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Wisdom Alliteration Poems

These Wisdom Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Wisdom. These are the best examples of Alliteration Wisdom poems written by international poets.

Laughter is the Voice of a Rainbow
Why do people thank the care provider?
They only wipe the treasures on the luxury-loser.
Shower their new normal, an exhausting mortality,
as the person struggle to clean...

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Categories: absence,

Compassionate with confident charity’s call
Concerned for clear Christian conversion cause
Committed to Christ’s cross, cleaving to His covenant 
Cooperative along congregation’s counseling clamor
Circumspect to correct compromises’...

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Categories: christian, devotion, faith, god,

Premium Member BY THE WATER'S EDGE

Beloved bohemian bucolic bluegrass 
Yielding yonder a yellow younger yesterday 

Tattered thoughts travel to the twilight temple 
Hillside hoisted homage of honeysuckle happenstance
Elusive enchanted elixir...

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Categories: adventure, fantasy, mystery, nature,

Premium Member GOOD BOOKS

Watch wisdom well
Sip succinct spell

Taste treasures trip
Gain gifted grip

Word wealthy writes
Choice calmly cites

Spice shifting sands
Glimpse glitter grand

Brave bubbly books
Nice nature nooks

Leap laughing loud
Prime passion proud


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Tasteful Time
What is the meaning of life?
The bliss of kissing time
To show us the sublime
Mastery movement in
Recognition of
Second servings
Munchies minutes
Hourly harvests
Daily deserts
Wisdom weeks
Mealtime months
Yogurt years…
All begins...

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Categories: appreciation, food, time,

Premium Member Trinity
I Body
The presence of the essence of flesh, blood and bone.
Flesh feeds the needs of energy, space and filigree lace.
Veins are trains of life with...

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Categories: imagination, inspiration, metaphor, moon,

Origami Monogatari
Socially speaking , we are but a blank space out of place
In speech, I speak in soliloquies of solitude under an umbrella about to be...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, butterfly, celebration,

Gomorrah Toys

Military maneuvers,
conducted by starship troopers,
make a Lot of king Chedorlaomer noise

Earhole space
penetrated by the Pentagon puffing pace ... 
stealth sound of smoke signals
Warning drumbeat signs...

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Categories: truth, violence, war, wisdom,

Premium Member Freedom, Feigned

Confinement -

I carry my prison with me

no bounds or bars or barriers

can equal the breadth of my bondage

its burning poison possesses marrow and mind

squeezing the...

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Categories: freedom, introspection, truth, wisdom,

Over Time
Over time,
I realized my peace of mind was redefined,
I don't lean as often though I'm still inclined,
to pop a pill or roll some green, kill...

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Categories: blessing,

Premium Member MOTIFS

Design dream dance
Cheer channels chance

Sweet sacred space
Touch tells true trace

Wear wisdom well
Dish dreamy dwell

Feel fun frame fit
Word wealthy wit

Bright blossoms bloom
Glimpse grandeur groom

Mind motifs move

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Categories: allusion,

Bubbling, brimming, beyond borders
Wisdom from above, enmeshed in Love, comes complete
How then make more wisdom flow ... I didn't know

But then the best teacher discovered this dithering fool,...

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Categories: 12th grade, allegory, giving,

Premium Member Dastardly Deeds

A man may mean goodness, grace, even gaiety
But his action brings betrayal to bear
His wisdom is left wantonly withering
And destruction brings doom 
Due to...

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Categories: betrayal,

Premium Member Whimsically Whacky Wonderful W

Wisps of
Waywardly into our
Writs of
W, you are so

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Categories: poetry, write,

Premium Member WONDER

Choice cites
Wonder writes

Poise primes
Rapture rhymes

Proud pace
Sensuous space

Rich rides
Succinct strides

Apt art
Happy heart

Joy jerks
Wisdom works

Meet more
Sublime spores

Mood makes
Wonder wakes

Leon Enriquez
21 January 2018


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member WISDOM

Grand glimpses grow
Fond feeling flow 

Wise words work well
Taste truth that tells

Work wealth worthwhile
Set subtle style

Set simple stay
Pick pretty play

Seek succinct spice
Prize profound price

Leon Enriquez

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Categories: allusion,

Apocalypse Arrived
Insidious, insipid, id-inebriated imbeciles
wage a wanton war of words without wit, wisdom or worldliness.
Regrettable, repugnant reprobates ravage refined realms as
pirouetting pariahic pyres patently a pyrrhic...

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Categories: america, corruption, crazy, fate,

We weave webbed words while welcoming wisdom
We weave webbed words while welcoming wisdom.

Whiny William Walleye Was Witnessed Wandering Westwardly While Wailing Wildly. We Were Warily Watching Will Wobbly Walk When We...

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Categories: word play,

Premium Member FANCY

Glimpse grand grace glow
Sense sacred show

Set sweet sure smile
Prize poignant pile

Feel frames fancy
Play piles plenty

Last light leaps loud
Ply pretty proud

Faith flavours form
Niche nimble norm

Fancy fine...

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Categories: change,

Premium Member GLIMPSES 4


Wisdom works well
Time truly tells


Leon Enriquez
01 October 2017


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Categories: allegory,