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Simple Acrostic Poems

These Simple Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Simple. These are the best examples of Acrostic Simple poems written by international poets.

Simple ways
Are always best
If you
Live you life
Best you know how
All is lost

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Categories: boat, life,

Premium Member In His Image - The Acrostic Style

~ In  His   Image~

In his image  He’s created us all
New things, are  all  possible in His Holy name

He’s our...

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Categories: acrostic, christian, faith, hope, love,


Christmas comes in long nights of winter
Honoring a child born so long ago
Restoring hope for peace on earth
In angel’s songs and shepherds bowed low
Sleeping child...

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Categories: angel, christmas, holiday, jesus,

Scots they be a hardy bunch in any weather
Ceilidhs yae dance to bagpipes and drums
Oats might be simple, but they are our fuel
Tourists are strangers...

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Categories: beauty, holiday,

Premium Member Smile
Smiling makes anybody’s day better 
Makes them smile right back at you
It shows that you are down to earth
Love can be shown with a simple...

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Categories: feelings, friendship, how i

The power of hugs
Harbor of heartfelt happiness and healing      
Umbrella under pressure of lifes storms
Gratification of love with affection
Secure sanctuary melting stress into...

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Categories: appreciation, happiness, love,

Premium Member Karma
Knocked down, bruises and  scars,  a wave of souvenirs pierced her 
armor; never saw the depraved evil inside. She
respected, trusted that someone and...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, courage, freedom,

Just Call To Say Hello
J-ust call to say hello, 
E-arly first of February; 
N-ever hesitate to ring up, 
N-or hang back to text me.

C-all to say hello, 
A-fter your...

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Categories: birthday,

42 Seconds
4- 4 minutes have passed.
2- 2 seconds have gone by.
S- Second hand on the clock still stays.
E- Every number stays too.
C- Continuously, the skinny hand...

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© Ibidun O.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cool, history, life, poetry,

More To It Than Meets The Eye
R-emember that the Lord God 
H-as cursed the wicked world; 
E-arly Saturday September ninth, 
A-round the ocean, the water whirled. 

U-nfurled waves of the sea...

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Categories: birthday,

Make The Day Sublime
R-ise of the beacon begins, 
U-nderneath the blue sky; 
B-athing your head and heart, 
Y-our eyes will never cry.

A-llow your mind to think
N-othing but of...

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Categories: birthday,

Make Not A Rod For Your Own Back
M-ake not a rod for your own back, 
A-ugust nineteenth Saturday; 
R-emain simple to lead 
Y-our life to the right way. 
J-ust make not a...

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Categories: birthday,

Humanity, once upon a long time ago did live in true paradise!
Understanding nature more than we ever have, give and, or take. 
Moving on when...

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Categories: humanity,

Array of hues for “A” healthy life
Showing their radiance day and night
Tableau of romance for all lovers
Exquisite flowers in five bouquets with letters
Rainbow's reflection from...

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© Galeo DS  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: celebration, flower, happy birthday,

Easy, Pleasant, And Simple
G-iving love isn't difficult, 
R-eceiving the same means glory; 
A-nything on earth 
C-oupled with love is 

A-ll things are created simple, 
N-o conflict but...

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Categories: birthday,

Easy As Falling Off A Log
J-ust easy as falling off a log, 
E-verything is simple to do; 
S-o smooth to operate, 
S-o soft to handle too. 
A-s easy as falling...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Meaning: Adj: Extraordinarily good; wonderful

(S)oaring on the wings of love
(U)nder starlit skies spread above
(P)arachuting with joy in hand
(E)manating across the beautiful land
(R)esting together peacefully side...

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Categories: beautiful, love, uplifting,

Marie Is In Tea House
M-arie is in tea house, 
A-iming to order herbal drink; 
R-efreshment in boiling water
I-ncludes tea in oolong or green.
C-ris is in tea house, 
R-eceiving aromatic...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Easter Season
Each Wednesday evening, we eat soup and bread.
A simple meal like one our Savior ate,
Supping with dear and closest, trusted friends,
Taking the food to meet...

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Categories: seasons,

New Dawn Wakes You Up
V-ery well as you sleep
I-n the middle of the night; 
L-ight above early at dawn 
M-akes everything

C-old chill has disappeared, 
A-t dawn fourteenth May; 

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