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Sleep Alliteration Poems

These Sleep Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Sleep. These are the best examples of Alliteration Sleep poems written by international poets.

Premium Member TOUCH

Taste true tease
Prize pure peace

Touch thrills toil
Sift sure spoils

Lines live loud
Pure purse proud

Glimpse grand gain
Peace primes plain

Work warm wit
Feel faith fit

Bliss blooms blaze
Craft clear craze


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Premium Member RANDOM

Silence spreads spores
Mindset moves more

Dazzle dream deep
Succinct sweet sleep

Stillness speaks soft
Laughter lives loft

Placid peace primes
Cozy crafts chimes

Easy etch earns
Brighter blaze burns

Random race runs
Primal play puns


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Categories: allusion,

Indices Of A Loon

Gutless muffled monarch wooed millions to the poll, 
Our feeble lord enforced by pathetic speech of poverty (I once had no shoes) 
On congruent grounds...

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Categories: corruption, crazy, culture, heartbroken,

La Pieta
Then, he knew why he must hew
old memories from marble- 
emotions quarried from heart's slew- 
Oblique fight with his faith's garble

Cut block unfolds Christ, enthroned

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Categories: appreciation, art, devotion, jesus,

Premium Member PEACE

Prize pure peace
Earn each ease

Prime prompt pace
Set sure space

Love lines leap
Taste true trip

Wise word wit
Feel fond fit

Breeze bright blooms
Reap rich rooms

Speak sound say
Plot prime play


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Slings and Arrows

I foolishly fell from a mountainous high only to land on a desert dry
Images of liquid lust within my emotive eye calcified to a crusted...

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Categories: abuse, conflict, pain,

Premium Member TRULY

Wit wonders well
Taste touching tell

Taste timely twist
Glimpse groovy gist

Prize pretty pace
Set succinct space

Lovely lines lift
Gather grand gift

Dream dazzles deep
Seize sanguine sleep

Dance dreamy daze
Chance cheery craze


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Categories: allusion,

winter sleep
all view
difficult live...

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Categories: allegory,

big ballons are afraid most from the small needles
a nail destroy a wall
willingly go longer fears the
evokes the nightmares of the sweetest sleep
something not seen...

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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member PROFOUND

Sift sleep soft
Love lifts loft

Calm choice clears
Freeze frame fear

Dig deep dream
Sip swift streams

Loud laughs leap
Taste time trip

Sense screams score
Cheer crafts core

More minds mull
Drench daze dull


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member All i's On Me
Ideas instantly infest imaginations
& it  could lead to inqueries
From imbusiles with iffy intelligence
There indecision will never get em
In position to be anything more
Than inconsistent,...

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Categories: crazy, deep, imagination, poems,

Premium Member WORDS TELL

Glimpse gain
Prompt plain

Word well
Time tells

Dream deep
Splice sleep

Dream dance
Cheer chance

Time trip
Grand grip

Path pace
Sure space

Taste time
Choice chimes

Poise plots
Taste thought

Etch ends
Taste trends

Love lives
Grace gives

Craft cites
Warm writes

Leon Enriquez
05 January...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member SETTING

Warm wise whole
Spice still soul

Joy juice jumps
Set sure sums

Last light leaps
Strip sure sleep

Words wind well
Craft crisp cell

Just joy jests
Frame fond fest

Trust taut take
Meet mind make


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Premium Member Cat Mass
I Past Paws

My tuxedo charm…
Echoes of purrs and meows linger in my lamenting longing heart.
Floating my fingers upon her feather fur…I now trace her feline...

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Categories: cat, christmas, death,

between new nightmares
and day dreams
of a better life
lay reality resurfaced
tight with taut brutality
unspeakable thoughts drift
down through time's flash
triggered not there
not then
but now and here
her mind...

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Categories: conflict, courage, dark, hope,

Premium Member SADLY

Fate fields form
Nice nude norm

Gain good glimpse
Spread sweet streams

Live loud lines
Free fret fine

Heap hope here
Chance calm cheer

Drip dread dead
Drill deep dread

Last laugh leaps
Sign sure sleep


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member FEELING

Face fond feel
Heart health heals

Glimpse grand grace
Frame fine face

Sense soul sure
Prime play pure

Sight spreads sense
Treat true tense

Love lines leap
Dance dream deep

Blush blooms boom
Good gains groom


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Premium Member DREAD

Dust drips dread
Rowdy raid

Blood blots bed
Ready red

Feel fear frame
Nasty name

Mist moves mime
Crafty chimes

Daze drills deep
Spilling sleep

Face fear fool
Devious drool

Craze clouds craft
Dying draft

Bluff bears blind 

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Premium Member AGENDA

Apt ask
True task

Glimpse gist
Love lists

Bloom bright
Sweet sight

Sculpt space
Greet grace

Charm choice
Verse voice

Word well
Time tells

Dream deep
Splice sleep

Face fate
Pique plate

Grand good
Moves mood

Face fact
Taste tact

Feel fest
Zap zest

Taste thrill
Warm will


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member MOTIFS

Dream deep
Spice sleep

Meet more
Sound stores

Speak seer
Cash cheers

Tough test
Joy jests

Huge heart
Apt art

Meek mind
Frames find

Loud list 
Grand gist

Taste time
Meet mime

Still stay
Dream day

Last lines
Floats fine

Leon Enriquez
23 October 2018


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