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Fate Acrostic Poems

These Fate Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Fate. These are the best examples of Acrostic Fate poems written by international poets.

Shadow the darkness to bring in the light.
Ephemeral fright should not strangle you , ?ghting the bad fate.
Remember, you are the only one to cause...

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Categories: anti bullying, appreciation, courage,

Premium Member Archbishop

Adorned with jewels, embroidered silks and golden staffs
Richly garbed shepherds strut in their ornate robes.
Cynical, stuffy and pretentious, these popinjays are
Holdovers of regal times, a...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Welcome to Trump Land
I name call.  Berate.
Manipulate.  Dictate.
Pressure.  Bully.  Fabricate.
Endlessly lie and discriminate.
Accost.  Harass.  Intimidate.
Cackle loud as I Twitter hate.
How else will...

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© Deb Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: america, bullying, corruption, discrimination,

Premium Member Beloved
Brevity perhaps was his destiny
Eternity his true fate of time
Leaving so many wounded in disbelief
Only one child were to carry on his legacy
Veiled to walk...

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Categories: brother, death,

Premium Member Goodbye Love
Goodbye first kiss; into
Oblivion our last.
Oh, Romeo, could I ever let go of a lover's clasp?
Darkness is still, hovering limp.
Beyond eons of lost breaths, you...

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Categories: death, goodbye, i miss

Premium Member Environment
Existential fear abandoned for the sake of delusion

Nuclear freeze in her heart of alchemy’s shivers 

Veiled shadows dancing to the echo of silence

Intemperance sounding choral...

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Categories: dream,

Premium Member This All Could Be
(an acrostic in sonnet form.)

Things are not perfect, so you do not know
How we can have it all. You’re asking me
If we can reach the...

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Categories: love,

Premium Member With Bated Breath
wistful recollections awaken
intriguing emotions to follow
towards the desolate path
heartless roads once paved

barren fields beneath the stone
amidst the shadows of rock
thirst for more than tears
eventide's sighs...

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Categories: emotions, heart, heartbreak, love,

Freaking out,
rolling back is rough and sweaty.
everyone knows it!
all has tried,
KitKat isn't for legends any longer!...

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Categories: betrayal, black love, evil,


Choosing to stay or move on who chooses
At time things just seems to just stand still
Then from nowhere something just change
Are we our own destiny...

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Categories: blessing, hope,

Silence Sleeps Alone

  frAil and forgotten
  siLently crying
  loOking at nothing
  coNcealed in a sheet
  viEwing lifes final chapter...

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© Kim Davis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, environment, farewell, fate,

The Universe Of YOU
I have never seen a flower blush when I took it's hue
and held it there a prisoner captive to my view.

I have always heard the...

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Categories: emotions, i love you,

Prac C


first word...

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Categories: write, writing,

Premium Member January
Juggernaut winds howling south;
Arctic colds, chill, in their mouths.
No respite through winter days
Unless north creep sunshine’s rays.
And the groundhog comes too late
Relegating to its fate

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Categories: animal, fate, january, nature,

Just as the drops of dew fell on my nose, causing me to smile
Another butterfly landed on my shoulder, and sang to me,
No, it said,...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member January

Joyful bells and pyrotechnics greet the year
Acclamations of the turning of a page
Now we look to future hopes with banished fear 
Under brightening days new...

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Categories: seasons,

Premium Member Surreal
School to wealth, then to power, a nice continuous wheel
Understanding nature to always make a good deal
Road map so short to great success without any...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, fairy, faith,

Premium Member Innocent


In the game of life, filled with sin

Not all will win, some will lose

No one can choose their hand

One learns to play the

Cards dealt by...

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Categories: 10th grade, destiny, fate,

Premium Member Innocent


In the game of life, filled with sin

Not all will win, some will lose

No one can choose their hand

One learns to play the

Cards dealt by...

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Categories: 10th grade, anxiety, character,

Premium Member When You Vote
When you go to the polls to vote,
Have knowledge of your candidate choices.
Each voter must have education and hope;
Now people constitutionally, do have voices.

You will...

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Categories: community, courage, education, leadership,