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Sunset Acrostic Poems

These Sunset Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Sunset. These are the best examples of Acrostic Sunset poems written by international poets.

Rays Of The Sun Will Shine
R-ays of the sun will shine, 
A-fter the night passes by; 
Q-uit not when the rain falls
U-nderneath the dark sky.
E-leventh November morn breaks after the...

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Premium Member INFINITY

In the reflection of a golden sunset
Nocturnal blessing of horizon’s vicinity
Far from lamenting the plummeting nightfall
I seem to capture a twinge of infinity

Nostalgic reminiscings...

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Categories: beautiful, god, night, spiritual,

Premium Member SIGN OF THE TIMES

Sunset casts no shadows on the damned
Ignores the pleas of beggars seeking light
Grants the world its darkness - slowly dies
Nestles in feigned light of feckless...

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Categories: metaphor,

Below The Horizon
S-un below the horizon 
U-ses his apparent descent; 
N-ow is the time to rest, 
S-leep and set for a moment. 
E-vening is about to bring...

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As God Will Do The Rest
J-ust do the best you can, 
O-n the twenty-fourth of December; 
C-limb the tallest mountain, 
E-ven cross the widest river. 
L-ive life to the fullest,...

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More In Faith, Less In Doubt
M-ore in faith, less in doubt, 
A-nywhere and anytime; 
Y-our trust in God remains, there are mountains to climb.

B-elieve in the Lord's power, 
E-rasing the...

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Moon Gazer At Midnight
M-oon gazer at midnight 
A-lways awaits the sunset; 
R-eady to stay awake, 
J-oining not the woeful fret. 
O-nce she gazes at the moon, 
R-apture she'll...

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As Sunset Is Drawing Near
A-s sunset is drawing near, 
I-t's Friday December eighth; 
Z-one of zenith is fading, 
A-fternoon delight is great. 

A-nother noontime heat 
B-egins to disappear; 

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Beauty Of The Sunset
B-ehold the beauty of the sunset, 
E-ye the light below the horizon; 
A-im at the silent sight, an apparent descent of the beacon. 

U-nparalleled beauty...

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Look At The Sunset
L-ook at the sunset, 
I-t's a promise of tomorrow; 
E-ventide has come, 
Z-enith hides its glow.
Y-es, daytime comes to a close, as the dawn is...

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Life s Luck Overflows
J-ust let March twenty-fifth 
A-im to meet the Saturday; 
Y-our birthday has come, the night has gone away. 

V-ile weather has turned 
I-nto a warmer...

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Categories: birthday,

In The Dark Of Night
N-ew dawn has turned
I-nto a warm daylight; 
C-lear view at noon
H-as set the dusk

J-ust wait for the twilight, 
A-fternoon is passing by; 
N-ever ignore the...

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Categories: birthday,

Autumn Colors
A fter the rains disappear and the summer dissolves
U nder sapphire sky soft breeze slides and revolves
T rees lining the garden path prepare to face...

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Categories: autumn, color, nature,

Premium Member Time to Travel
N ovember is when we see family
O n the Blue Ridge Parkway we do ride
V ery vivid Reds, Oranges and Yellows on the trees
E very...

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Categories: animal, appreciation, beauty, mountains,

After The Night Is Gone
A-fter the night is gone, 
R-ed beacon begins to ascend; 
N-ight comes to a close, 
I-solated shadows 

A-n early Monday morn 
L-ets March twenty-seventh...

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Either Eye Of You
E-ither eye of you
M-akes a sparkling look; 
E-ven if the sky is dark, 
L-ife isn't found in a nook.
E-ither eye of you
N-ever seems to be...

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Premium Member Enjoyable
(E)vening sunsets
(N)ights in summer
(J)ust a slight breeze
(O)ut on the porch
(Y)ellow flowers blooming
(A)ll around you and I
(B)right smiles beaming 
(L)ost in moments tied together
(E)very embrace we...

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Categories: beauty, love, sunset,

An Early Morning Light
A-n early morning light
Y-earns to take the night away; 
A-llowing the sun to rise
M-ay twenty-second day.
I-n the sky up above
C-louds will never gather; 
H-aze and...

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Ardently Random Simple Poems
A poet was not my dream, but that how my life run
Reading poetry, listening to poets, and  go with 
Day after day long days...

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G reat escape from the mundane, humdrum affairs 
L ying on the sea-shore savoring pleasant twilight 
O pium to the eyes, more it craves...

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