animal poems about Shape. These are the best examples of Animal Shape poems written by international poets.

Premium Member I teased the tiger
(follow-up to Rx. for mean poem)
I teased the tiger, perhaps out of spite.
I teased the tiger so he took a little bite.
Life is full of...

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Categories: animal, humor, mental health,

Premium Member Maine Moose

When it comes to a shape bizarre,
moose proudly hold their own 
along with the camel, kangaroo, and platypus.

I’ve never seen one in the wild, 

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Categories: animal, humor,

Fork git about spooner hiz ham
Fork git about spooner hiz ham

And join (singing the words 
in the next paragraph) whether alone
in a traffic jam
basting, cooking, then eating a lamb
prepared by...

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Categories: animal, 1st grade, 2nd grade,

Premium Member Animal
Animals in top hats,
Ride bicycles en road,
Spoked wheels and pedaled spats,
Round about, in ornamental spode. 

Animals in monocles,
Spectate in obeisance,
Cuffed by inked chronicle:
Renascence-linked complacence.

Animals in...

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Categories: america, analogy, animal, self,

Premium Member Goodbye
Quote By Poet "Life is filled with hurts.                 ...

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Categories: animal, boy, child, feelings,

Premium Member Wolfed
The legs of the tigress were the first to go;
torn from her in a single vicious bite,
then left, helpless, to watch the rabbit; 
bop and...

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Categories: animal, food,

Premium Member Winter Is Not Forever
Quote By Poet "Bears sleep all winter. Spring is their wake up call." 

Winter is coming so we must hide,          ...

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Categories: animal, cool, flower, humor,

Premium Member Loved and Lost
When I open your book of life,                  ...

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Categories: animal, car, dad, fun,

tale of two cats chasing a toy
Like the North Wind,
Sent by Boreas
to lay driven snow, pure
and white, an ivory
whirlwind blows
through my living room.
The rodent, pink as 
embarrassment, flies 
with the speed...

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Categories: analogy, animal, cat, winter,

Premium Member My Dream as a Shape Shifter
I was a nervous young fawn
Tasting sweet April grass in a lovely meadow
Sensing danger, realizing wolves were surrounding me

I had shapeshifted into one of them.

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Categories: animal,

No roof for reindeer
No Roof For Reindeer

The celebrated sailing frog
from Montgomery County
went a courtin, or so the tale iz toad
to a grand ole mansion built around 1910,
and e'en...

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Categories: absence, adventure, animal, childhood,

Premium Member Rodneys Self Portrait
Who is that? His sister asked, staring at his art.
It’s me! Rodney Rooter said. Don’t be so smart!
But you don’t look that dapper, that handsome,...

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Categories: animal,

Premium Member Shenanigans and Poppycock
Shenanigans and poppycock -
         the wild wood with unrest.
Will amazon deliver the chest

of acorns and walnuts before...

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Categories: animal, christmas, perspective, winter,

Premium Member Pigs Make a Haul
Oh no! It’s those pushy snow pigs the cow lamented loudly.
You mean the knitters who announce their wares proudly?
Oh, yes, the cat replied. They are...

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Categories: animal, 10th grade, 5th grade,

Premium Member Critterature: Crittercal Math
DISCLAIMER: This piece, dear readers, is in no way, shape, or form intended to be a scholarly treatise. So, please bear that in mind and...

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Categories: animal, humor,