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Imagery Alliteration Poems

These Imagery Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Imagery. These are the best examples of Alliteration Imagery poems written by international poets.

Wired mortal from the English Art
Banished from his home, spotted from a distance
Noble amongst scrawling African inscriptions
First veneration of mystical minds
Take a bow, take a...

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Categories: art, class, dedication, eulogy,

Alliteral Storm
Turgid tempest traipses slowly,
heavy thunder, hammers holy,
livid lightning lights the lowly.

Storm surges, striking sand-bar,
winds wailing, whipping wife’s car,
rain races to rills and rock scars.

Power pulses,...

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Categories: fun, imagery, light, nature,

Pigeons Prefer Peaches
Permit me to present a dark bird named Gypsy;
Pardon her silliness if she seems somewhat tipsy.
Pretending to be sinister, she’s one boorish brute.
Pecking in my...

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Categories: imagery, wine,

Premium Member a magical majestic SNOW
Ahh! Snow
a magical, majestic mist the messy, magical melting spiffing, sweet snow  
a meaningful, menacing mist the majestic, miserable melting smooth, slippery snow  

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, environment, imagery,

Premium Member By The SLINGS And ARROWS--

Slings and adventurous, attractive arrows by the  empty edge 

Arrows slung by the archer's aching arms  

Artistically slung and,...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, endurance, imagery,

Premium Member By The Water's Edge

As a sanguine sun slowly starts to sink
rubicund ribbons render ripples pink.
And where a Midas moon mirrors its face 
bobbing bronze beams begin to take...

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Categories: 10th grade, beach, beautiful,

Premium Member Rhythms

My heart beats in rhyme
with the rhythm of the river,
the restless rolling rhythm of time…...

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Categories: imagery, music, nature, river,

Retrograde Liberty

You’re a consumer pawn on the cargo chessboard,
being merchandise moved 
by the mighty, 
free-market bellow powers-that-be:
The Babble Tower titans of industry

And the fawning, vote hopes...

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Categories: destiny, history, imagery, society,

Premium Member Alliteration For Poets
Alliteration always awesome
Ballad beyond barnyard basics
Crystalline calls careful consonants,

Diamante delivers deeply
Enthusiasm excites eager ears,
Fanciful frolicking faerie

Generously gives grateful glee
Hyping haiku to heavenly heights,
Imagery and imagination


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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Muse Mist
May fruition from intuition capture the rapture of our fresh fragile flowers from the mountains of our mind to be dipped in diamonds and gold...

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Categories: imagery, nature, poetry,

Premium Member When The Sun Bids Goodbye
Sometimes when the sun
Hovering on the horizon in the eventide
On a cold, windy winter day
Is bidding goodbye at the close of day

I watch it almost...

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Categories: desire, imagery, longing, sun,

Puff Pastry

Boast brownies baking
in dirty palm oil bacon fat
Sugar-coated swine vanilla cupcakes;
pineapple upside down snout snacks,
so coconut phone hasty ...
Sound-byte puff pastry

Flour-face teflon pan — ...

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Categories: allusion, food, imagery, word

It was all a dream then,
I just saw you alive again,
I just thought about it, how I never touched you, and even barely broke-in english,

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Categories: abortion, africa, allegory, humor,

Premium Member Ubiquitous Utterances

A sanguine sun slowly sinks, slipping away
silently as shadows swallow silhouettes.
And a melancholy moon, mourns loss of day
rising as a spent sun sets...with no regrets.


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Categories: 8th grade, imagery, imagination,

Premium Member IMAGERY

Purpose prompts prize
String subtle spice

Picture prompts poise
Vouch vibrant voice

Craft cheery charm
Apt ample arms

Dry distant dance
Claim clever chance

Words wrestle well
Dress dreamy dwell

Taste telling tale
Script succinct sale


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member A Shy Secluded Sun

The drumming drip- drip- dripping drops of rain
draw pitter-patter patterns on my brain.
And I'm slowly slip sliding past insane
as each dripping drop delivers more pain.


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Categories: angst, anxiety, depression, environment,

Premium Member IMAGERY

Proud picture poise
Nurture nice noise

Warm words welcome
Seed subtle sums

Ire inks image
Ply proud passage

Write wavy wit
Bestow bright bits

Last laughter lines
Frame floating fine

Mind meets message
Ripe ripples rage


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member THE RAPTURE

lanterns search the sea
surrounding the sphere
looking for souls to take

the oars on ready
777 illuminated
angelspeak “All Aboard”

saved souls anchored
stars are much brighter
on the Edenic side...

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Categories: fate, imagery,

Sultry Summer Sojourn
Curling crests cassessing coastlines
backwash bumping beach breakers.
screeching Seagulls squark and scream
mocking maritime merrymakers.

Burning boogers brave blisterd backs
scorched surfers seek shoreline shade, 
urbane under umpteen umberellas,

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Categories: imagery, sea, summer,

Premium Member Waving Wily
When winsome women wiggle while walking,  
workman will whistle wolfishly, wailing words
wrought with washroom wit. Whilst waylaid wives wince,
wizened widows wink, waving wily.


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Categories: culture, feelings, howl, hurt,