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Passion Alliteration Poems

These Passion Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Passion. These are the best examples of Alliteration Passion poems written by international poets.

Premium Member This is Love
Twilight's aurora seems so perfect.

Lustrous shades of clementine, 
caressing vivid violet visions.

Majestic moon enlightens,
as shadows come to life.

Flashes of light, 
pierce through a black blanket.


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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: passion, romantic love, true

Premium Member GOOD BOOKS

Watch wisdom well
Sip succinct spell

Taste treasures trip
Gain gifted grip

Word wealthy writes
Choice calmly cites

Spice shifting sands
Glimpse glitter grand

Brave bubbly books
Nice nature nooks

Leap laughing loud
Prime passion proud


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Doorbell of Death
Has already rung this year
as fear's fingers
crawl through my consciousness
universal love lives unconditionally
I beg death for a bribe
for my lamenting loved ones
with physical prayer and...

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Categories: death, death of a

Premium Member BLESSINGS

Wear wonder well
Touch truly tells

Charm curious cheer
Note nurture near

Live lovely light
Sense sparkling sights

Spread surprise strange
Craft clusters change

Size sensuous say
Walk wealthy way

Mind moving maze
Draft dreamy daze


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member A Moment's Worth of Being

Switch off mind’s clutter and swish with your soluble soul
Seize the second swirl away seizure’s silent convulsions
Sequence sequesters surpass surreptitious soliloquies


Ruminating reason and ravenous rapture...

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Categories: celebration,

Virtue of my Innocence
Virtue of my innocence anticipates your touch.
I am satin, weave your weft yarn over my waft yarns.
You are velvet, my kiss longs to smooth your...

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Categories: love, passion, poetess,

Premium Member Solar Eclipse Kiss
Moon tumbles into the tunnel of mad tribulation.
Only in her dreams, her desires exalt into an empire
from her orb of opulent observations.
For their relationship of...

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Categories: bird, destiny, longing, love,

The Silken Snowflakes
The silken snowflakes swinging by the sweet champagne
Your impish image sits inside the icy wine glass unique
The cinnamon passion switching the saffron surges insane
The night...

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Categories: life, love,

Premium Member Good Evening Promenade

This night the moon cast a light
for just a moment, a trust, a lust,
a gaze at the lingering lazy crowded stars.

The wind decided to play,...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nature, night, wind,

Graceful Galaxy
Graceful Galaxy

Like strobing specters she shimmied
Gracefully gliding, sharing her shine
Heavens light lingering, laughing
Star light, star bright

Like peaceful poetry she perched
Luminescently looming, manifesting mystery
Soulful glow...

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Categories: beauty, moon, planet, spiritual,

"Pack the chairs,no souls will be entertained here",
Politics is stealing the future of scholars,
The faith is rather picking blemishes from religious pillars,
Can't make it plain...

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Categories: allegory, bereavement,

Premium Member Oracles of the Abyss
Oracles of the Abyss

...I shed a single tear, and as it fell to the ground, like a nuclear ocean was born...

Serving somniferous solitudes from...

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Categories: love, mystery,

Premium Member INDULGE ME

Prompt poignant passion
Apt allure actions

Ink indulgent ire
Face flamboyant fire

Sense sensuous sweeping
Glimpse grand gathering

Simple stains sublime 
Profound pickles prime

Mindful manners mime
Touching telling times

Wonder words wisely
Stretching swirls...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member PASSION

Mystic magic mind
Freeze-frame feelings find

Lovely lasting light
Sensuous streaming sight

Curious charming craze
Apt answers amaze

Cluster creates chance
Dazzle dreamy dance

Prosper primal play
Surprise sanguine stay

Purpose pleases pace
Touching tensile trace


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Categories: allegory,

Forgiveness For Ridiculous Reader
He had a darn, decent education
Though given to a prehistoric passion
So, when it came to reading prose
He thought he simply smelled like a rose

Now, he...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, allah, brother, dad,

Infra Redhead

Invisible flames
emanate from your flowing mane
Flecks of fiery freckled specks
radiate from your glowing face
Your ruby heart wears a crimson crown
that completely, queenly captivates me
I’m forever...

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Categories: color, hair, love, romantic,

The Beauty She is
The beauty she is, she walks across all 
different phases of life and yet show
with such elegant display to enlighten others

The beauty she is, she...

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© Hanh Chau  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mother,

Premium Member POISE

Describe dream dwell
Wear wisdom well

Cast clever choice
Prime profound poise

Forge fancy feel
Work wealthy will

Pique passion plain
Sense special strains

Faith flavours form
Nurture new norms

Leon Enriquez
14 March 2017


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Categories: blessing,

She Goes Back
She Goes Back
By Lillian J. Jeffrey

Whispers flow like a river
she will be sold
sold or rented like a cash crop

Born on a Maryland plantation
her mother works...

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Categories: anger, devotion, hope, passion,

Soul Food
The taste of passion drips down a paintbrush,
Stroke after stroke with emotion in each drop.
A story told without words,
Is one to be ravished.
Can you feel...

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Categories: creation, destiny, dream, food,