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Change Alliteration Poems

These Change Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Change. These are the best examples of Alliteration Change poems written by international poets.

tell me about you
dear child, don't recite 
what you thought about your place in time might signify.
don't tell me about this place, I live in.
dear child, speak to...

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Categories: america, change,

Premium Member I FOUND MYSELF--

I found myself within a fair, 
I found myself within a free, 
I found myself within a famous, 
I found myself unholy, dead in my...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, celebration, encouraging,

I grew my heart numb for years, shying away from peers.
Of course I've lived for my fears and with love it interferes.
So to protect my...

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Categories: best friend, blessing, care,

Premium Member Constitutional Cartoon
    Minor amendments --- mini-mends
      Major amendments --- maxi-mends

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Categories: america, change, word play,

Never Let Me Go
Never, no, never let me go,
Hold on to my hardened heart,
Let's join our jinxed jumbled lives,
And begin a beautiful start,

Never, no, never let me go,

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Categories: change,

A Glorious Alchemy
Seize the changing seasons send to shore 
all the scattered thoughts that are no more 
never let continuance come closing in on you  

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Categories: analogy,

Premium Member CALLING

Glimpse gist
Love lists

Free fall
Charm calls

Huge heart
Sweet start

Moist mimes
Craft chimes

Deep dream
Swift streams

Live light
Bless bright

Words write
Craft cites

Note nice
Sound spice

Change chance
Dream dance

Quote quest
Fond fest

Bloom bright
Risk right

Sweet stay
Prompt play


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member PRECIOUS

Watch wit
Frame fit

Each rhyme
Floods mime

Joy jumps
Spice sums

Words write
Rich rites

Prompt poise
Charms choice

Deep dance
Stern stance

Chance change
Seek strange

Prize peace
Etch ease

Pique pace
Spread space

Taut times
Rough rhymes

Minds meet
Grand greet

Love lives
Glimpse gives


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Categories: allusion,

Altiloquent in behavior
Quick to carom
Unabashedly pawky
A labyrinthine of misadventure

Like living in Greenland
Hardly felt warmth
Got the oil-
Wanted nothing more

Silenced your weapon
Named it trust
In the end
Just shot...

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Categories: black love, change,

Premium Member BUSY

Buzz blooms beat
Slurp sweet street

Browse book boom
Zap zip zoom

Mind mulls meek
Soft surge seek

Ply prize poise
Charm crisp choice

Gain glimpse grand
Fear freaks friend 

Watch words wise
Prompt proud...

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Categories: change,

Premium Member ANCHOR

Pain prompts plain
Vet voice vain
Trace thought train

Glimpse grounds good
Feel flow food
Meek mild mood

String soft slack
Fling frames fact
Trust true tact

Wise words warm
Frame full form
Note nice norms


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Categories: change,

Premium Member CURIOUS

Meet mind merge
Vet void verge

Craft creed calm
Brisk bright balm

Note nice nude
Craze crafts crude

Feel frames fear
Change charms cheer

Light leaks loud
Prompt prize proud

Wrest wild ways
Daze drapes day


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Feather Flame Firecracker
Feather Flame Firecracker

Sparkler to Suncatcher
I opened a soul treasure box 
She glowed as a sparkler that transformed into firecracker
Where her light did not dissipate
Instead became...

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Categories: appreciation, confidence, dedication, fire,

Premium Member MYOPIA

Sense sight see
Buzz blooms be

Meet mauve moves
Glimpse grand grooves

Lift laughs loud
Pierce pick proud

Joy juice jests
Feel fun fest

Loud lines leap
Dance dream deep

Meet mind mood
Gift great good


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Categories: allusion,

clouds similiar
or you decided
result doesn't change
there is not truth in the middle

(my tecnichal poem-no adjective poem)

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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member ECHO

Prize poise
Vet voice

Sure say
Prime play

Start small
Touch tall

Write well
Truth tells

Warm words
Bright bird

Choice cheers
Dream dear

Change crafts
Deep draft

Keep kind
Move mind

Crisp chance
Deep dance

Love laughs
Spice stuff

Be brave
Kind knave

Quote quest
Bloom best


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member CRAZY

Wit wins well
Deep dream dwell

Let love lift
Glimpse grand gift

Cheer calm change
Reap ripe range

Bright boast books
Niche new nook

Prize prompt poise
Craft clear choice

Set swift say
Pick pure play


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member INSIGHT

Warm words write
Boost brief bites

Sense strokes still
Wear wise will

Swift steam see
Brown brew be

Crude claim culls
Meek mind mulls

Death drones dash
Buzz bright bash

Kind know keep
Dance dream deep


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member JUST WIT

Warm wit
Frames fit

Word well
Tale tells

Poise puns
Rich run

Dream dance
Crisp chance

Craft change
Soar strange

Live looks
Bright books

Prime peace
Etch ease

Proud play
Spice say

Last light 
Sad sight

Groom gain
Prize plain

Love looms
Zest zooms

Leon Enriquez

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member POET

Curious craze
Murky maze

Sanguine strange
Crafty change

Misty moods
Fetching food

Dreamy dance
Cheeky chance

Wonder writes
Bubbly bites

Yonder yokes
Pressing pokes

Wordy will
Fashions feel

Charming choice
Pretty poise

Touching tell
Delight dwells

Story sad
Mulling mad

Grapple gist
Moving mist

Leon Enriquez
08 November...

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Categories: allusion,