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Childhood Acrostic Poems

These Childhood Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Childhood. These are the best examples of Acrostic Childhood poems written by international poets.

You Raped My Soul
I slowly trusted you…

I shared the depths of my heart and soul with you…

You allowed me to attach to you …

Like a newborn fawn…to it’s...

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Categories: black love, break up,

Must I mind my thoughts always with him?
Isn't he the one in whose companionship i
need not sugarcoat my lines for truth is in?
Deeds we do...

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© taai tekai  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art,

There are times in my life that I long for
Always at the back of my mind I do yearn
Knowing that the place where I do...

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Categories: happiness,


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Categories: childhood, home, parents,

Beautiful Fall


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Categories: autumn, beautiful, seasons,

Christopher Black: with his big back-pack.
Liam Short; ironically he was.
Aiden Craven: his names almost matched
Simon Pal - and he was a pal!
Stuart Grove; didn't know...

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Categories: childhood, school,

The school life
Tears in the eyes
When my school began
Willing to go to home back
That time, the only place of heaven
A small child doesn't know much
What are books...

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Categories: 10th grade, pashto, people,

She Is The Mom
Secured her baby in the womb.
Helped the child to walk on it's leg.
Efficient in making us to eat food.

Idol of us in our childhood.
Super woman...

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Categories: dedication, miracle, mom, mother,

You said me little star when I was born,
bought me new clothes when it was torn

wiped my tears whenever I cried
Boosted me up whenever something...

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Categories: care, child, childhood, dad,

How could a mother leave such a cutie on the street?!
Uncovering the lid that hid the baby she mused -
Maybe she’s hiding and watching who...

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© Betsy Jos  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: childhood, cute love,

Kut dem Strife
Klouds in my weary eyes again, my love
Underestimated with abominable lies - where do I begin, dove?
Try to break free from the chains of rage-like...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, angst, anxiety,

Happy days
H-igh spirits with friends, groups of teenagers full of life.
A-imated laughter echoes around them.
P-layful fighting, teasing and taunting.
P-riceless memories made.
Y-oung love beginning.

D-eepening affection growing.
A-rdent kisses...

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Categories: childhood, happy, love, memory,

Fancy Free
Forever I had dreamed of my “Happily Ever After” scene.
As a child, I became Snow White or Cinderella in my dreams.
Never had I imagined living...

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Categories: family, freedom, growing up,

Remember The Old Days
R-emember the old days, 
O-nce you are all alone; 
N-othing you can think
A-bout but yesteryear's zone.
L-et the old days be remembered, 
Y-ou can do it...

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Categories: birthday,

There's No Place Like Home
T-here's no place like home, 
H-ouse where you began to walk; 
E-arly childhood in that place
R-ehearsed you how to talk.
E-rrors that you made there
S-ignaled the...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member CYNEBEALD
Derived simple comfort, throughout childhood, even now,
From the one syllable sound, called out by my mother.

Cynebeald in the most formal tongue of old. A lifetime...

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Photograph can hold thousand memories
Recalling the time that we tend to forget
Even recalling sounds and smell forgotten
Childhood memories are instantly recalled
It amazing how we recall...

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Categories: celebration, memorial day, memory,


Powerless and choiceless birth and place
It is the place where dreams are turned into fantasy
The elite and elect build walls to...

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Categories: anger, birth, blessing, change,

Premium Member BEING HUMAN
Boys, being mischievous, showing off on a skateboard and
Engaging in sports of all kinds, swimming and fishing 
In all kinds of weather, coming home tracking...

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Categories: childhood, humanity,

Premium Member Being Human
Being Human

Birthed to the world through a woman’s womb
Experiencing the trials and joys of growing each day
Individuality and identity take place along the way 

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Categories: character, childhood, humanity, life,