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Purple Alliteration Poems

These Purple Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Purple. These are the best examples of Alliteration Purple poems written by international poets.

Premium Member I WILL PRAISE HIM- -
I will perfectly, peculiarly praise Him;

I will pleasing, powerfully praise Him;

I will passionately,  and prettily, praise Him;

proudly, pop,  rock and jump praise Him;


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Categories: analogy, appreciation, blessing, deep,

Premium Member BUTTERFLY Alliteration -
BUTTERFLY Alliteration -

Blue, black, purple, orange, yellow
Why aren't there any butterflies flying by anymore
Powdery are their wings they flutter silkiest dust little like butter
why aren't...

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Categories: adventure, allusion, analogy, appreciation,

Premium Member PAN HANDIER- -
Poor, pink pan handier 

Perfect, pleasant pan handier 
Most self thought less people can’t stand ya!
Proud, powerful pan handier 

Pretty, pointless pan handier 

Perfect, purple...

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Categories: adventure, america, analogy, appreciation,

Premium Member Polite Persuasive Passionate Pink
Polite Pink 
Perhaps a not-so perfect princess
Performing particularly pathetically

Persuasive Pink 
Promoting purple
Pink, plunking piano 

Passionate Pink 
Photographing Pink
Perhaps playfully probably philosophically

Playful Pink
Prancing, painting, proofreading,
Pink is...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member COLOURS

Love lights
Blooms bright

Hope hues
Craft cues

Faith frees
Soul sees

Set stage
Red rage

Briskly booze
Orange ooze

Bullish bet
Yellow yet

Mull maze
Green gaze

Still sight
Blue bright

Tasty tribe
Violet vibes

Bloom brave
White waves

Nude noise
Pink poise

Mellow make
Turquoise take


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Categories: allegory,

Purple, Revisited
A gentlefellow and maiden intermingle
on curiosity's swing-seated rest.

Vulnerableness is compressed between them,
as if a violet's caress requested their presence.

Harmony's tones are blown through the air,

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Categories: beauty, dance, happy, love,

Premium Member Fear's Flame
She cried somber tears with each sad suicide attempt, 
      delirious due to drunkenness as dying is what she dreamt.

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: addiction, sad, sister, solitude,

Premium Member My Present
He had planted the palest, pastel, peonies with pink petals

placed in a pretty pottery pot he painted purple-plum, and

proudly packaged it in paper with pleasing...

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Categories: word play,

Captain Jack and Lillian
Captain Jack and Lillian

It was a mid-day in May
When red sunlight lazily lay
peering through cloudless skies,
casting down on ocean's brilliant dyes
that Captain Jack and his...

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Categories: bereavement,

Premium Member P
Peremptorily prone to perfunctory  purposeful  passionate pugnacious problematic preternatural preconceived pyrrhic perceptions predominantly pertaining to Peruvian parakeets pallid people partisan politics packed places...

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Categories: words,


Violets in funereal sleep,
bonnie beneath Winter’s crust.
Breathless debutantes,
preparatory young virgins,
putting on pretty purple petals.

Virtuous violets gracefully glide
through the rich soil,
burgeoning intoxication,
the world’s first...

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Categories: flower,

Promising my Love

Painting a picture of porcupines playing
Pincushions parked in the field
Purple and pink for this playful perception
Plans of their purpose revealed

Painful endeavors of pacified pranksters

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Categories: love, nonsense,

Premium Member Cynosure
As the hour hints, I rush madly to the moment, 
anticipating an impulsive alluring light show.
I stare at the sparkling sky as a spectator.
Each rich...

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Categories: color, creation, nature, sunset,

Premium Member My Whispering Old Cemetery: A Collaboration With Broken Wings
I came across an old cemetery today while exploring,
     Full of broken, toppled headstones and tangled weeds;
There was a deep hush,...

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Categories: adventure, community,

Sunday afternoon in Florence
Dreams dashing in daring dragoon 
People prancing in purple picturesque paintings
Tourist touring transubstanciating terrain 
The world is not just an oyster
The world is my oyster...

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Categories: adventure, beautiful, dream, imagery,

Malkavian the second
The constant assault of the silence on his senses is intense 
Hands clenched in fist he wished for noise and bliss
Buddy stopped talking and drinking...

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© Nathan D.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dark, drug,

In ghostly white and crystal blue
Like sun spiked diamonds on a chain,
So gently dripping down upon
Your silhouette within the rain,
And where you stood, the shadows...

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Categories: beauty, birth, emotions,

Premium Member IRIDESCENT
I am certain to move

so you may see

deeper shades of me

see me from 

shadows shades

or light rays

Blink your eyes and

I will change.

And If by chance...

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Categories: bird, black african american,

If i lose you
Softly sinking into the 
deep pit
Deep down the heartless 
Falsely feeling the 
goblin's guilty
Dramatically doping my 

Without you, where 
would i be?
Your handy hand helped...

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Categories: love,

Premium Member Model Of Peace
Bend your eyes and ears around
the sights and sounds of a
world at peace.

A squadron of oak trees on
a hill, laughing and playing acorns
with unsuspecting travelers...

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Categories: analogy,