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Admitting Poems

Admitting Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of admitting poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for admitting.

New Poems

Million Oceans
I saw a movie today
Its name was "The revolutionary road"
It was pretty unsettling
Got all my confused thoughts aboard
Then I started Thinking about us
About my Wait, then your Wait, then all the good times
Anndd we seperate
I wondered If humans ever Really...Read More
Categories: admitting, 12th grade, loneliness, lonely, lost love, love,
Form: ABC

Premium Member On Art As I See It
Blessed are those rulers that kindly share their greatness
Blessed are the rich that gladly share their wealth
Blessed are the truly wise that share their understandings.

Though in the real world, artists find, very rare.

Twice blessed are the rare places ruled
That provide...Read More
Categories: admitting, adventure, art, how i feel, inspiration, journey,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Supreme Court
Can the world be made better by stacking our Courts
With immoderate friends that we trust share our views?
Is Court’s dignity served, are its verdicts revered,
Does it mean I’m ‘supreme’ when a fluke helps my side?
Is a ‘litmus test bias’ the...Read More
Categories: admitting, journey, life,
Form: Rhyme
Amidst reality’s kaleidoscopic might

my vision needs faith* light

for color virtues-right

admitting blurry sight…

to enjoy special child’s delight

soaring with him in his flight

toward blissfulness-height

smiting spastic blight

over wheelchair-bound fight

upon championing prayer-plight.

* 2Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

February 25, 2020
Edited...Read More
Categories: admitting, appreciation, child, christian, faith, god, mother son,
Form: Monorhyme
Bully me you, I exemplified archetypal scapegoat
Bully me you, I exemplified archetypal scapegoat

Even as old curmudgeon, aye pucker
and raspily suction toothless mouth
drawing reminiscent guffaws affecting
attempt impersonating plumber
(think unclogging toilet)
please support your local bummer

back in the day one
long haired pencil neck geeks palled
around with another 
hirsute nerd...Read More
Categories: admitting, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, abuse,
Form: Bio

Good morning
The sun slyly peeped in, 
In the room where the Kingdom of sleep, 
Quietly the walls winked, 
And let's play the wave. 

Ray jumps on the walls, 
Highlights tenderly flutter, 
On eyelashes, hair, 
And suddenly gleam with joy. 

Morning came...Read More
Categories: admitting, good morning, sun,
Form: Verse
I Come Nearer You
I come nearer You
not for fear of lethal 
wrath (fire and brimstone
is not an endearing

knowing damnation 
never more than a thought 
away; even this realization
(having read the Revelation)
has never been enough 
to alter my deep clay pace;

this is not...Read More
Categories: admitting, inspirational, inspirational love, introspection, judgement, star, truth,
Form: Free verse
Reigning as “I specialist”
human nature perceives
through “my” perspective---

--- hence, 
beholding true essence
demands seal of “mine”

devoid of hypocrisy

...that understanding* 
“yours” and “theirs” 
verily makes things real.

*Proverbs 1:2 To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding.

February 4, 2020
Honorable...Read More
Categories: admitting, appreciation, character, christian, encouraging, perspective, truth, wisdom,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Believe In Reprieve Of What You Grieve
When cast into the dark recesses
Of guilt, poison spilt you cannot retrieve,
Believe in reprieve of what you grieve,
For as the penitent confesses,
So a glimmer of light may shimmer to which you cleave.

If jealousy in grotesque form,
Thin-coated, harsh-throated monstrosity
Should erupt abruptly...Read More
Categories: admitting, conflict, dark, jealousy, storm,
Form: Rhyme
Yes, but
Be we stupid or stunningly clever,
be we saintly or bad or whatever,
when admitting we’re wrong,
we will sing the same song.
Its refrain: “I was wrong, yes... however..."...Read More
Categories: admitting, humor, humorous, satire,
Form: Limerick

Accumulating Anger: The Ugly Beauty
The enemy draws near
I will not shed any tears,
For I'm stronger than fear
My cup is filled with cheers

The ugly beauty inside me will see me through
This shame and calamity that ended up in rue
The ugly beauty inside you is the...Read More
Categories: admitting, anger, angst, betrayal, courage, emotions, hope, pain,
Form: Rhyme
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!
It's so good to see you, My Dear.
Somebody's been waiting to greet you.
Bet you can't wait to see who's here.

