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Premium Member Anyone Who Gave a Damn
Anyone who’s seen my face, could look at me
and tell of my sadness
Anyone who’s heard my voice or read my words
would call my life absurd,
I long to feel gladness.

If you look inside my heart 
you’ll see who I truly really...Read More
Categories: and then you die, desire, lost love,
Form: Rhyme

Improvising Me
Summoned by the sunlights song
Silenced at an early age
Dishevelled and displaced in teenage days
Driting in and out of adulthood

Living life within my shell
And cursing those who dare to dwell
Being taught by lifes endless punch
And never let rules rule my way
The...Read More
Categories: and then you die, poetry,
Form: Free verse
The Rue St. Germain is alone and still   
though cool is the night with a summer chill
the fog from the Seine comes right up the hill
and street lamps dance...Read More
Categories: and then you die, absence, beauty, destiny, farewell, moving on,
Form: Epitaph
Premium Member The In Between
Time goes by in the blink of an eye.
First you're born and then you die.
What happens in the in between 
  is the real scene.

How we think and how we feel
  is framed by what we think is...Read More
Categories: and then you die, death, life,
Form: Rhyme
Those Flippin' E-mails
I’ve got a mate - who’s called Christina
Who sends me E-mails - but doesn’t mean “ta”
There're full of grief - there're full of regret
All about the kin-folk - we’ve never met
She’s so full of wisdom - she knows the score
“What...Read More
Categories: and then you die, hilarious,
Form: Light Verse

Etruscan Smile

my soul is the shape of a bloodstain
poured there by Nadine Maraschino
my right eye sits
in the ruby voodoo goblet
that she wears upon her head
Nadine was a 3-toed egg laying harpy
from the cauldron of shame
but she used her brain cleverly
with candor...Read More
Categories: and then you die, humanity, slam,
Form: Free verse
Mario is just a game 
that has caused me a lot of pain
get so close and then you die 
wish that italian could fricken fly
bowser is fricken rude
no one can even stand that dude
he eats so much he has a...Read More
Categories: and then you die, addiction, bridal shower, bullying,
Form: Rhyme
In The Corner

I go to the wall and I see your name

As I crouch in the corner I know there is no one to blame,

This is life you are born and then you die

As I stare at your picture it makes me...Read More
Categories: and then you die, dad, death, dream, father, feelings, grave, miss
Form: ABC
No place like home
I hate the situation I'm living I don't like it at all. I learned from my mistakes I got scars from all my falls. I learned how to take a lost and cover up all my flaws. I have felt...Read More
Categories: and then you die, art, deep,
Form: Verse
Sometimes I think that life's a bummer  and then you die.............
Then other times I think was that me or some other guy..........
Because in reality life isn't all that bad............
And i'm thinking if I really do think that way it...Read More
Categories: and then you die, emotions, simile,
Form: Rhyme
All about life after jail
Life is hard and then you die
in the meantime you mostly cry
It seems to me that you have been changed
your attitude somewhat rearranged
The place you've been is not so nice
and a terrible place to seek advice
All who go there...Read More
Categories: and then you die, change,
Form: Verse
The graveyard opens the door's to the walkway,
But only to me,
Take slow breathes and count to three,
Now i open my eyes ,
I see what cannot be lies.
Upon the grave is my name,
As if i opened the door and death came.
I...Read More
Categories: and then you die, dark,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Nothing Is Forever
An individual's death is as unique as the life which preceded it,
but the way the body shuts down is always the same process.
When your brain has determined that there is something fatally wrong,
your brain then shuts down all but your...Read More
Categories: and then you die, death, heaven, life,
Form: Rhyme
Why Did You Have To Go
Promises brake like shattering glass
The night cries out for the light
Stars replaced with water droplets
Friends you thought you had were never their
Just reflections in the merrier
Can't catch smoke with finger grabs
And when is all said and done
You remember the real...Read More
Categories: and then you die, loss,
Form: Narrative
Rich in reality checks
Can you see the people moving?
Do you see them fighting?
Not with their arms and fists, stupid,
Rather with their minds and thoughts.

“Life is short and then you die”,
Thumps through a pair of headphones.
The owner isn’t smiling, rather scowling, or impasse.
I stay...Read More
Categories: and then you die, philosophy, dog, dog, life,
Form: Blank verse
Love it or Leave it
Isn’t it funny, how the Left is never Right?
 Isn’t funny how the Right likes to Fight? 
Hasn’t it Been said?
Or, isn’t it True?
That if both sides Fight, both sides Lose? 
Maybe we need a solid Left hook. 
Floating Like...Read More
Categories: and then you die, political,
Form: I do not know?
Moving Right Along II
Why are you always in such a hurry?
Here you dart, there you scurry

as if someone is chasing you,
a ghost behind in hot pursuit.

This life is meant for gentle going
tasting each moment while knowing

that when all you do is rush on...Read More
Categories: and then you die, lifelife,
Form: Couplet
   You live your life and then you die
Why when you die, people cry
   They say you go to a place much better
But the memories, and love make your eyes much wetter
   A time...Read More
Categories: and then you die, death, faith, inspirational, life, sad, visionary, time,
Form: I do not know?
Perseption of birth : Greek
there are 22 letters that stand between Alpha and Omega.
You're born...
22 letters...
and then you die....Read More
Categories: and then you die, allegory, imagination, life,
Form: I do not know?