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Depression Acrostic Poems

These Depression Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Acrostic Depression poems written by international poets.

In The Event Of My Demise
Dedicated to those curious

In the event of my demise
When my heart can beat no more
I Hope I Die For A Principle
or a belief that i...

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Categories: dedication, deep, depression,


There are many thoughts that envelope your inner voice
There are many scenarios that do and do not give you a choice
There are many fears that...

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Categories: change, depression, encouraging,

Premium Member Wisdom
Within myself, I occasionally  lose all aspects of life.
In doing so, my thoughts diverge from common
sense, to irretrievable loss as past happiness.
Definite conceptual knowledge...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression, god, inspiration,

Dealing With Discouragement

Do you feel downhearted at this time now in your life?
Is your heart all burdened from the trials and the strife?
Set your focus...

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Categories: depression,

Premium Member WORD PLAY

I attempt to make other people smile

Melancholy days - forget them for a while!
A real belly laugh is good for your soul
Keep on writing humour...

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Categories: humor, me, poetry,

Just like you
I wish I was like you
How wonderful would that be,
An experience that I will truly cherish
The pressure I put on myself will vanish
Ending all the...

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Categories: depression, hate, sad,

Premium Member Wistful
Wishes are never horses, making beggars be less cheerful
Increased interest to the unreachable despite being careful
Subjects, condemns and stimulates one to be less grateful
The moment...

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Categories: anxiety, bereavement, depression, desire,


Masking how we feel behind a false smile
Everyday hiding those negative thoughts
Not realising the strength that takes to do
Til we reach the point...

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Categories: anxiety, care, courage, depression,


     Understand the reasons this feeling is to remain
      Negativity runs rapid, skin flushed with blame

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Categories: dark, deep, depression, sad,

Truth shall hold, and set one free
Righteousness shall reign, and let one be
Ornaments that fold, unfold at three
Under father of rain,  Son Spirit be

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Categories: angst, cry, depression, scary,

Today, he is sledding iced streets. A city's rain yet freezes on roads here; every lad's pastime...

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Categories: depression, hurt, suicide, weather,

Poems from the heart I encounter with a eureka delight
Offering me vicarious reality insights ubiquitous in the global poetry site
Exposing myriad experiences – personal or...

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Categories: blessing, confidence, encouraging, faith,

The Enlightened Trove
B roken heart crumbles into a mass of dark debris
R emains there in the shadow of deep depression
I mmersed in the desolate desire to once...

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Categories: analogy, depression, hope, life,

T-here is every reason to live with people in harmony,
Y-our spirit, soul and body will have amity of mind; 
O-bviously to maintain maximum relationship;
K-nowing fully...

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Categories: 12th grade, birthday, march,

Beautiful View Of The Ocean
B-eautiful view of the ocean 
E-liminates the gray and blue; 
C-omfort cancels your sadness, 
K-eeping it away from 

C-omely look of the sea 

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Categories: birthday,

My Rainbow
I used to have a rainbow, I could see it all the time

For some reason it left me, I’m still not quite sure why
Every day...

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© Donald Lee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: color, depression, emotions,

I always have felt unimportant.
Never truly believing.
So I just 
Ignored everyone around me 
Going to their classes 
Not worrying about me.
I sat there quietly
Feeling like...

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Categories: cry, depression, sad,

Love for less
Little issues in life will only get bigger in time,
One must except the faults which we all have,
Very few can truly embrace the wrongs to...

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Categories: blue, conflict, depression, leaving,

Escaping Friendzone
Shackles and chains she put me in, 
And pet me like a loyal dog, 
Killer she was but not of humans
She killed my emotions and...

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Categories: best friend, cute love,

Kut dem Strife
Klouds in my weary eyes again, my love
Underestimated with abominable lies - where do I begin, dove?
Try to break free from the chains of rage-like...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, angst, anxiety,