It took him a long time to get here.
Like you, he hit stumbling blocks steady.
Not that he wasn't trying.
For...Read More
Categories: admitting, inspirational,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Guilty under the word charged
I have read an article today
an eye opener not even surprised remotely 
where the minister of justice
running to a meeting hard pressed
has cast vote, on and behalf of another fraud member

Admitting being part of a rigging system
where a person can...Read More
Categories: admitting, abuse, betrayal, conflict, health, religious, truth,
Form: Political Verse
Admitting Defeat
I’m tired of ironing out the creases 
from the same screwed up old shirt
That you so carelessly sling in the corner
Efforts wasted, 
the metal blisters me with hurt 

I’m tired of hoping the sun still rises
When your storms bring more...Read More
Categories: admitting, addiction, emotions, marriage, relationship,
Form: Rhyme
Bad Poet
I have nothing to lose, by submitting.
My poems aren't perfect, I'm admitting.
A crime of bad rhymes, I'm committing.
A disease of word misuse, I'm transmitting.
I try to be hard-hitting, but my diction is unfitting.
There are times I feel like quitting,
Then a...Read More
Categories: admitting, poetry,
Form: Monorhyme
My Aunt's Regret, Part I
I have an aunt out in Cali,
we used to visit every year,
she had a yoga studio,
and my grandmother used to cheer

how she was a ‘modern woman,’
could do everything by herself,
and didn’t need to ‘find a man’
to establish a path to...Read More
Categories: admitting, abortion, children, depression, introspection, life, parents, sad,
Form: Narrative
A Man

                A Man

Gender has classified me, but I am yet to be defined. Does claiming for my manhood makes me a man enough or is...Read More
Categories: admitting, men,
Form: Bio
where it's at
admitting i'm amiss
not dissing or ever
dismissing a you
for a her or a 
this for a

that being said or
rather written so
not to be forgot
ten or forgiven
you are not 
a tit 

a tat...Read More
Categories: admitting, muse,
Form: I do not know?
My eternal love for you I've turned into poetry
Flirting gone wrong
I remained strong
I misread the situation and now
I can only do the next best thing!

Your life I have turned into dictionary
Your strength I’ve shown beyond the misery
My eternal love for you I’ve turned into poetry

Poetry written in darkness
Bringing...Read More
Categories: admitting, love,
Form: Romanticism
Losing hope because of mistakes’ great strain
My soul did wallow in misery’s pain…
Beseeching for tender, soothing mercies  
I turned to God Whose grace-grant is great gain.

Frustrated due to mistake-caused crises 
My heart languished in sorrowful losses…
The Saviour reached out...Read More
Categories: admitting, appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, uplifting,
Form: Rubaiyat
Premium Member FRAUD AND THIEF

There is a FRAUD and a THIEF
Apparently from Nigeria
Who plagiarizes all day long
He steals poetry for pleasure
And post on internet
Under his own name
His favorite source is
And who could blame him
We are the best cauldron
Of international poets
On the planet.

He goes by...Read More
Categories: admitting, africa, anger, betrayal, hate, integrity, poets, writing,
Form: Free verse
Siege at Baker Ranch, Part II
It was several days before trouble came,
the quiet seemed at odds with all the news,
the papers told of a nation enraged,
with loud cries for the Sioux to meet their doom.

Myron was out feeding hay to the horses
all bunched up in...Read More
Categories: admitting, america, conflict, courage, hero, history, native american,
Form: Cowboy
Premium Member Tribute to Amelia Earhart
Amelia, what were you thinking?
It was still the dark ages for women
Your parents and your husband spoiled you.
You had no idea what was waiting

Large greedy hands could not wait to get you
To make you what you were not
Simpering and begging,...Read More
Categories: admitting, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Light Verse
the fan head
me NO goes 
back and 


my body
with an


warms me
my hot

brand me

with the same 
glow that 
your eyes 
share of


lips to kiss
and by this
doing so fire
emits admitting
all i want is for you to
...Read More
Categories: admitting, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Admitting my selfish ambition of whim’s futility
My soul yields to God’s directive authority.

Confessing my conceited arrogance 
I’m humbled by the Lord’s meekness of grace-elegance.

Submitting to the Creator my carnality’s domination
I abide in His perfect will for my virtuous transformation.

Recognizing my...Read More
Categories: admitting, appreciation, christian, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Couplet