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Coming Of Age Poems

These Coming Of Age poems are examples of poetry about Coming Of Age. These are the best examples of Age Coming Of poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Shoo
I was a competent, happy housewife, but that was before my husband died,
Leaving me to rear myriad children solo, as the lone star twinkles with...

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Categories: age, children, fantasy, happiness,

Premium Member On The Right Trail To Right End
Do I remember when...

Better breezes blew
Cleaner waters flowed
Teasing memory so... 

For I can hear them in quiet special times… can you?
Softly now, in your own...

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Categories: age, dream, future, humanity,

I watch the days roll by and my vision explodes in the sky, morning and noon is merging in one and my energy is spilling...

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Categories: age, america, conflict, england,

A fanta see overrides reality
A fanta see overrides reality!

I like to get positioned for sixty nine. 

Are you looking for a scheming, 
schlepping, and schvitzing writer? 
natural body and...

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Categories: age, 11th grade, 12th grade,

Premium Member Heaven nor hell
Last few years gone by
Time seems to fly.
Of late 
as is fate
I am seeing my due date
My expiration time is coming due
But I do not...

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Categories: age, betrayal, health, judgement,

Premium Member The Waitress
It’s her and not the Waffle House
That bids me come that way
Not the food or awesome prices
But her smile that feels like pay
Her beauty has...

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Categories: age, allegory, beauty,

the shadow self wants to dance
i’m here, nor there, sometimes everywhere
a storm brewing

inside i’m darker
i’ve sailed these seas before

repetition becomes habit 
take me back to simpler times

an early childhood memory

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Categories: age, angst, anxiety, dark,

Premium Member Ye Ole Jalopy

Just saw a fancy new jalopy go by
At least that's what we used to call 'em
Guess the ad men would surely cringe
Jalopy wouldn't cut it...

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Categories: age,

Turn The Page
I can feel the light shining in my soul and my spirit is getting bold a new chapter is about to unfold and the grey...

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Categories: age, america, birth, butterfly,

Premium Member Turning Point - Coming of Age - Acceptance at Last
("Mrs. It Dances Through It", 2014, original pen and ink)

Turning Point - Coming of Age - Acceptance at Last

Finally at age 65 I reach a...

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Categories: age, angst, anxiety, perspective,

Help me before i fade away
I am the spirit,
That lives in the hearts of those,
Who still see value in keeping strong communities
Where good deeds are never spoken of,
As they are...

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Categories: age, analogy, appreciation, bible,

Premium Member Is There a Chance?
In the quiet corners of my heart, a whisper softly cries, A longing deeper than the ocean's endless, rolling tides, The ache of not being...

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Categories: absence, age, emotions, feelings,

fix'er up'er


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Categories: age, appreciation,

The Global Rhythm
There is a rhythm that is moving around the globe, and you have to catch on to it before you grow old, it is moving...

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Categories: age, america, animal, best

In Retrospect
Why are we fighting each other? We are here to unite, understand and learn. In the end, it won't matter who has what, it's here...

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Categories: age, bereavement, confusion, death,

Book: Reflection on the Important Things