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Aficionado Poems

Aficionado Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aficionado poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aficionado.

New Poems

Just in case you wondered
Just in case you wondered...

Yours truly, (i.e. I) quickly
became hypnagogic afore
subsequently segueing soundly
into autohypnosis booklore,
while binge reading courtesy

regarding aptitude chore
treasure trove books galore
five dollars as many
paginated fictitious stories ('bout deplore
hubble basket cases) fit into authorized bag
infernal challenge sifting evermore

alum skid...Read More
Categories: aficionado, 11th grade, 12th grade, betrayal, cheer up,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Dizzy, Dizzy
Many people have seen him 
But no one knows his name 
That easy-walking white haired man 
Whose made his claim to fame 

One day in a casino 
He wagered up a bet 
And put a hundred dollar bill 
On seven...Read More
Categories: aficionado, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Dizzy
He saunters along 
towards somewhere 
An easy walker
with bright white hair

In his Jean coat pocket
a casino discarded deck
If you look close enough
sunshine’s imbedded in his neck

Yes, twenty years sober brother
he keeps his hands and feet busy
The way he shuffles both
slows...Read More
Categories: aficionado, character,
Form: Quatrain
Wordsmith's Veneration
Wordsmith's Veneration...

Aye willy nilly understate (trying 2)
tantalize, hypnotize, galvanize...
with "FAKE" trumpeting
spellbinding, rambling, quivering...
intoxicating, hallucinating, gyrating,
stop to take a breather...

English Language vocabulary, a
fascination, intoxication, provocation...
upon me ocular, neurological, mental...
faculties of this nattering nabob
from outer limits of twilight zone
i.e. literary krazy Jewish...Read More
Categories: aficionado, angel, appreciation, crush, education, friend, inspirational love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Salad Aficianado

I'm a salad aficionado, expert at making my own
Ingredients I won't divulge, won't jeopardize my throne
Hoping on making lotsa cash
Plan a trip to Marrakech
It's the greatest salad that humans have ever known

...Read More
Categories: aficionado, food,
Form: Limerick


Fragile Fabulous Finessed Fragrance
Luxurious Lavish Lasting Loveliness
Overwhelming Optimistic Overture
White Wintry Whimsical Whisper 
Elusive Enamored Enchantment
Relentless Romantic Rhythmic Reverie
Stunning Sentimental Sensuous Seduction

Absolute Adorable Addiction
November Nightfall Nurtured Nuances
Delectable Divine Daydreams

Captivating Cherished Celebration
Heavenly Harmonious Happiness
Amorous Ambient Authenticity
Magnificent Mystifying Magnetism
Paradisiac Poetic Playfulness
Alluring Adventure Aficionado
Guileless...Read More
Categories: aficionado, appreciation, celebration, flower, happiness, passion, romantic love,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member A New Limerick Aficianado

A new limerick aficionado has emerged on the site 
If you haven't noticed it's SO, you've got it, that's right
Surprised I'll bet
Way out as it gets
To expect anything less would be very a big sleight

(Inspired by a Judith S. comment...Read More
Categories: aficionado, smile,
Form: Limerick

Aficionado of ageless apparel
Blushing barmaid beauty in blue
Captivating chatty confidente
Damsel dabbling in deception
T’was opening night at the downtown bar

Absurd amorous allusions
Barefoot breathless ballerina
Charismatic celestial cachet
Dubious deceitful dissonance
T’was opulent night at the uptown ballet

Submitted on July 23, 2018, for CONTEST NO.470...Read More
Categories: aficionado, night, word play,
Form: ABC
a short time ago
an aficionado 
was born out 
of need 
within the
inner workings 
of this beings 
tried to urge 
the mind to 
change it's 
this proved to
be difficult feat 
to achieve 

...Read More
Categories: aficionado,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member A GIFT OF CHARMS

If I was in Bethlehem when baby Jesus was born, I will be a little boy no more than 5 years old.
I sit beside his manger and speak in his tongue.
As silent as the lamb of God.
Spiritually...Read More
Categories: aficionado, appreciation, beautiful, birth, faith, god, hope, joy,
Form: Dramatic monologue

Satsuma, were you Man's first attempt at cloning,
neither orange nor tangerine,
misshapen orange, misspelt tanggerine
as you left the Japanese test tube,
ends flattened through lack of genes,
did they call you Fatsumo
ready to be fed by the thousand
into the bottomless pit of the...Read More
Categories: aficionado, fruit, fun,
Form: Prose Poetry
Hands trembling 
Mind disoriented
Wondering through dark forests
Laced with confusion

Clear visions distorted 
Far sight a blur 
Darkness defining dreams of a future

Weakness in sobriety 
Or so is the delusion 
Last in the race 
Or so the mind has deceived. 

