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Cruelty Animal Poems

These Cruelty Animal poems are examples of Animal poems about Cruelty. These are the best examples of Animal Cruelty poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A zoo's life

       Far from what I want to think about, but reality.
   We still have places called zoos,...

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Categories: allusion, animal, blessing, devotion,

in the news today Texas
In the News Today

How much water does a soldier’s water bottle contain?
Do we need to know, or do we want to know? Probably not
Whatever it...

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© jan hansen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anger, angst, animal, death,

Premium Member Environmental Change
So quickly, everything changed 
Nothing feels the same
Our creation has been transformed 
As nature is now different
Rivers are tainted with toxic rainbows
Skies are empty of...

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Categories: anger, animal, environment, loss,

A psalm to solemnize pure tin forefathers mothers
A psalm to solemnize pure tin forefathers/mothers...

Who didst unknowingly, unquestionably, 
and unwittingly script vitality
and the prologue to Thanksgiving,
(which theme poem initially written)
about three hundred and...

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Categories: animal, adventure, africa, age, america,

Dear Jane
Dear Jane;

My dear sweet animal…We have been left astray. for the strings of mankind torment me so, in my sparrows rusted birdcage.

It may have only...

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© Mr Pickles  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, miss you, ocean,

Premium Member Uncaring Fools
What do you call four tigers lounging together?
A bevy, a flock, a herd, or a pride? —beats me,
Beauty in the tall grass, they’ve devoured a...

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Categories: animal,

Premium Member Cruelty is Insanity
Cruelty to animals is ignorance personified
A clear path can be drawn from here to cruelty to people
There is something broken about these people
Their lack of...

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Categories: animal,


The man invested in  total falsehood
killing without mercy, cruel insanity
the informal beasts have further pity
they only kill to eat as a simple mood...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, animal, irony,

Premium Member Animal Cruelty
     cruelty makes
          me sick...

to my stomach!

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Categories: abuse, anger, animal, perspective,

Premium Member What Grandma Said
"Don't you cuss at your ol' gramma!  C'mere! 
I'm gonna wash your mouth out with catsh*t!"...

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Categories: animal, cat, child abuse,

The inhumanity of Man is really quite atrocious.
He thinks himself intelligent, he thinks himself precocious.
And yet his acts of selfishness show inately he's unkind.
His sudden...

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© Judy Ball  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, bullying, heartbreak,

Premium Member Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom

Beautiful creatures large and small
Species which fly, walk, swim or crawl
Respect life, not hastily condemn
Animal kingdom, we're guests among them

Cats, horses, elephants, giraffes
Hyenas with...

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Categories: abuse, animal, beautiful, freedom,

Walloping Mountain
        Bated breath stills Arctic style cruelty
        Clustered lichen mapped boulders...

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Categories: animal, beauty, environment, nature,


Old Charlie
he’s a Cockie from a bygone age,
has not departed 
from his old-time ways,
and his way of doing things,
tonight, with the billy on the...

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Categories: animal, conflict, dog,

Premium Member The Happy Circus

I am just a one man circus doing all the twists and turns
To entraining crowds, on the turnstiles the money burns

No cruelty to...

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Categories: animal, appreciation, cool, crazy,