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Adornment Poems

Adornment Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adornment poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adornment.

New Poems

The Hiding Stars

The astral tapestry of the zodiac,
weaved in cosmic charisma of crystal stars,
the primal harmony of the pristine constellation,
the celestial jewels adorning the crown of the sky.

Washed by the brush of the dripping darkness,
night’s concave canvas sparkles in stellar brilliance,
the sapphire...Read More
Categories: adornment, love, stars,
Form: Free verse

I see a girl
I see a girl
Looking at me through mirror 
Exploring her fragile heart
Writting a brewing story apart
She looks through the coffin
Of her long lost dreams 
Between which her hope gleams

I see a girl
Looking at me through a poetry
Flowing like a light...Read More
Categories: adornment, 11th grade,
Form: Free verse
The Day the Tiger's Rolled into Town
Like a wild fire the orange consumed the crimson;
Rolling over it like a spring tide with a mission;
The orange blazed in parking lots and in stands;
Adornment of the happiest fans in the land;
Backed by a powerful purple wave;
To the onslaught...Read More
Categories: adornment, celebration, emotions, football, happiness, humor, success, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Straightforward Othering KH
"Plain women know more about men than beautiful ones do."

                              ...Read More
Categories: adornment, beauty,
Form: Free verse
Aromatic Ambiance Accessed

Along the ambrosial garden alleyway 
of assorted colors, it appeared we ambled together 
for ages, until an atrocious angst of afflicting storm 
blew away all the flowers abloom for us.

As apathy rent asunder my dreams gone awry
the embrace of the...Read More
Categories: adornment, angst, emotions, heartbreak, inspirational love, lost love,
Form: Free verse


There is a flawless planet that abounds with diverse life, 
Where humans live in unity, free from hate and strife.
The oceans, lands and rivers are all thriving and pristine,
And people work together, to keep it safe and clean.
There are no...Read More
Categories: adornment, earth,
Form: Rhyme
     Second hand timepiece is not the word for thee.                     ...Read More
Categories: adornment, allusion, angel, caregiving,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Mims of Mimmi Land
Turning the pages of your existence
summons contemplation of all levels of 
your reality creation...belief in self awakens
the sleeping dragon of possibilities long
forgotten...remembering is not impossible 
she says, Mims of the Mimmi Land
Y.o.u. do remember don’t you Mims?
We’re counting on you...Read More
Categories: adornment, inspiration,
Form: Blank verse
The High Castle
All wait
on the
high tower
to the
melted ice.

I am
the wintry 
all the way
to the
fire cove.

the larks
are praying for
to come
in the willow
of forever.

Obey the signs.
Figure the rhymes.
The high castle
your poor

...Read More
Categories: adornment, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Very adornment it is,refuse to go away.Appearing again,again in my memory lanes like vehicles.A piece of clay to rumble the ways all I wanted to make everything that for me in my school days.Now working for my livelihood coming many...Read More
Categories: adornment, child, cool, growth, judgement, meaningful, memory, mirror,
Form: Blank verse

About Twenty Two Score Years Ago
About Twenty Two Score Years Ago...

One “FAKE” rumor purports April Fools’ Day
accepted with hostile abandonment
according to Giggle ling search result
conducted by this gent
adopted when France switched

rather than fight abolishment
transitioning from Julian calendar
to Gregorian calendar,
(yet maintaining same gender reassignment)
called for by...Read More
Categories: adornment, april, art, celebration, day, howl, humor, march,
Form: Narrative
(1 AM in the morning  -  Naples, Maine)

