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Adulterous Poems

Adulterous Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adulterous poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adulterous.

New Poems

Premium Member Things

Suppose I came home after a long drive.
Suppose I ease the car into our overstuffed garage
Suppose then, when I enter our apartment
I discover myself in bed with you
doing adulterous things.
What would I do?

Imagine if we went away.
Imagine if when we...Read More
Categories: adulterous, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member War and Peace: That Midst Nations And Nationals

War and Peace, a classical fiction by Leo Tolstoy, first published as Voyna I Mir in 1865–69. This picturesque reflection of early 19th-century Russian culture saw as its power of vivid detail and change from subconscious interpretation, is commonly viewed...Read More
Categories: adulterous, allegory, angst, life, marriage, war,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Wind RideR
*****This poem was fairly popular, though I'm re-posting it for the ladies****

**From my collection of poems:  'Apollo's Diary' 

I wonder if she thinks of me,
   at night, alone.....
   in her melting-bed;
With moon full as her...Read More
Categories: adulterous, love, romance,
Form: Romanticism

Crown me a thief tonight and crucify me to condemnation
For I covet and must pilfer the pintle of this alluring stranger 
I shall taste of another woman's pleasure
And trade my dignity for a moment's lust

Forsake thy marital vows for a...Read More
Categories: adulterous, 10th grade, abortion, anti bullying, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time, there lived a lady
With red painted lips and nails
She loved with all her heart and soul
This man who was often by her side

As the years passed by them both
They found their way together
Always a part of...Read More
Categories: adulterous, life, romance, romantic, romantic love, roses are
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Words Left Unsaid
I was happy in a dysfunctional relationship
Never wanted to leave this man
Who put me down and made me feel
Like I was just a little crazy
Or maybe – a lot crazy

We had something special even though it hurt
The way we tortured...Read More
Categories: adulterous, abuse, break up, divorce, marriage, pain,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member MURDER HOUSE
Corners spreading into open floors
Shadows submitting 

Young pools hold the ceiling’s reflection 
Icicles drip

A dusty old armchair emits its emptiness 
Tells tales of long ago 
Days when books were read and conversations held nightly 
A time of easy afternoons 
Slow...Read More
Categories: adulterous, dark, death, murder, sin, time,
Form: Free verse

Lady Of The Evening

Former Godless Adulterous     Nocturnal Friendly

          Sizzling Engaging                 ...Read More
Categories: adulterous, addiction, desire, meaningful, sexy, surreal, urban, woman,
Form: Diamante
The land that lies
The land that lies

Happy dancer, singing songs,
Knowing that the end will come;
But which is the end and which new beginnings?
Waiting on the end of the beginning, is this the beginning?
This all started a long, long time ago,
When I thought I...Read More
Categories: adulterous, fear, happy, image, love, memory, people, sad
Form: Bio
This world seizes to amaze me
as my hate grows stronger for my enemies
same old pattern day and night
so i wake up filled with hate as they constantly fight

i want to see everything black
no more comfort for the spoiled, immature and...Read More
Categories: adulterous, anger, war,
Form: I do not know?
Mine Mean Mien Hence Deserved Cross To Bare
Mine Mean Mien, Hence Deserved Cross To Bare

Upon reflection of fatherhood,
onset of hands-on schooling 
fraught with narcissism
a role I lept in unaware 
with slim success
unknowingly portending how fatuous

frolics spelled ultimate doom
with theoretical strings attached,
when snagged, sans marry in net
utmost misery...Read More
Categories: adulterous, addiction, age, appreciation, betrayal, celebration, daughter, family,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member This Sister
This Sister

Man has been using
and abusing woman
long enough
and we tired of it!

We ain’t gonna take it anymore!
We ain’t gonna spread our legs
when them legs are weary
and aching anymore!

We ain’t gonna do that nasty thang
just to feed your need anymore!
There’ll be...Read More
Categories: adulterous, abuse, body, courage, love hurts, men, sensual,
Form: Rhyme
My wife is away to the mountains
My wife is away to the mountains, visiting her folks.
She left the windows guarded
With curtains made out of her shadows.

Last night the moon peeped in through the dark embroidery,
But failed to seduce me as I was secured in the possessive...Read More
Categories: adulterous, anniversary, april, baby, beautiful, bible, bird, books,
Form: ABC
Proverbial Monoku
Beware the harlot whose lips drip with honey, for death awaits you there.

