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Emotions Alliteration Poems

These Emotions Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Emotions. These are the best examples of Alliteration Emotions poems written by international poets.

Dual Nature 26 Words Poem
Albeit, the time truck topples
Through the tracks ranges; roving
Mitt, making the switfness subtle. 
The time combustion caresses the
Manhood of my pathos peck no-strings. 

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Categories: emotions, feelings,

La Pieta
Then, he knew why he must hew
old memories from marble- 
emotions quarried from heart's slew- 
Oblique fight with his faith's garble

Cut block unfolds Christ, enthroned

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Categories: appreciation, art, devotion, jesus,

One Foot in the Grave
Old overworked aged heart,
Beating bravely without stopping;
Controlling carefully the rhythm of life,
The terminally ill man holding on dearly,
Amid an attack which can end in tears.

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© Dedu Son  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: emotions, old,

What if
What if all we know is a lie,
That what we see or we tie?
What if none exist to us,
Or all that we have are illusions?


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Categories: deep, emotions,

an atomical labour
tight thoughts toil,
as threads in head uncoil
ideas plaited, intent's tug
escort through dilate pupils.
umbrella lashes shady look
was all it took-
inception outspooked
at artful spirit's raid, 
inkling's snapline...

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Categories: introspection, life, work,

Remission of love
I kind of getting in motion just to control my emotions.
With every condition 
I find nothing but division in every portion.
All positions seem to be...

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Categories: anniversary, betrayal, break up,

Last night
In the cradle of our candle light last night...
We settled and sizzled in the moonlight.
We danced through the dense of the darkest night.
Like a cutest...

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Categories: cute love, humorous, husband,

Victory of success
Say it loud if that is what thrills you
Say it twice if that is what you don’t want
Say it loud if that is what brings...

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Categories: books, business, change, dream,

Premium Member Whereas
Savvy scientists scoff at the soul:
Can't poke it, prod it, pinch it, probe it
  ~ and clearly can't claim to contemplate...

an empirical, egg-headed, experimental

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Categories: emotions, self, senses, sensual,

Premium Member Memories and Mourning

Trickle tender tears - those that take their time
born to bathe and baptize bereavement;
dew drops drowning fragile petals of forlorn feelings ~

aged and alone
senescent sentiments...

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Categories: bereavement, emotions, grief, loss,

Fibers, my life's nemesis

Floating free, that you may be
Until here you comemy work undone
Sticking to lacquered phalanges.
I squeal and cuss, tug and fuss,
but still, you refuse to budge.


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Categories: character, emotions, environment, hair,

Premium Member Soothing serenades
Pained piano keys compose 
a chorus-less composition.
Melancholic moods crave
to sway back and forth  
like bluebells and lilies dancing,
when kissed by the morning breeze

Forlorn flute...

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, deep, sad,

Happy Weather
Emotions are like a storm rolling in, I prefer my mood to be like happy weather
When I say happy weather I mean a beautiful ...

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Categories: cheer up, cool, joy,

In my night journey

 I travel in my imagination to talk to the sky about the sound from crying 
 Mum, the coastal area erosion my interest to...

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Categories: blessing, loneliness, love, ,

The regret of marrying to the world

The day soul sweeps the air, the knock of tears never benefits, all the 
Enjoyments with red alert and maple of crystal cry which doesn't...

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Categories: emotions, remembrance day, silence,

Music from the stream

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Categories: depression, emotions, fairy, farm,

Can I Get an E
explanations of life's complexity seem more like 
eager delusions designed to keep us tame, all my 
energy is sucked out of my soul as I...

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Categories: confusion, crazy, emotions, grief,

Fallacy of Personal Space
Personal Space Cannot Exist
There are chances or collisions
One never plans, never truly possesses
Alone, but with quarks and protons …
What matters then our private spaces?

Private alone...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: emotions, independence day, jealousy,

Memory lane
Memory lane

As I walk down the memory lane,
plateaus of emotions whine and wane,
Grace on face stays
while smile deepens
and wrinkles sprinkle
the essence of pretence in time.


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Categories: memory,

I Drained Life Of Its Fullness
I drained life of its fullness...
not pricing its worthiness,
leaving nicks in the prime of youth:
deceitful tricks to ignore every truth.

I imitated parody to conceal identity,

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Categories: betrayal, emotions, heartbreak, life,