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Winter Acrostic Poems

These Winter Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Winter. These are the best examples of Acrostic Winter poems written by international poets.

Premium Member WINTER-
An Acrostic 

Weekends party in the warm house drinking hot chocolate.
Ice skates gliding on the ice whistles.
Numerous springs arise lakes streams now frozen.
Terrible snowstorms thaw.

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, symbolism, winter,

green dress
Gabardine moss frilling
rims a dress, for winter             
Earthier darkened tone
enwraps an olive drape

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Categories: appreciation,

"Morning has broken
Like the first morning.
Blackbird has spoken
Like the first bird."  By Eleanor Farjeon

Black plumage has the male bird, preens his glossy suit with...

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Categories: bird, soulmate, spring, summer,

SPIKEY - 6 lines
Spikey is my name as I stretch and yawn on this sunny spring morn
Poking my nose through leaves and debris I sniff the sweet fresh...

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Categories: nature, sleep, spring, winter,

Premium Member Icy Wet Dip
I am cold-
   Caught in storm,
      yelled really loud,


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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: storm, winter,

The Four Seasons

S. Starting of the new season, all new life begins to grow
P. Preparing for mother nature’s new growth, her embryo 
R. Reaping and sowing of...

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Categories: autumn, spring, summer, winter,

Must dos' are the things that we must do without having to be told

I have a 'short list' that makes it easy to remember for...

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Categories: anniversary, appreciation, birthday, memory,

Premium Member February
Fresh winter wind shines
Early day's icy lace
Brisk peppermint breath
Refined milky light
Ubiquitous candy hearts 
Allows a splash of
Red and pink to brighten
Yearlings' skittish steps to spring.

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Categories: candy, children, red, wind,

Premium Member Christmas

Christmas comes in long nights of winter
Honoring a child born so long ago
Restoring hope for peace on earth
In angel’s songs and shepherds bowed low
Sleeping child...

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Categories: angel, christmas, holiday, jesus,

Premium Member Frosted Freedom

Jonquils, whispering in icy shadows,
Argue with January’s chill
Needling her about her coldness.
Upstart prisoners plotting a breakout
Always alert to a break in her façade
Resist complacency’s weakness

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Categories: hope, january, winter,

Rest While On Vacation
R-est while on vacation,
U-sing a resort to frolic;
T-ired and burned-out body
H-as to skylark and rollick.

Y-ou rest while on vacation,
O-n the fifth of September;
S-tart to bask...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member December
Days dwindle down to a new year
Expectations sing into all ears
Can you believe how fast time drifted away?
End of the year, ever so nigh!
Months flew...

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Categories: december, seasons, winter,

Premium Member JANUARY
Jarring chill from winter’s day
A flush of cheeks, an icy nose
Nature covers a white blanket 
Upon a shivering country road. 
As days shorten, night descends

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Categories: nature, winter,

Premium Member January
 Jumpstarting the year January
 Arrives with a bang, and people cheer
 New resolutions made as the old become nostalgia
 Until it's time once more...

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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: january, new year,

Premium Member Be Wary of January
J   ust too cold outside for man or beast
A  bsolutely freezing in the bedroom at night
N  ot interested in building a...

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Categories: how i feel, winter,

Premium Member January
Juggernaut winds howling south;
Arctic colds, chill, in their mouths.
No respite through winter days
Unless north creep sunshine’s rays.
And the groundhog comes too late
Relegating to its fate

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Categories: animal, fate, january, nature,

Premium Member January
Java helps keep me warm on those frigid days
Always a time to reflect back and try to start over
Now the days are starting to get...

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Categories: january,

Premium Member JUBILANT JOY

Joy in each crinkled smile, each twinkling
Upturned wink. Thunderous clouds cheer
“Brave New Year.”  The petals of the old
In a year of memories, pressed...

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Categories: new year,

Premium Member JANUARY

Joie de vivre is our motto for wintry months
Antifreeze of every kind the order of the day
Nippy temperatures won't deter our party mood
Undeniably upbeat's the...

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Categories: fun, january, snow, uplifting,

June may have its treats and July will certainly have its heat

August's end is indicative that a cooldown is headed my way

Nothing is always certain...

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Categories: january, weather, winter,