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Shape Animal Poems

These Shape Animal poems are examples of Animal poems about Shape. These are the best examples of Animal Shape poems written by international poets.

Premium Member BUNNY - POTD
Bunny very cute
Under a big bush sleeping
Now she is awake
No one knows you are my pet
You and I friends forever...

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Categories: animal, cute, fun, giggle,

Premium Member The Donkey vs The Tiger
Hold on to your many stripes
Before you blow out your pipes
I can hear you loud and clear
Stop acting so cavalier
Cool off then ride on one...

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Categories: animal, giggle, humor, uplifting,

Premium Member A Puppy's Tale
Quote By Poet "I like to bring my imagination out in writing so you can bring your imagination out in reading."

I remember when I was...

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Categories: animal, courage, family, growing

Premium Member A Mouse Or A Mountain
Growing up,
I was the runt of the litter.
My siblings called me Cute,
because I was the youngest one.
It was very hard growing up as a little...

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Categories: animal, family, giggle, home,

Premium Member The Musings Of A Mouse
Last night I was human.
I was my "normal" self.
Somehow, I've shrunk by five-foot-one!
Now I'm a mouse upon a shelf.

My heart sinks as I look down

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Categories: animal, dream, muse,

Premium Member Dine and Dash
Dine and dash we are on the go
look at all the food below
warm soup is for me
with crackers and brie
are we eating real fast or...

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Categories: animal, food, friend, giggle,

in the nature
Well, I must say that I did not want to walk two hours, some days I am downright tired of diabetes

So I drove to Logonna...

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Categories: animal, nature,

Premium Member The Platypus

The creek was the color
of weak tea, a bronze brew
that filtered light to bathe 
the bottom in the soft glow
of an autumn morning.
Even after a...

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Categories: animal, mythology, water,

Premium Member Bunnies Welcome Spring
As a kid I had three bunnies,
they were free I paid no moneys.
It was Easter time,
I had won them and they were all mine.
I had...

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Categories: animal, child, dad, easter,

Premium Member It Started With A blank Canvas
It started with a blank canvas,
the world I should make but I am anxious.
Making fields of pretty flowers,
to the deep blue seas takes many hours.

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Categories: animal, bird, love, men,

Premium Member The 4 Seasons
Winter is very cold 
the wind is bold 
snowman made the centerfold 
brown snow is old. 


Spring is in the air 
flowers now blooming...

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Categories: animal, cool, fun, snow,

Premium Member The Black Duck

Among a group of dull-brown mallard hens,
a black duck rests on the raised rim of the park’s
reflecting pool. His shape, sleek and smooth,
stands out –...

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Categories: animal,

Premium Member A Fairytale
Did you ever read a fairytale,  
maybe the fun book was on sale.  
I had a fairytale book with a huge purple whale,...

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Categories: animal, food, friend, giggle,

The Shape of Dark - A Murder of Crows
murders rise on nights like these

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Categories: angst, animal, death, desire,

Premium Member Winter's Slumber
"Bears sleep all winter. Spring is their wake up call." Quote By Poet   

All summer we have had fun,  
playing and running...

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Categories: animal, life, sleep, snow,

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