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Adding Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adding poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adding.

New Poems

Premium Member Too Many Suspects
Libby Lou was a professional intermeddler
She had her hands in all most all of the towns people’s pots
Adding carrots and potatoes to some, digging tomatoes out of others
Criticizing the amount of thyme and pepper, 
Constantly tasting, moving between their houses,...Read More
Categories: adding, humor, humorous,
Form: Prose Poetry

To avoid COVID-19
Controlling the source of infection
   By Disinfecting the place infected
       Quarantining every infected person
Cutting off the pathway of transmission
  ...Read More
Categories: adding, 1st grade, proposal, remember, sick,
Form: I do not know?
Orchestra of ocean crashes
Seagulls soar high
Faint sounds of passerbys 

All of that
Comes nothing 
Than her eyes 
Twinkling at his

Chatting away
In their own world
They have each other other
Side by side

Little tease
In comfortable warmth
Laughter in the air

Secretly knowing
Being more than friends 

Fingers...Read More
Categories: adding, beach, beautiful, cute, cute love, fantasy, love,
Form: Free verse
Every Night at 7
The city’s super quiet now
As life remains on hold,
A siren’s wail from time to time 
Erupting uncontrolled.

Until, each night at 7
When the clapping sounds begin,
Accompanied by cow bells,
Only adding to the din.

With whoops and shouts and singing,
Either live or Spotified,
New...Read More
Categories: adding, appreciation, new york,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member On Art As I See It
Blessed are those rulers that kindly share their greatness
Blessed are the rich that gladly share their wealth
Blessed are the truly wise that share their understandings.

Though in the real world, artists find, very rare.

Twice blessed are the rare places ruled
That provide...Read More
Categories: adding, adventure, art, how i feel, inspiration, journey,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member PUT TO THE TEST

Planet earth has been put to the test,
Everyone we hope is doing their best,
Unavoidable to sometimes feel depressed,
No family member for tea or a friend or guest.

My hands I am sure have become bleached,
Police and army around,...Read More
Categories: adding, death,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Who Was Here First
Who Was Here First
(The politician Or The Snake)
By: Tom

I’ve heard it said lately and then repeated,
COVID-19 gave political snakes hope.
Of adding their wants to a list first tweeted,
whining as if hung with a new cotton rope.

This brings to mind a...Read More
Categories: adding, political,
Form: Lyric
Diego and His Python
He’s a Brazilian all rounder from Sau Paulo you know
With a gift for buying and selling and so
My tale I will share, of his doings to date
Whilst proud to call him, my friend and a mate
He looks like a traveler...Read More
Categories: adding, black love, dedication, pets,
Form: Light Verse
Sixth Sense
You are far from perfect and I am sure you are aware of this
A subject you often neglect but a point you can’t miss
Your shortcomings are as clear to you as  to everyone around
But I only have one fear...Read More
Categories: adding, change,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Cynical View
A Cynical View
By Tom

 drapes the world like an evil mantle,
exposing the weakness of humanity.
Many view this as an opportunity to gouge others.
People horde things, depriving others access,-to make a buck.
When choice disappears, stores increase prices,
not because they need to,...Read More
Categories: adding, how i feel,
Form: Free verse

A Piece of Pi
Have a piece of pie today – 
Try apple, plum or cherry
Or key lime, lemon, Boston cream
Or one I love – mixed berry.

The choices aren’t infinite
Like digits never ending
In Pi, which though explained to me
I’m just not comprehending.