When unseasonable lake water balm 
meets you tripping out of Ricks’ Café 
after midnight
you know those blues notes  
were not...Read More
Categories: adornment, autumn, farewell, feelings, water, wind,
Form: Free verse
Now I have a poetess student
Who amazes me with her endowment
A great dream she craves, for attainment
Now, a mature girl with great excitement
Knitter! In thy lines an adorable adornment
Whao! My sight is glued to that embellishment
Oh! I vividly  see...Read More
Categories: adornment, art, imagination, inspiration, motivation,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member The Glossy Moon
The Moon, our moon, the glossy Moon.
Who did put that blowing ball face, on you?
It must have been God, with a smile.
Yes, He knew how, He would form you.
Perfect in size and ability to reflect light. 
Without our heavenly partner;...Read More
Categories: adornment, creation, god, imagery, jesus, love, moon, nature,
Form: Free verse
finding Bobby Mcgee
She bares the marks of a life lived hard, her face the giveaway.  Faint scar above her brow, chipped tooth, deep furrows that should be gentle crow feet to compliment her gorgeous eyes.  She used to be pretty,...Read More
Categories: adornment, adventure, age, nostalgia,
Form: Prose
I know the land where the lemon-tree flowers
I know the land where the lemon- tree flowers,

I have seen it's pretty blooms

And it has the fresh clean scent of you,

I've seen the pretty lemon citric fruit,

I love it's taste and its flavour

In the same way that I love...Read More
Categories: adornment, feelings, flower, longing, sweet love, tree,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Collecting Seashells
Seashells pave the beach
ground grit is the sand
like old clothes in the opportunity shop
   forlorn shells an adornment of remnant remains.
As I walk I cherry-pick
the shells with bright colors
with appealing shapes and patterns
   whole shells, complete...Read More
Categories: adornment, beach, sea,
Form: Free verse
The Cosmic Odyssey
A cosmic event, singular and grandiose,
the Big Bang blast of the prime particle, the condensed light,
created mass in an instant that accreted by the nascent gravity
in the nebulous galaxies and in the flaming stars
of the archaic universe, expanding.
They all contain...Read More
Categories: adornment, analogy, fantasy, space, stars,
Form: Free verse
That's Why There Are Stars

The cosmic design of the stars near and far
defines the astronomic architecture of the zodiac.
The night sky displays the harmony of the primordial pattern,
transmitted to everything that exists on earth,
decides their fate in some astral way,
not...Read More
Categories: adornment, analogy, earth, stars, sun,
Form: Free verse
Here she approaches, dark in complexion…
Exposed majestically in a catwalk,
Principle looking personality considered for deliberation.
Optimistic to achieve the world most valuable models award.
Built from positive cementation and aspiration,
Indeed, her skin proves she`s never coward.

We count on her as eminent.
She hails...Read More
Categories: adornment, adventure, analogy,
Form: Classicism
Pearl In The East
J-uly thirteenth Thursday, 
E-astern pearl is slightly blue; 
N-either that she is lonely, 
N-or she is gray for 

P-recious pearl in the east 
E-ndorses natural beauty; 
A-n array of fancy and fashion 
R-eally makes your life 

G-em of...Read More
Categories: adornment, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
A Star In Your Sky

The sunburst colors of the crimson horizon
The blush of sky where it touches the land bent
As it dons the tapestry of the unfurled dawn
Flushing the glare of day on azure firmament.

In the gleam of twilight of...Read More
Categories: adornment, analogy, longing, sky, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
My Nefertiti
My Nefertiti does not come from the 
Dynasty of Pharaoh
Neither does she possess the golden
She may not have the poise and grace
Of a queen
Never the less she has the grace of the
Of Zion
Ibilate, you are the Queen of my...Read More
Categories: adornment, analogy, beauty, love,
Form: Ballad
He walked upon her in the woods
Lying there, with placenta and blood on her skin
He didn't question where she was going
But knew where she had been

~unwanted, unloved, unnoticed~

He cleaned her carefully
Removed the dead weight and stains of sorrow and grief
He...Read More
Categories: adornment, love,
Form: Rhyme
Unicorn of love
With eyes like stars you are forever mine
I love you today and forever more
I promise to love you for all of time,
I'll never break the heart that I adore

What fancy way to cover excrement
And dress it up in fancy bows...Read More
Categories: adornment, appreciation, conflict, fun, funny, love, trust,
Form: Sonnet