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Funny Animal Poems

These Funny Animal poems are examples of Animal poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Animal Funny poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Gamblin' Zoo
"Hit me!" it's blackjack all day long
In a dingy zoo type sing-a-long
and since you can never eat just one
It seems those chips have all but...

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Categories: animal, funny, nonsense,

Premium Member Ermine
My long neck and blacked-tip tail fascinating
Wowing with agility not imitating
Squirrel, mouse and rats
All of you I track and bats

Funny rabbits  or sad hare

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Categories: animal, cute,

Premium Member A Baa Baa Feed Fest
It sheer is nice to munch all night
and all day, too, with farmer Byron’s crew
of sheep, that is, that wander underneath 
his wide walnut grove,...

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Categories: animal, funny,

Premium Member Rebel Hens: Escape to the Picture Show
The hens from our small, urban farm,
Had wild idea, caused great fright:
Escape their pen, come to no harm,
See a show, without a blight.

With feathers ruffling...

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Categories: animal, appreciation, funny, repetition,

Premium Member I Wish Somebody Would've Told Me
I wish somebody would’ve told me
Since reincarnating as a camel
It is not all it’s cracked up to be
Thought it would be fun to be this...

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Categories: animal, funny,

Cracked Iceberg

      Chubby cream grubby against white ice
      Hungry somewhat clumsy polar bear heist

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Categories: animal, cute, earth, funny,

Premium Member Donkey Of Your Eye
Donkey in the farm, strong hoofs romping
Wonky when you charm, long spoofs hooting

Donkey standing as you stare, shy when you dare
Teeth grinning as you glare,...

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Categories: animal, farm, funny,

Premium Member Mooove Over
there once was an old farmer named Dick
he injected his cows that were sick
	Bessie mooed “oh no!”
	as Dick slipped in a hole
“Don’t you bellow, it’s...

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Categories: animal, farm, funny, sick,

Billy Bob Brown
There once was a goat named Billy Bob Brown

Who sang horribly off-key when he danced through town. 

One day while singing, someone grabbed a long...

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Categories: animal, dance, funny, humorous,

Premium Member Happy-Time Fun Nursery Rhyme
Tom Cat with his fiddle
stood on a wall
and played his fine song
to bring one and all

Together to dance
to his Meow tune
beneath the full Sun
along with...

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Categories: adventure, animal, dance, funny,

Premium Member Goodbye
Quote By Poet "Life is filled with hurts.                 ...

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Categories: animal, boy, child, feelings,

Peek a Boo
The squirrel this morning hid behind the wall but there was a bushy tail sticking up over the top.  It was funny so I...

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Categories: animal, bird, fun,

Premium Member Lucky Rabbit's Footle



Illegal Aliens

Tooth care

au pair
kit care

Bad trip reservations
hare air
fare err

it takes
hare brakes...

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Categories: animal, silly,

Premium Member Footprint
I did a show in this tiny town called Longyearbyen. We went snowmobiling around Svalbard and saw Arctic foxes, snow bunting, polar bear footprints and...

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Categories: adventure, animal, bird,

Premium Member Shaggy Dog Limericks: The All-Time Best -- vote for your favorite
The Spaniel

A Spaniel that uses its head 
Can tell when its owner’s unfed 
So instead of a duck
That is down on its luck 
Will deliver...

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Categories: animal, cat, cute, dog,