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Admirers Poems

Admirers Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of admirers poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for admirers.

New Poems

Premium Member Today There Are No Eyes On Me
Today there are no eyes on me,
a puzzling curiosity!
Whilst riding through the town most days
so many eyes are wont to gaze -

admirers of my fine fetlocks;
my handsome withers, hooves and hocks,
my finely groomed and lustrous mane,
the smart red garb that...Read More
Categories: admirers, history, horse,
Form: Rhyme

Lovitivity v2
Times integrity brings structure for 
all admirers whom are confused
And its measure creates order for
every affair that are disordered
In Our passion, in love, We are satisfied
And in Our love We embody confirmation
Where are We traveling to, in Our intimate
 Love...Read More
Categories: admirers, love, space, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Poetic Recipe

Poetry is made up of nouns, verbs and other types delicious ingredients that may inspire you..
A dash of rhyme, a spoonful of sonnet, a cup of verse, a hint of haiku or a drop of limerick too!
Mixing up letters, chopping...Read More
Categories: admirers, fun,
Form: Rhyme
Fittingly hallowed gods must intrinsic majesty hold.
Even before deities invoked weigh the caller's case,
The deity's potent title should alone spell the balm,
And tint with nourishing grace the supplicant's face. 

Woe justly betides gods modelled by mortal skill,
Conjured to define the...Read More
Categories: admirers, christian, spiritual,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member Such a Man He Was
What a lovely, lovely boy he was,
And such pretty manners-oh!
And a charming boy he was because-
He knew what to say, where to go.

Such a fine man he became, became;
And such courtly airs and flair!
As scents crowd summer, none the same,
And...Read More
Categories: admirers, feelings, gender, image, integrity, leadership, nostalgia, tribute,
Form: Rhyme

The Metro
The Metro

At the metro 
Railroad cars run on steel, metal tracks above and below ground
A narrow pathway in the dark 
A screeching halt
A loud whistle
A train is approaching  now 

Subway lines follow their route 
Straphangers await their stop 

Pressed...Read More
Categories: admirers, books, candy, city, dog, environment, lost, poverty,
Form: Free verse
Bronwyn's Mate, Part I
Bronwyn the Barbaric amassed admirers
like oceans collect river-flow
Streams of suitors all tried to woo her
each determined to be her “best beau”

But our fair pirate queen was a fickle young lass
whose attention was hard to retain
She'd have no truck whatever with...Read More
Categories: admirers, animal, dog, fantasy, funny, humor, humorous, woman,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member WEAR IT FOR ME-HAT
I would like to make only one plea,
 may I have a moment, to deliver the tea
All your admirers might as well flee
Because when you wear your hat, you wear it for me

As the Crown settles on your head
 your...Read More
Categories: admirers, allusion, appreciation, beauty, celebration, character, courage, desire,
Form: Rhyme

Oh Democracy, 
You, most desirable bride among political systems,
Your suitors have been many throughout history,  
In every part of the world, you were the one
They were after


You have declined their proposals, despite the fact
All of your suitors were so...Read More
Categories: admirers, philosophy, truth, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
If i ever said i'm over you i lied.
If i ever said i didn't care i lied.
For what shines today does forever.
And you shine brighter each day relentlessly.

We met in an unconvincing way,
And for the first time my words were...Read More
Categories: admirers, 7th grade, africa, blue, crush, cute love,
Form: ABC

Premium Member oh emily
“Oh Emily”

Lead me by example
Of your unbounded strength
Nare passed a fortnight
Your pen pressed not against the page
In the evening hours by candle light
Oh how I loathe these electronic distractions
If I could but break them all
In the wind a hundred others...Read More
Categories: admirers, 10th grade, america, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Images keep flipping through
Of my blissful inamorata
Though in absolute darkness i am placed
I refuse to show any cynicism

Perplexed i am at the servitude
On with my toga of trust
I bring forth my gauntlet

To relief myself of any troubles
Put forth by other...Read More
Categories: admirers, i miss you,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Valentines' Day At Millville Grade School
As the autumn of my life approaches, some memory fades,
But I still recall very special times from my primary grades.
We did things then, now considered politically incorrect,
Enjoying Valentine and Halloween parties - no one did object!

