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Crazy Alliteration Poems

These Crazy Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Crazy. These are the best examples of Alliteration Crazy poems written by international poets.

Premium Member SOMA

Body binds best
Quell quirky quest

Broken best binds
Feel furious finds

Body blooms bright
Set savvy sight

Bridge broken bonds
Ply piquant pond

Body beaming boast
Cruise crazy coasts

Boost buzzy breaks
Sense succinct stakes


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Premium Member RANDOM

Silence spreads spores
Mindset moves more

Dazzle dream deep
Succinct sweet sleep

Stillness speaks soft
Laughter lives loft

Placid peace primes
Cozy crafts chimes

Easy etch earns
Brighter blaze burns

Random race runs
Primal play puns


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Categories: allusion,

Indices Of A Loon

Gutless muffled monarch wooed millions to the poll, 
Our feeble lord enforced by pathetic speech of poverty (I once had no shoes) 
On congruent grounds...

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Categories: corruption, crazy, culture, heartbroken,

A Glorious Alchemy
Chemist Charlie Chuckles, 
How clumsy her cackle, 
Creating chemical cosmos. 
Consorting with cats, 
Chemical mishaps, 
Oh, Charlie Chuckles the chemist! 

Chemist Charlie Chuckles, 
Cryptic crossword...

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Categories: hilarious, humorous, science,

Premium Member DELIRIUM

Conflict corners calm
Breezy bubbly balm

Sensuous story said
Puzzling premise paid

Lavish laughter lives
Gloomy glitter gives

Mystic moments mime
Troubles turning time

Heavy humour hurls
Creepy crazy curls

Listen lively lad
Mindful motives mad


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The Crazy Kitten
The Crazy Kitten

The crazy kitten purred.
Its soft and slender  body 
Brushed around my skin.
It meowed as it juggled 
The ball of woolly yarn

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Categories: alliteration, 9th grade, animal,

Premium Member All i's On Me
Ideas instantly infest imaginations
& it  could lead to inqueries
From imbusiles with iffy intelligence
There indecision will never get em
In position to be anything more
Than inconsistent,...

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© John Conde  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: crazy, deep, imagination, poems,

there must be a road
unable to go
no bridges
it doesn't go anywhere
except you

they says 
who goes this way
they don't know
crazy,loving hearts...

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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member CRAZY

Wit wins well
Deep dream dwell

Let love lift
Glimpse grand gift

Cheer calm change
Reap ripe range

Bright boast books
Niche new nook

Prize prompt poise
Craft clear choice

Set swift say
Pick pure play


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member CRAZY FEEL

Meet mindful maze
Craft curious craze

Words wander well
Time truly tells

Wild wonder wills
Face fumbling feel

Touch tasty treat
Speak sanguine street

Make merry mist
Glimpse gainful gist

Prize profound proud
Leap loiters loud


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member MADNESS HERE

Sad story see
Feel funny flee

Mad murky maze
Dust dreary daze

Sift simple strand
Glimpse gloomy grand

Late laughter lurks
Juice joyless jerk

Meet misty moon
Nice naughty noon

Sort sensuous say
Prize pretty play


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member ASKING

Journey journal page
Anxious ample age

Dancing dreamy date
Fashion fleeting fate

Lavish lovely light
Settle succinct sight

Bubbles bursting boom
Gather gusty gloom

Gloomy given game
Sleepy slumber same

Complaint covers case
Better blunders base


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member CANOPY

Misty moments meet
Sample solemn streets

Clever curves cluster
Mindful moods matter

Starry sightings seek
Poignant puzzle peek

Silent stillness speaks
Primal pretty peaks

Cautious crazy come
Succinct statement sums

Leon Enriquez
17 May 2018
Hamlet Place,...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member CODE

Journey journal ode
Mindset mystic mode
Charming crazy code

Lively lavish lift
Gamely gaudy gift
Sensuous sizzle sift

Previous primal pause
Shrewdly succinct sauce
Clever cunning clause

Wonder wanders well
Timely tokens tell
Sexy sensuous sell


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Categories: allusion,

Too Much yet not Enough
Too Much Technology,
Yet not enough Ecology.
Too much Talking,
And not enough conversation.

Too much planning,
Yet not enough doing.
Too much planting,
And not enough food.

Too many cars,
Yet not enough...

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Categories: allusion, anxiety, birth, cancer,

Premium Member PEACE

Live lavish lines
Frame feelings fine

Fancy feeds flair
Apt ample air

Prize profound peace
Etch exact ease

Cheer crafts crazy
Feel fond frenzy

Sense sacred soul
Wear wonder whole

Dance dreamy draft
Cheer charming craft


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member CRAZY

Affluent art
Healing heart

Wonder works
Joyous jerk

Jazzy jump
Simple sum

Sunny side
Thrilling tide

Mindful meet
Gracious greet

Dreamy daze
Clever craze

Laughter leaps
Sensuous sleep

Crazy craft
Dreamy draft

Cheery charm
Ample arms

Leon Enriquez
02 April 2018

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Do Not Use The F Word
When people say don’t use the F word,  do they have any idea how formidable fellowship, flux, foxy, finite, and figure-head are freely and...

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,

What is this life
What is this life…reality?
Why do I question it relentlessly so?
So many moments seemingly meaningless
Meandering through this meaningful sentience,
But reality, Oxford will tell you:
Property of being...

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Categories: allusion, art, confusion, crazy,

Premium Member FABRIC

Feel fancy face:
Glimpse gaudy gaze,
Touch timely trace,
Meet mindful maze.

Taste troubles time:
Move misty moans,
Rest ripples rhymes,
Glitzy grief groans.

Deeper dream drafts:
Wise willing waves,
Charm clusters craft,
Sweet slumber saves.


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