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Paradise Acrostic Poems

These Paradise Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Paradise. These are the best examples of Acrostic Paradise poems written by international poets.

H-ope lifts flagging spirits
U-se it wisely for the 
m-illions with no future 
a-nd those of little prospect
n-ever  give up on them...

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Categories: beautiful, care, dream, humanity,

Premium Member Great Escape

G etting away from here, we have a plan.

R eady, set, GO. Me and my man -

E nveloped by twilight’s mist, now flee!

A n island...

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Categories: romantic,

Premium Member Great Escape
Gorgeous gracious gardens gaping
Riveting running rivers racing
Echoing effervescing enamoring endless
Adoring Angels accepting attendance
Towering tranquilising trees tremendous

Eloquent equilibrium euphoric exile
Surrendering silence sustaining smile
Comfortably calming content consciousness

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Categories: earth, nature, silence,

Premium Member Jesus is my everything
Jesus is my everything

Joy fills my heart and soul
Enduring peace within
Sweet sense of gentleness
Unending reassurance
Surrendering to His love.

Inner hopes that sustain
Sending up honest prayers

Making me...

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Categories: faith, god, heaven, hope,

Premium Member What Bliss Is
Wrapping me in plenary comfort with your loving arms
Heartbeats, yours and mine, beating in unison. Your...
Amorous glance that makes my happy soul dance
Telling me how...

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Categories: emotions, happiness, love, passion,

Right Way
E-ach and every way 
L-ooks good to the eyes; 
O-nly one path though 
I-s the route to paradise. 

S-o many offered roads 
A-re just built...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member In His Image - The Acrostic Style

~ In  His   Image~

In his image  He’s created us all
New things, are  all  possible in His Holy name

He’s our...

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Categories: acrostic, christian, faith, hope, love,

Reach The Life Eternal
P-lease the Lord God above, 
R-emain obedient and faithful; 
E-ndless life is in paradise, 
C-omfort will soothe your soul.
I-t's time to reach the crown, 

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Categories: birthday,

Pampered like a child, Lord, your grace
Abounds in my heart; and on my face,
Reverence for you beams with gratitude
Affording me with a humble attitude.
Demonstrating your...

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Categories: spiritual,

Quest For Glory
Q-uest for the glory 
U-nderneath the sunlight; 
E-agerly find lasting peace, 
Z-enith sets things 

M-oments of glory 
A-re found in every heart; 
E-ach time...

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Categories: birthday,

Pure Pleasure
A-im at the pure pleasure, 
N-o more pain will be felt; 
N-ew earth has a new heaven, 
E-very sheep shows no guilt. 

P-ure pleasure in...

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Categories: birthday,

Perfect Paradise
A-llow Monday to shine, 
R-eplacing Sunday night; 
N-ineteenth December breaks, 
E-arly beacon brings

E-vening raindrops disappear, 
B-ad weather turns good; 
U-nderneath the blue sky, 
S-hadow hides...

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Categories: birthday,

Perfect Home In Heaven
P-erfect home in heaven is free from pain and sorrow; 
J-ust the peace and gladness, as we all ought to know.

M-an must always think
O-f what...

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Categories: birthday,

Blessings* of God’s bounty be yours today and onward
Inspiration, too, thru His precepts as you move onward
Rejuvenation, refreshment, revival with faith’s trek upward
To keep you...

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Categories: birthday, blessing, faith, friend,

Premium Member Mothers Day
Mothers Day

My queen of heart reigning my kingdoM
One of a kind for excellence striving solO
Tremendous respect for your inspiring mighT
Haven of divine love, from you...

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Categories: angel, blessing, celebration, longing,

Premium Member Lickety Split
Like diamonds bathed in sun,
Islands in the 
Caribbean call my name.
Kiss me with your sultry
Energy and charm.
There’s a beach bum waiting for me, with
Yellow hair...

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Categories: fantasy, romance,

One Place In The Skyway
J-ust hope for salvation, 
E-ternal life and paradise; 
R-each the blissful home 
I-n the wide blue skies. 
C-omplete joy and mirth 
K-ill the sorrow and...

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Categories: birthday,

On The Way To Paradise
R-ace against the time
A-s the end is drawing near; 
C-omplete the volatile voyage, 
H-iding not a drop of tear.
E-agerly wait for the great day, receiving...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Spring Is In The Air
Shivers from winter’s snowfall and cold,
Please release your season’s devised hold;
Reign winter did with perfect splendor,
Ideal in her unique-styled vigor;
Now I ask that gifts of...

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Categories: appreciation, nature, spring,

No Tears Fall From Eyes
J-ust let sunny Saturday 
O-pen the morn with light; 
N-ew dawn March eighteenth 
A-ims to set your birth aright. 

Q-uest for the lasting mirth, 

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Categories: birthday,