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Weather Alliteration Poems

These Weather Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Weather. These are the best examples of Alliteration Weather poems written by international poets.

Strewn throughout the battlefield
Are casings scattered ‘round.
Spent then to the weather sealed;
Slowly sink into the ground.

Once potent, bright and new
Now discarded, faded metal.
Then esteemed, fine...

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© Tom Valles  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: devotion, independence day, memorial

Alliteral Storm
Turgid tempest traipses slowly,
heavy thunder, hammers holy,
livid lightning lights the lowly.

Storm surges, striking sand-bar,
winds wailing, whipping wife’s car,
rain races to rills and rock scars.

Power pulses,...

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Categories: fun, imagery, light, nature,

Premium Member BY The Water's Edge
Wistfully watching by water's edge,
Shivering and shaking from cold,
I watched with weariness for a sign
Of small skiff without a hold.

Tearfully turning to walk away,
Knowing night...

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Categories: weather, wind,

Premium Member Kew Gardens Spectrum
In Kew Gardens I feast on				
daffodils and swans and honk-				
ing geese in turf protection mode				
and one spectacular show				
from a strutting peacock’s tail,				
its color chart exploding					

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© Bill Keen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: assonance, bird, color, garden,

Premium Member WIT CREAMS

Work witty way
Dress dazzling day

Wonder words well
Spice sparking spell

Seek sensuous spread
Dust dreary dread

Aid ample art
Set sizzling start

Meek moments meet
Sense surprise sweet

Prize profound peace
End endows ease


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Categories: allusion,


Pretty petals ferociously fall as Spring releases its fury.
Blooming cherry blossoms in disarray, decry a disaster.

Rosebuds refuse to unfurl like a...

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Categories: spring, weather,

Premium Member Silent Nightingale
A rhapsody of
rock and roll rain,
tango twisting winds,
samba snow flakes, 
step, skip, spin and swing.

So the subdued sun 
remains solemnly shy as its 
orchestra of...

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, assonance, weather,

Weather Warning
    While watching windswept willows weeping,
    Wild winter winds were wailing with woe

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Categories: weather, winter,

Happy Weather
Emotions are like a storm rolling in, I prefer my mood to be like happy weather
When I say happy weather I mean a beautiful ...

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Categories: cheer up, cool, joy,

We weave webbed words while welcoming wisdom
We weave webbed words while welcoming wisdom.

Whiny William Walleye Was Witnessed Wandering Westwardly While Wailing Wildly. We Were Warily Watching Will Wobbly Walk When We...

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Categories: word play,

Premium Member SILENCE

Silence speaks sound
Glimpse graceful grounds

Listen loud lull
Silent smooth skull

Stillness spreads soft
Live lovely loft

Dare dreamy daze
Charm crafty craze

Words weather well
Time truly tells

Apt affluent art
Soul story starts


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Categories: allusion,


High pressure, like a huge hug,
we sail through seas on sunshine fun,
Sans a care, in this birthplace of soil.

Ahoy, those troubled seas, doth seed

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Categories: weather, , Lullaby,

In the worst of the mist
take the dog for a walk.
Through the drib and the drab
we slog through thick fog.
With the rain once again
and the...

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Categories: weather,

The Beauty She is
The beauty she is, she walks across all 
different phases of life and yet show
with such elegant display to enlighten others

The beauty she is, she...

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© Hanh Chau  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mother,

How dainty and shy is she
She is even ever so, she warms the soul.
If you do handle her, handle with carefulness.
If she is approachable at...

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Categories: dance, happy, lonely, rose,

Definitely dealing delicately in dense danger.
Peculiarly perplexing poking pioneers of pride.
And catching coding cautions
When windy weather was wasted warming 

Worries with a whistle when we...

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Categories: weather, winter,

Again It Twists
Though the father of the heathen family is a snob, the mother does blather with others and tethers their cattle with withered leathers whether the...

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Categories: funny,

West Texas Wildflowers
West Texas Wildflowers
Waving in the wind
Weather-worn whispering
Whirling warnings to my window
As I water my wallflower
The weeds won’t stop growing
So I whistle the wisdom
I once welcomed

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Categories: conflict, depression, destiny, nature,

Homonym Practice
I write so when i'm wrong i'm still right, 
I fly words like planes the wright brothers rite?

This is nothing new you could of knew...

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© Key V.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: repetition, write, writing,


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Categories: baseball, culture, emotions, games,