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Destiny Acrostic Poems

These Destiny Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Destiny. These are the best examples of Acrostic Destiny poems written by international poets.

 Life is ideal view
 Intelligent state
 Fact of divine grace
 Effectively blown by God

 Definitive step for future
 Erasing of conscience

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Categories: analogy, destiny, poetry,

Premium Member FREEDOM

F  -  Fighting 

R  -  Ruinous 
E   - Enslavement 

E   - Established  
D ...

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Categories: freedom, independence day,

Premium Member Faith

From our first breath, we’re all gifted with a soul, and

A spiritual awareness of self, and God.

Instinctively, we believe our soul’s eternal.

Tethered to God's heart;...

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Categories: 10th grade, beautiful, christian,


Choosing to stay or move on who chooses
At time things just seems to just stand still
Then from nowhere something just change
Are we our own destiny...

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Categories: blessing, hope,

Premium Member God Is Great-An Acrostic
God Is Great-An Acrostic 

Galaxies creator never dwindle.

Other existences increase.

Distant galaxies created sphere.

Irregular galaxies gain.

Supernovas escalate.

Giant leaps roar.

Real existences rally.

Earlier supernovas explode.

Antiquarks recede.

Terrible agonies rise.


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Categories: adventure, appreciation, assonance, blessing,

One day you will grow
one day you will grow
o/only with time
n/no other way can 
e/every growth be born

d/destiny can be delayed but never
a/accept to be a failure 
y/your destiny...

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Categories: africa, confidence, courage, deep,

Premium Member Innocent


In the game of life, filled with sin

Not all will win, some will lose

No one can choose their hand

One learns to play the

Cards dealt by...

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Categories: 10th grade, destiny, fate,

acrostic, three quatrains

G - Great women of the Bible I will share,
R - Ruth and Rahab, two women who would wear 
A - ancestry in...

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Categories: bible, destiny, grandmother, perspective,

Premium Member Sign of the Times
Satellites in space keeping an eye on the human race
Independence in place a parental pacified pallid pace
Gods of war prepare for their cadaverous command
Narcissistic lair...

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Categories: conflict, destiny, humanity,

Premium Member BOOM
B-   Ballistics blast burst
O-   Outbreak 
O-   Outbursts
M-   Miss detonation Misfired

written words by James Edward Lee Sr.
Copyright ©...

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Categories: analogy, destiny, engagement, fire,

People come,people go
Some just never stay;
Is it God who chooses where we go
Or is it their own way.
Once their here and settle in
Your heart is...

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Categories: bible, blessing, destiny, feelings,

heaven's soilder on earth
Journey Of  Heavens Solider On Earth 
Am a Solider stranger here in town?
Walking am so lonely
Just another soldier man-without guns
Yes am really lonely

I sojourn...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, child abuse,

Divine Words To Obey
M-aker's divine words to obey
A-re full of faith, hope, and love; 
R-evealing the truth that sets
Y-ou free from wrath above.

D-ivine words to obey
E-arly seventh of...

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Categories: birthday,

God As Your Guide
W-ith God as your guide, 
E-verything is under control; 
N-othing lets you go amiss, 
G-od is the Captain of your soul.

A-im to have God as...

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Categories: birthday,

Master Of Your Fate
M-aster of your fate is God, 
E-ither during red or during blue; 
R-igorously depend on Him, 
R-elying not on 

P-rovidence is the Master of...

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Categories: birthday,

Son of man
son of man
s- son of man 
o- on his shoulder
n- nothing is better but 

o- only the struggles that
f- for every remains the 

m- most...

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Categories: courage, destiny, encouraging, endurance,

Nothing I ever had, 
Nothing I can lose.
Nothing is a strong word.
I know! Because I feel nothing.

Complains and expectations,
Did no good. 
"My happiness?" A feeling...

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Categories: change, destiny, emotions, endurance,

Unaccomplished Dream
There's nothing I want to say,
There's nothing I wish to discuss.
I simply want to walk,
Walk till I reach home.

My heart is beating faster,
My mind is...

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Categories: absence, conflict, courage, cry,

F ire desire lovingly aspire delicious degrees
A s if a heated arousing embrace is not enough
H as a heart beat ever been an entrusted agreement

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Categories: analogy, body, fire, image,

Marriage Shadow
Meaningful conversations of elations aim								
amores light, embracing echoing stamina								
relegating through a tumultuous third year,							
regrets of white lilies lining walls of despair								
incandescent kisses, loving trips to...

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Categories: anniversary, blessing, care, destiny,