Give me...Read More
Categories: aficionado, addiction,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Eating Tacos

Ever try eating a Soft Taco Supreme
And not appear like a glutton
With stuff squirting out all over yourself
Down to your old bellybutton

It's all about this amazing experience
Wouldn't be as enjoyable without it
So forget about all those damn cleaning bills
They're part...Read More
Categories: aficionado, food, humor,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Coffeeholics

Tim Horton's and Starbucks are cropping up
On just about every corner
We've become a nation of coffeeholics
My choice is obviously the former

Being Canadian and a hockey aficionado
One of the reasons for my choice
Tim Horton played for the Toronto Maple Leafs
In the...Read More
Categories: aficionado, addiction,
Form: Quatrain
Have You Tried My Slushie
Have You Tried My Slushie?             By 
Briar Rabbit
I don’t know if it brings the boys to the 
I’d want some time to myself
I  think..
I think of angel dust
liberty belles call my name
cement and concrete as I leave the shrink
i am...Read More
Categories: aficionado, freedom
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I'm A Meat And Taters Guy
I can tolerate most any grub that is placed upon my plate,
Though I must be somewhat selective so as to control my weight!
I love a juicy New Yawk steak and taters with a slab of cherry pie,
'Cause I'm strictly a...Read More
Categories: aficionado, food, funny, me, me, prejudice,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member You Ain't Got No Class
Ma decreed they needed some culture to enhance their sedentary existence.
Pa wasn't all that enthusiastic and offered some very stiff resistance!
Especially when Ma steered him to the city modern art museum.
He would just as soon visit the parish graveyard mausoleum!

Pa...Read More
Categories: aficionado, funny, art, art,
Form: Rhyme
Resistant laugh,
Scope of my pride,
Honorable integrity
With a twist of wisdom and wit,
Is it hard to notice
The night turning over
To the peer of the morning sun
While the frozen ground is cracked
From a winter's chill
Like the chapped lips of a cigarette aficionado.
...Read More
Categories: aficionado, death, devotion, friendship, loveprayer, integrity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member What Shall We Celebrate Today
We Americans are very creative when it comes to conquering malaise,
By founding specific times in which to celebrate any wacky craze!
Legal holidays are well established and we honor Father and Mother,
But each day, week or month we lionize some silly...Read More
Categories: aficionado, funny
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Ode To Junk Food
I doff my fedora to the feller who invented pertater chips!
That genius developed the ideal thingy in which to immerse our dips!
How could we survive sans our weekly fix of Dominoes pizza pie,
Or a half-dozen Dunkin Donuts consumed on the...Read More
Categories: aficionado, food
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Clock Chimes
We have an assortment of clocks collected over the years.
Some chime melodically, others are odious to the ears!
Some rest on mantels, others hang upon the walls,
Each emitting their dings, bongs or ear-splitting squalls!

One squawks John Deere tractor motor sounds every...Read More
Categories: aficionado, timeold, old,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Adam

Adam is very caring and… 
Devoted son, brother, uncle and friend 
And is a very nice and decent, hard-working 
Man, the kindest person that you can meet 

Inside he's sweet and child-like. 
Sensitive, gentle and most caring 

And he...Read More
Categories: aficionado, dedication
Form: Acrostic
Of the current agonies of a mother
I welcomed home the latest of the fan specifics
A 52X72 Chelsea FC fleece Blanket that my daughter just picked
I wanted to dump the Chelsea fleece, the crest sofa and the team poster
But prompted myself to see it as warm, lightweight,...Read More
Categories: aficionado, funny, mother, teenson, son, mum,
Form: Burlesque

Remember the evening before the open mic
When we went to that pizza place in the Village
And bought two beers 
Wrapped in brown paper bags?
We guzzled as we
Walked city streets
Carrying our precious guitars, 
Giggling like misbehaving schoolgirls 

And how about that...Read More
Categories: aficionado, friendshipme,
Form: Free verse