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Mystery Alliteration Poems

These Mystery Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Mystery. These are the best examples of Alliteration Mystery poems written by international poets.

Premium Member BY THE WATER'S EDGE

Beloved bohemian bucolic bluegrass 
Yielding yonder a yellow younger yesterday 

Tattered thoughts travel to the twilight temple 
Hillside hoisted homage of honeysuckle happenstance
Elusive enchanted elixir...

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Categories: adventure, fantasy, mystery, nature,

Premium Member Ethereal Mermaid Goddess
Glimmering in glittering gemstone swirling seas,
shadows of shimmering shades of emerald and azure are
highlighted by setting coral and amber sunset while
singing seagulls sway through settling...

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Categories: adventure, color, moon, muse,

Life is a story book,
It's a mystery of a fairy,
And Captain Hook,
One has to look in,
Every corner and nook!...

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© Seema Ali  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: age, appreciation, autumn, beautiful,

The freedom to fall
Look lick the luster lane 
It is often a shame to the
One who doesn't win the
Grand prize, gratuitously
Lame, it feels strange, alien

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Categories: anxiety, care, happy, life,

Premium Member Sacred Sensing
I open my eyes to colour and light:
blooms, feathers, leaves and patterns in trees 
gossamer webs and intricate insects
on the move, ants scurry as people...

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Categories: beauty, environment, jesus, senses,

Premium Member Four Aces and a Black Moon

The bet had been bound ... and boldly called,
          Right there on the cold castle grounds...

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Categories: adventure, conflict, games, moon,

Graceful Galaxy
Graceful Galaxy

Like strobing specters she shimmied
Gracefully gliding, sharing her shine
Heavens light lingering, laughing
Star light, star bright

Like peaceful poetry she perched
Luminescently looming, manifesting mystery
Soulful glow...

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Categories: beauty, moon, planet, spiritual,

Premium Member Under the Waxing Moon
The Moon is almost...

Sullen skies forewarn the frozen shroud.
 Gale November winds sway bare limbed
trees, whistling in chorus with arrows of
Geese straining to steer south.


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Categories: mystery,

Premium Member Oracles of the Abyss
Oracles of the Abyss

...I shed a single tear, and as it fell to the ground, like a nuclear ocean was born...

Serving somniferous solitudes from...

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Categories: love, mystery,

Premium Member SILENCE

Silence speaks sound
Glimpse graceful grounds

Listen loud lull
Silent smooth skull

Stillness spreads soft
Live lovely loft

Dare dreamy daze
Charm crafty craze

Words weather well
Time truly tells

Apt affluent art
Soul story starts


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Categories: allusion,

Stretching, snaking, sliding into the fog

A bridge makes its way across the divide

Stepping, striding, stamping like a clockwork cog

The man, cloaked in shadows tries hard...

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Categories: adventure, conflict, confusion, identity,

Premium Member Mister Fear
Mr. Fear

Hello, my old "friend," Mr. Fear,

I see you’ve brought your butterflies;

You have stiffened the stomach

And tightened taut the eyes.

What will I find in the...

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Categories: fear, light,

Abstractly Phenomenal Butterfly Thesis
She was an abstract woman in a clinical world
theoretically reasoning her notions were perfectly
discerning midst-chaotic sensibilities,
whilst her inane whimsicality kept semblances of
insanity eye-leveled twixt reconfigurable...

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© Paloma P   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allegory, butterfly, confusion, environment,

If nobody saw me 
I could be brave enough
If everybody just cared enough
Maybe we would all be strong enough.
We would be strong enough to say...

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Categories: emotions, goodbye, heartbreak, mystery,

delighted bleeding
blood, death, darkness.
i'm watching 
mystery,horror, insanity.
it's on the screen
violence, depth,desertion.
i can't look away.

why don't i want to?
it's so pretty.
it's wonderful.
why am i still smiling?

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Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, angst,

For Florence
No one is like unto thee
Ethereal goddess of mystery
Of your voice do sirens envy
Only to find themselves unworthy
From you lips rapture of bliss
To hearts of...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, beautiful, blessing,

Premium Member Element Wind
She wonders where to go, clueless in her ceramic cage,
with octaves oceanic (there's an oaf in my ocarina)
But Oh! Her delight when her Breather goes...

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Categories: adventure, allusion, bereavement, change,

Premium Member Severed Search
Seven Savvy Sirens
formed a formidable fraternity
of pure-passion purpose
for female fatales.

Murder-minded maids
promised patient pursuit
of tensile tangled truth
while warily watching
crafty crook's coup.

But, busted and bested,
dames drink despair

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© Cona Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mystery,

Some say “it’s better to have love and lost than never love at all”
They also say “if it was meant to be it will come...

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Categories: conflict,

The Magic of Garden Glen
Fireflies flicker and flutter beneath the dancing trees
exotic breezes whisk and whisper through limbs and leaves
The Golden Goddess of Garden Glen breaths evergreen
Her elfish essence...

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Categories: fantasy, garden, giggle, imagery,