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Thank You Acrostic Poems

These Thank You Acrostic poems are examples of poetry about Thank You Acrostic. These are the best examples of Acrostic Thank You poems written by international poets.

Friends, Online and Offline

F- Forgiving, faithful and frank.
R- Reliable, resilient; add respectful, too.
I- inspiring, invite you to their hearts' doors 
    and are ever so invigorating!
E- Edify, enrich...

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Categories: friend, friendship, internet,

I Do Apologize
I never bothered to offer you dinner nor even to say, “Hello”.

Didn’t want you to be a part of my life, but I did allow...

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Categories: forgiveness, pets,

Released royale Holy King
Eternal  mercies granted rise
Sured solemnly saves mankind a assured Savior
Unexpected  deliverers soul deliver rise
Reprieve return to the Father to make...

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Categories: analogy, forgiveness, grave, jesus,

Almighty God*, Source of my breath and Sustainer of my life,

Now and always, I seek for Your new, fresh, rejuvenating favor.
Earnestly along Your empowerment, I...

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Categories: appreciation, christian, devotion, god,

My LORD God, I verily thank* You so much
Your love, grace, and mercy are abounding in my life...

Tenaciously, You uphold me daily with Your tenderness

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, god, inspirational,

Hell’s fiery flames of blackness fumes prevail
Eternally tormenting the faithless as they wail 
Lost, loveless… living in death’s sting of despair-sail…
Lord, thank You, for saving...

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Categories: christian, death, faith, god,

Bestowed with birthday-benefits* by God Almighty
I offer my gratefulness to Him for His blessings' bounty:
Redemption around His grand providence-security
Triumphant journey toward eternity
Hope of gracious certainty

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Categories: appreciation, birthday, christian, faith,

Premium Member Bike Wreck
Because I was left in the street to die
Ignored by those who could have helped but did not.
Knowing no one who saw cared enough to...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Love rape
Love Rape

People define 'rape' as something bad,evil and painful;
I guess maybe it's the way we view things,
Love yet amazing, joyful, enjoyable...
The end at the beginning,...

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Categories: allusion, anxiety, caregiving,

Thank you for your words
           Thank you for your words

     K nitting and sowing a...

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Categories: appreciation, poetry,

Father, I admire your faith-anchored fortitude
Asserting your love-braced tenacity as the home’s pillar
Training me to face life’s challenges
Hoisting me up to where I am today…

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, faith, father,

Thank you… 
Here’s my heart expressing
Affectionately my gratitude…
Nourished by your all-out 
Kindness, very gracious!

You’re greatly appreciated…  
On this day onward, may God’s bountiful blessings...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, god, thank

Premium Member Standardized Tests
S	Sorriest type of assessment
T	Two answers always sound right; one is author’s idea of more right.
A	Assumes we have identical life experiences, exposed to same words
N	No one...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Happy Mother’s Day, Mother Dearest

Mother, you are God’s good and great gift to me indeed
Opening and offering to my personhood … realities’ essence which I...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, encouraging, faith,

Divine Thanks
D-ivine thanks to the Lord 
A-lmighty in heaven above 
R-emains truly bountiful, 
Y-es, be grateful for His 

J-ust give divine thanks, 
O-ffer great gratitude;...

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Categories: thank you,

Beautiful is the 'thank you' 
Wrapped with gratitude, 
Offered to peace prone people 
Who offer what is real-themselves 
To nurse with love and humility 

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Categories: 8th grade, addiction,

horses horses horses
"horses horses horses"

happy am I, come look and see
on top of the world being free
ready are they, ready am I
soaring through wind under blue skies

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© Lisa Ricci  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation, beauty, horse,

along the sea - acrostic with couplet
"along the sea"

along the sea
life lives and breathes
on any given day
nothing could be finer
greeting such amazement

take to your soul
hold in your heart
everlasting this jewel

see for...

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© Lisa Ricci  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation, beach, beauty, ocean,

Premium Member Thank You God
Thank You God.

Tis the time
Hearts do say
About your Love.
Now and forever
Kindness reigns 
Yours omnipotent. 
Onward every day
United in deity 
Grace so given.
On divine way
Daily abounds....

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Categories: christian, inspirational, love,

(L)earning to accept each other's imperfections 

(O)vercoming obstacles together 

(V)alue and respect each other's opinions 

(E)njoy every moment together 

Thank you Heidi for the second...

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Categories: love,