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Adverts Poems

Adverts Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adverts poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adverts.

New Poems

Premium Member The Albany
The visual sleek and deco style.
The carpets with their plush red pile.
The line of people out the door.
The queue that snaked around the floor.
The posters in their convex frames.
The "Coming Soon" and big star names.
The James Bond pose and action...Read More
Categories: adverts, film, memory,
Form: Rhyme

The Beauty about Imperfections
The smell of either soil or concrete after the rain is breathtaking
The sight of the sky and the birds on a warm day is amazing 
The sound of the wind blowing dry leaves is astonishing 
The sight of blossoming flowers...Read More
Categories: adverts, autumn, perspective, rain, seasons, sensual, spring, weather,
Form: Free verse
12 - Bee ware
Bee ware

My first week’s pay!
What am I going to do!?
I have never had this much honey before!
First of all, I will go to,
The joke shop and get me those books I saw.
I could do with some new material,
For when they...Read More
Categories: adverts, funny, hope, love, money, sad, work, youth,
Form: I do not know?
Itty Bitty Diddy
Created a little ditty about hypocrites and 
double standards, racists with drawing boards. 
Media dinners with dubious 
double meaning placards.
The Spade of hearts. 
The Jack of Swords.
An adversity of diversity, 
assorted stuff for their hating, 
tarot cards, 
racial fits in...Read More
Categories: adverts, abuse,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member LET ME BE THE JUDGE
I judge myself with every poem I write
carefully choosing the right words on each line
I consider my poetry is exceptional
totally unique through my witty style
If I could enter my own contests
naturally I’d always get first place
after all my work is...Read More
Categories: adverts, fun, humorous, me, poetry,
Form: Free verse

Sexiest Cliche Today 2019
The only cliche girls nowadays are labelled on, 
is the cliche that girls think they're labelled on a cliche,
a cliche that girls came up with, 
is only ever said hypothetically by girls in adverts,
cliched because you cliche,
wasted time, that,
you...Read More
Categories: adverts, today, women,
Form: I do not know?
One Year Alcohol Free
365 days of the Alcohol Experiment
After 30 days the need to continue was evident.

Italian adventure to Rome Florence and Venice, cosy restaurants and no wine a penance!
Elation on completion of a holiday with alcohol deletion.
Real rest, renewal and recuperation.
Not hangovers,...Read More
Categories: adverts, addiction, celebration, change, drink, emotions, inspiration, poetry,
Form: I do not know?
Adverts for Xmas drive me mad
Oh, you think I must be sad
Or maybe that I might be bad

No not at all really
I just don’t always need to be
Constantly reminded 

I am neither naughty nor am I nice
I do though suppose...Read More
Categories: adverts, fun, humor,
Form: Free verse
Nationwide Adverts
Nationwide adverts are written so fine,
talking the talk of a walk that's sublime,
no mention of accounts that'll grow over time,
your attention's attained through these nursery rhymes.

In a nation that's narrow more tall than is wide,
steeped deep with history of sorrow...Read More
Categories: adverts, parody,
Form: Rhyme
Christmas is coming
Christmas is coming

But I am not humming
Gifts are being bought and adverts are starting strumming

Not for me though

Because I see the holy tree and I see the folly
So does anyone else here want my brolly

What is it we all want
Other...Read More
Categories: adverts, life,
Form: Blank verse

Eat, drink and be merry

'Six slices a day is the well balanced way'
the boffins back then told us all,
but now I'm not impressed, they say 'wholemeal is best,
and more healthy' their clarion call.
For a good spirit lifter, an evening snifter
was, we were told, good...Read More
Categories: adverts, food,
Form: Rhyme
The Duality of Man
The Duality of Man

Black and blue.
False or true.
Heaven or Hell?
Me or you?
Life or death?
Loud or mute.
Do we keep our eyes closed?
Or do we see a way through?