September 5, 2018

After Proverbs 5:3 – 5;
3 For the lips of the adulterous woman drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil; 
4 but in the end...Read More
Categories: adulterous, bible,
Form: Monoku
The SermonBouis of Meatus Ask's
whast that in desire against the flesh
does it hinder and cause
effects to others
are these selfish and diverts
the mind from serious thought
or causes the spirt to oppose
shall they witness in vain
and speak in tenses
that causes them to speak
of them ill
does it...Read More
Categories: adulterous, america, analogy, character, education, england, gospel, integrity,
Form: Ballad
Authenticated Addressed Partial Letter Circa 1970 part two
He ranked as de facto semiprecious,
tremulous and unanimous scapegoat
bullied by a bumptious, callous,
disputatious hippopotamus of a brat
infamous bruiser later in his life to become
forty fifth president of UnIted States.

Though documentation incomplete, the un
named subject referred within torn shred
recovered included signatory...Read More
Categories: adulterous, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Epic
Premium Member Now Who On Earth Was That
Now, Who On Earth Was That?

Can you imagine being in Israel when the Son of God 
was there in human form?

How He healed a woman with an issue of blood for twelve years
by touching the edge of His garment!

How He...Read More
Categories: adulterous, gospel,
Form: Narrative
Silent Projector Reel

Hush, hush ...
late-night reality peepers
Roll the eyeballs, but don’t you dare gossip talk
Blush, blush ... 
keyhole camcorder creepers
NDA motility disability got publicity legs that walk
Keep it on the hush, hush ... 
spin the cash credits on a silent projector reel
One...Read More
Categories: adulterous, corruption, fear, sin, truth,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Woman of Turmoil
Why be ashame
You said you were not to be blame
Didnt you know that your adulterous ways
Will one day be put on show
I am sorry these poems
I write comes as a big blow
But you should know that everything you do
Makes me...Read More
Categories: adulterous, anger, betrayal, change, conflict, corruption, sorrow, strength,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Dark Side of White Privilege
born into white hot poverty  
eldest son of an adulterous drunk
man of the house at five
white privilege.
His step father , also a booze bunny and bigot to boot...
to escape 
he went to vocational school
like all poor boys did...Read More
Categories: adulterous, life,
Form: Rhyme
Predilections of the phallic beast
Adulterous besieging capstone damnation
exploitation foists groping, heaving
insidiously jerking
knowingly lunges
machinations notoriously nymphomaniacal 
officiating penile quests
rapaciously, sadistically 
tenaciously, unstoppably 
vasocongested wickedness 
Xerses yawped zeolously.
All throughout history of  man/woman kind
ascendent civilizations extensively gouged, 
impailed, kindled, murderous outrages 
quashing sacred urges, women...Read More
Categories: adulterous, abuse, age, anger, discrimination, horror, lust, prayer,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Not So, Or I Got This, Letter To My Pastor
                                       ...Read More
Categories: adulterous, bible, christian, forgiveness, pride, sin,
Form: Prose
dehydration quenched on an island with females - part 1
one  seventh heaven fantasy of this middle aged hetero
sexual mwm would be  to take the playbook of the late 
(recently deceased) Hugh Hefner. Said reverie constitutes 
servicing a gamut of women, whose plethora in numbers 
constitutes insatiable sexual...Read More
Categories: adulterous, butterfly, desire, devotion, freedom, gender, heaven, hyperbole,
Form: Free verse
Passionate Predators

Restless soccer moms,
whose kittens have all become mature,
got plenty of suburban boredom
Time enough for sure
to get hooked on every advertised lure
As daytime soaps and gossip kitsch
are the mundane, daily double feature
So they buy themselves some 
beautiful, youthful promises,
packaged in a...Read More
Categories: adulterous, life, marriage, perspective, society,
Form: Dramatic Verse
I'm Divorcing my Will
No more cheap thrills.
I only end up with a high bill!
She bad but its just for a minute NO PUN INTENDED!
She got the hint of a jazabell spirit.
Seems like every man fear to they hear it by the spirit.
Its the...Read More
Categories: adulterous, christian,
Form: I do not know?