The Valentine party was the...Read More
Categories: admirers, valentines day,
Form: Rhyme
In Old California 29
Now they do leave and go their distant ways.
Don Jose rides with Arracho to shore
as Segundo brings ladies home with bays.
The destination's hacienda's door.

Sound of iron rims on cobblestone turned heads to see Alcalde's wife
and daughter go by. Twin bays...Read More
Categories: admirers, angst,
Form: Free verse
The love letter
Day after day I’m freezing without thee
The words of love aren’t heard in endless longing
The sunset’s grey the sky’s deformed for me
The sun’s ray doesn’t touch the roof with morning.
I guess I think a lot what would I say
If you...Read More
Categories: admirers, depression, emotions, feelings, hope, how i feel,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Maybe It Was Eleanor
Ever wonder where big ideas come from?

Memories of FDR
from newsreel clips -
a lion-headed striking man
with rakish grin,
jaw jutting proudly, 
signature cigarette holder
clenched in his teeth
tilted ever upward...
soaring to the heavens
as he cruises by
waving to admirers
in his convertible coupe.

Short List FDR...Read More
Categories: admirers, feelings, history, international, philosophy, political, recovery from,
Form: Free verse
Wistful Woebegone Yesteryear
Perhaps like a lightning
bolt of clear out of the blue
rigor mortis (tenon and
three decades hence)
two thousand fifty nine if you
count from January 13th 2019, adieu

attest that day 9 months I did brew
in wound (of the late Harriet Harris),
now finds me...Read More
Categories: admirers, dream, father, hair, introspection, mystery, smart, spiritual,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Follow The Leader Please
Confident, assertive
Leading, aiding, helping,
Friends, admirers, haters, destroyers
Gossiping, bossing, glaring
Passive, aggressive
...Read More
Categories: admirers, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Diamante
I found myself in the garden of roses;
How sweet the sight of roses,
Sweetness that no word can name
And each holds in its heart a torch of flame.

I saw a new bloomed rose,
A red rose
That thrills the soul,
And makes the heart...Read More
Categories: admirers, beauty, desire, flower, rose, roses are red,
Form: Romanticism
Get her naked in my bed
I can't lie, her beauty is undeniable 
That red dress has her looking so desirable 
She's been hurt so many times, But I'll make her forget that her heart ever bled
I want to get to know her, this is more...Read More
Categories: admirers, deep, devotion, emotions, longing, love, romantic, roses
Form: Free verse
Theater of Utter Charm - Part 25
part 25

there is enough pretense to deal with
when the future delivers
disappointment after disappointment
and the roles you play become stale
and you cling to the trend in the graph line
breathing without permission
and noticing that what goes in those eyes
can remap your expectations...Read More
Categories: admirers, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
The Relevancy Of Aristotle Within The 21st Century lesson 1
“The more you know, the more you know you don't know.”

Said quote attributed to Aristotle,
     stands the test of time,
     and not only did out last
many another aphorism,
    ...Read More
Categories: admirers, 11th grade, celebrity, for him, myth, power,
Form: Elegy
With the Hours Turning Slowly and the Only Thought Is You
In a room, dimly lit and fading
as I sit amongst the blue,
with the hours turning slowly
and the only thought is you..

Were yesterdays a dream,
ones so easy to recall?
A garden that was full of thorns
Yet a rose stood amidst them all..

No...Read More
Categories: admirers, hurt, lost love, rose,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Ode To Helen Steiner Rice - The Blood Quill Style
~ Ode To Helen Steiner Rice~ 
 (1900- 1980 )
( Blood Quill )

Lovely lady she shine
She persevered through life
Wrote thousands verses of  Love, Faith, Hope
Ambassador Sunshine
Daughter, sister and wife
She fought hard all thru her life to cope


Love for God...Read More
Categories: admirers, beautiful, faith, love, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Light Did Shine From Her Smile, Such Grace
Light Did Shine From Her Smile, Such Grace

She graced all with her gentle ways
she so loved to help the poor strays;
There resides softness in her voice
thinking well of all by first choice,
Light did shine from her smile, such grace
her good...Read More
Categories: admirers, angel, appreciation, art, imagination, spiritual, symbolism, visionary,
Form: Rhyme