It starts with...Read More
Categories: adding, math,
Form: Rhyme
You Know Where

Well you’re rusty
From not moving
Your body getting hungry
fuel it up on a Sunday

You’re getting busy
Getting down to nothing
Did you miss me last night
Or more in the morning

I’m seizing up, yeah
From doing nothing 
Other than reefing on

She keeps me...Read More
Categories: adding, anxiety, depression,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member They Won't Tell You

•	Warning:  This is a brutal truth and if you don’t want to hear about what is happening lately regarding things you may not have heard or do not want to believe, than please ignore and please do not leave...Read More
Categories: adding, america, angst, health, political,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member I Danced a New Truth
I twirled the blind side of my imagination
She landed in a bow but did not bow
visualizing my muse’s scoff 
but it never came

Adding metamorphic truths
to my delicate repertoire
my cosmic soul winked at me
causing thunderous applause 

misunderstanding I danced my new...Read More
Categories: adding, imagination, muse, writing,
Form: Free verse
Preface: There is entirely too much water being consumed.  People should be satisfied with thirst and being dry.  They should think about desert sand, romancing dunes and bleached bones in repose.

People become inflated with hydration
Leaving faucets on,...Read More
Categories: adding, abuse, conflict, drink, endurance,
Form: Free verse
Losing Pace
The mirror’s the scariest place
For gazing at my aging face.
I realize that I’m
In the race against time
Fairly certain to lose in disgrace.

Clothes and make-up can help to erase
Certain wrinkles so I can embrace
How I look for a while
And by adding...Read More
Categories: adding, age, me,
Form: Limerick
Inside The Matters Of Its Namesake
It could never contain these things inside, 
they amass so high –mountains of them

Whispers from the many who have ventured in,
now silent echoes heard till its rhythm stops

Weakness pays a visit now and then to interrupt
the day to day pulse,...Read More
Categories: adding, heart, heartbreak, heartbroken, love, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
Poetrysoup can you please answer this question
This is a question or a request??

To those who run poetrysoup

As 1 of your features

Could you please list add or include??

The member's who have??

Listed Poet's poems who are there favorite??

Because i would really love to know

And thank them for adding...Read More
Categories: adding, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Yellows are Winning
the yellows are winning
dandelions and daffodils leading the way
sun shines her yellow on the earth
spring prances into sight with bird trill tune

the yellows are lively 
adding happiness to the season
as we plant yellow marigolds 
surrounded by tiny butterflies showing their...Read More
Categories: adding, spring,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dead Crush

"Dead Crush"

Oh uplift me woman
if we were to have a 
conversation would 
bees fly out of your mouth
or just mewling, simpering 
watered-down honey
not so pristine, just soft
and somewhat 
ingratiatingly tainted
you ply uplifting
romantic notions
like an air raid 
shelter bombing 
a numb...Read More
Categories: adding, courage, freedom, women,
Form: Free verse

1 TEASPOONS...Read More
Categories: adding, dance, music, people, places,
Form: Bio
Premium Member The Day I Danced in Puerto Rico
Dancing in time, bringing in the heartfelt holiday 
Wafts of women in full traditional costume of Puerto Rico
Gyrating in the streets, teasing the crowd with their prowess
From old to young, they make their point in colorful garb.

Boy children and men...Read More
Categories: adding, dance,
Form: Imagism
Outdoor Wonders
Nature makes me blossom,
from the flower that blooms in my backyard,
to the tall trees that shimmer with green.

When I was five I remember exploring the outdoors, 
taking my red sketchbook everywhere.
Lines flying through the page,
as I try to resemble the...Read More
Categories: adding, beauty, environment,
Form: ABC
Premium Member The Valley of Echoes
(1)         At the Edge of the Valley of Echoes

Little is written of The Valley of Echoes
Though many have halted at Valley’s edge
For few there are that would wander further
Where only unsettled wander,...Read More
Categories: adding, fate, gothic, humanity, judgement, prison, surreal, veterans
Form: Free verse
a growling beast
she described her work as creating creatures
using her efforts to summon the greatest fear
of people
she wanted her audience to believe her
and she wrote with an effort to
envision the deepest and darkest
feeling of fear and loneliness
the author paints the canvas
so that...Read More
Categories: adding, anti bullying, film, meaningful, music, myth, romance,
Form: Bio