Hot or cold?
Tea or chocolate?
Coca Cola = Subconscious adverts.
Roll the dice and place your...Read More
Categories: adverts, desire, growth, inspirational, life, mirror, passion, work,
Form: I do not know?
Qi and phi,
Murder and hijinx.
Averting worth to silence the clink.
Yet it is there; impaled through the chink in my armor made of kinks.
I'm a topological quantum knot; if my thoughts were anymore entangled, I couldn't think.
Too much or less would...Read More
Categories: adverts, allegory, analogy, courage, death, hyperbole, metaphor, symbolism,
Form: Epitaph
Sorry I have to go - Farewell Note
So sorry I can't read, comment or post on here without my screen being over taken by full page adverts. It was a nice 4 year run.

I'll try again some day

Until then farewell my friends...Read More
Categories: adverts, anger,
Form: ABC
Putting eye drops in your nose
     Not the best decision
Yet, you may find that you have now
     Created ‘Smell –A-Vision”

To smell what’s on your telly
     Or your local...Read More
Categories: adverts, fun, humor, humorous, imagination, silly,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Modern money making machine
The instruction book to life is being written,
On an easy to read black and white display,
And it’s published, every twenty four hours,
On the internet super high way.

And these instructions must have been written,
By a genius using words from above,
Because they...Read More
Categories: adverts, emotions, internet,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member I am off graze

And so the sheep will flock, and the wolves will be watching. 
And with time nothing will escape those strong jaws and sharp teeth. 
Lured are the sheep by pastures green. Eat for free as much grass as you want...Read More
Categories: adverts, hyperbole, internet, technology, world,
Form: Free verse
women magazines

Women Magazines

'you cant be too rich
and you be too thin'
the glossies spout out
'your efforts will win'

but forgot to tell all
there's only one snag
it's full of cake adverts
and £5 a mag !!
...Read More
Categories: adverts, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Audience Participation
Audience Participation

The quiet minions are cheering
ranting in their millions
the irony of enthusiasm
screaming at the animated postcards
element of their discordant reflections

Between adverts the devil dances
for the soul selling constituents
entertainments and soap opera truths
stab in the back and all the series-ousness
electrified plasmatic...Read More
Categories: adverts, repetition,
Form: Free verse
Cruel To

Every fascination becomes a bauble
a gold encrusted noose
on which to dangle
the desperation of appeal

Stuffed into feathers fashioned
cushions fighting for the adverts
these sown together facsimiles 
is the me in expressive tailor-made

And your life a piece of art work   ...Read More
Categories: adverts, beauty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The wrinklys of 'remain'
I have a view 'maybe its wrong.? That some older guys have come on 'strong'
These 'figureheads' of project fear, represented the young we were told so clear

1 Richard Branson 'vintage' 65..' Has almost half a decade on younger guys
Or girls;...Read More
Categories: adverts, change,
Form: Verse
A seafood restaurant
Grey is ana in-between colour that is most secretive in a window smudge. But when the cleaning cloth arrived it simply disappears then reappears when the cloth has left. Thus leaving a very grey mass. Mass minds make monotonous mindsets....Read More
Categories: adverts, art, baby,
Form: I do not know?
A lovely lively seafood restaurant
Grey is an in-between colour that is most secretive in a window smudge. But when the cleaning cloth arrived it simply disappears then reappears when the cloth has left. Thus leaving a very grey mass. Mass minds make monotonous mindsets....Read More
Categories: adverts, adventure, africa, allah, analogy, arabic, art,
Form: I do not know?
Svetlana appeared on my computer today
She’s so pretty, it can’t be denied
But I'm happily married for 26 years
So I don’t need an Internet bride!

Oh crikey an email advert has just popped up
It’s one that I’m embarrased to mention
But I’m female...Read More
Categories: adverts, computer, humorous, internet,
Form: Rhyme
Nonentities Cypher

A Coca Cola Santa stampedes into the streets
nail gun in hand
peat matured whiskey 13 years upon his breath
´tis the time for this tinsel rebellion
of Decembers egress

A debacle of gluttons fairy ethics
light up them there star eyed fire rockets
and trickster the...Read More
Categories: adverts, integrity,
Form: Free verse