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Moving On Acrostic Poems

These Moving On Acrostic poems are examples of poetry about Moving On Acrostic. These are the best examples of Acrostic Moving On poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Great Escape

German resistance well-noted within prison encampment
Rambunctious brood neath an underground network
Erasing traces under so-called watchful eyes
Allied soldiers, hundreds to gain freedom
Together with a few arduous...

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Categories: character, motivation, moving on,

Premium Member SHE
Said she’s sending
Him her hair,
Eros, Ezra, Esne . . .

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© Pax Geist  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cute, moving on, silly,

Abby Johnson -- unPLANNED



These are the 3 full sentences implied by the acrostic above:

~abortion beliefs became yesterday's job
~ongoing hope now shows others new understanding
~nice people like and need...

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Categories: abortion, baby, books, child,

Premium Member TOM HANKS

T his the mid-seventies, California,
O akland Airport Hilton Inn, town aura,
M idst Oakland Stadium Complex, airport.

H ospitality Senior Special sort.
A t nineteen, I worked as...

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Categories: allegory, career, dedication, destiny,

Premium Member APO
Day we said our final words,

Exactly two months ago,

And now your letter only stirs,

Regrets, cast a dark shadow,

Just so you know, I've moved on,

Only hoping...

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Categories: dark, heartbreak, love hurts,

Premium Member The Last Laugh
The girl he dated briefly
Had pulled some shenanigans
Everyone liked her at first

Loved her, until she showed her true colors.
Always laughing, making fun, teasing, playing
She made...

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Categories: character, encouraging, moving on,

Premium Member LICKETY SPLIT

Like an Olympic athlete
Iris sets to work at lightning speed
Cleaning her designer
Kitchen and spacious bathroom.
Everywhere she
Yields to her fluffy feather duster

She hasn't a moment to...

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Categories: home, moving on,

Premium Member Kant and Buddha meet Karma and Immanuel
Kant and Buddha meet Karma and Immanuel 

There underneath the fertile soil rests a karmic message

Hewn into marble stone or written on a lonely cross


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Categories: death, love, moving on,

Premium Member B O S S

Best ones know they have to listen, to learn.

Ordained as the head, but the great ones don't act like it.

Seriously concerned about their employees' welfare.


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Categories: change, environment, growth, life,



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Categories: evil, forgiveness,

Thinking will not prolong the inevitable. 
Hoping for yesterday will not stop tomorrow.
Incompetence only takes you so far.
Shooting for the stars is our destination.

Initially, we...

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Categories: future, graduation, growing up,

P erhaps it's time to let it go.
A ll that pain you suffered so.
S train on your heart and soul.
T ime to release and let...

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Categories: adventure, future, moving on,

Loves of my Life
 L  ovely metallic lady lost in Aisle Eight,
 O  n a rubbled spillway frightened and alone.
 V  ehicular damage on fore...

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Categories: farewell, lost love, love,


Penning my life in rhythm
Openly to listeners and readers
Each and every will surely hear them
Momentarily as I travel to deeper

Places of thought as a writer

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Categories: creation, life, poems, poetry,

Butterfly Dreams
Better to see anything in dreams.
Universal beauty holds out it seems.
Transformation into beauty to behold.
Tragedy of real life ever so cold.
Exemplifies fantasy in ones mind.

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Categories: deep, desire, emotions, growing

Take it Slow
Always in such a hurry
Pressing forward, moving on
Reaching for that which you think you are due
Every moment of the day spent in pursuit
Climbing that invisible...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, giving, happiness,

J ust as I started to fall for you
A nother entered my life.
N o, I was not expecting it to happen there
U nder the Oak...

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© Dan Cwiak  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: i miss you, love,

A-nticipating no one
Refusing to slow down
Still searching for a home

L-eft in the rain
Still moving on
Refusing to bow to the pain

O-nly I can help myself
I will...

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Categories: power, pride,

New to Poetry Soup,
5 light years away,
Very small compared to others,

Carrying a bit of fear,
Anxiety, and new,
Pulsing out worry and contempt,
Telling myself not to fear,

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© Sarah P.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, encouraging, mountains, moving

Corn plantation
             Corn plantation 
C-call mama and tell her
O-over here is not easy 

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Categories: abuse, africa, feelings, for