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Accomodate Poems

Accomodate Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accomodate poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accomodate.

New Poems

My Grandmother's Love


The name of my Grandmother's
house is the same with the name of my Grandmother's town.

My Grandmother's love is formless.
Grandmother found me formless.
My Grandmother's formless love,
form me into a perfect form.
Outstanding unicorn
With men around in uniform.

In my Grandmother's house.
I...Read More
Categories: accomodate, 1st grade, appreciation, best friend, child, friendship
Form: ABC

There's more to rainbows
than sunshine and rain
the arcobaleno
can accomodate
the dreams of everyone....Read More
Categories: accomodate, nature,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Inflated Nation
The Inflated Nation!

Americans growing wider by the minute!
Is there  a Russian collusion behind this illusion?
(Now, there's a breaking news headline
with real meat in it)

(Mashed potatoes, ah,don't forget, 
drowning in a greasy, gravy pit?)
Served at your table, by your waiter, 
most able, Michael Avennati.
Yes,...Read More
Categories: accomodate, food, health, inspiration,
Form: Rhyme
Things Poetry Do
I breath lyrics to dying souls.
crafting art for the aching souls.
To see feel and share.
Till I say you see you care.

that expands the strings of hope.
when the mass production becomes well coped.
and it boils their spirits with tender,
when their mutual...Read More
Categories: accomodate, 12th grade,
Form: Free verse
mirror mirror
Here's sumthing I kinda find funny
All these friends around really don't know me
everyone has a reflection here of
Stay outa my image if you can't look in the mirror
Now you can go with this or that
Whatever you choose, passion is where...Read More
Categories: accomodate, art,
Form: ABC

Loved by Few-Hated by Many
An expression of a Nurse

I am a Nurse,
I am loved by few and hated by many
Everyday I dedicate my life to saving lives of others
From 7 o'clock in the morning to 7 o'clock in the evening
Whether its winter, whether its...Read More
Categories: accomodate, bereavement, depression, emotions, hate, heartbroken, humanity, i
Form: Free verse
I've been single now for quite some time.
Home alone, just me and mine.
It's nice to hear the clock tick,
whenever peace is what I seek.
Play my music to suit my mood.
Cook my own favoutite food.

But something's missing from the mix.
Something niggling...Read More
Categories: accomodate, absence, boyfriend, desire,
Form: Rhyme

How I wished she was here
There won't be spilling of blood
All over the street of her mother
Looters won't be seen around 
Bad leaders will be totally exiled
Only those with the spirit of the Umunna 
Shall...Read More
Categories: accomodate, africa, age,
Form: Blank verse

Cry when the tattered clothes are torn
Mourn the skeletal soul but take the heart
Home where its belongs, not in the dust
Untittle the page of our love then
Kiss my pains with a million tears.
Love was made blind the day...Read More
Categories: accomodate, age, art,
Form: Blank verse
Bill From The West.

-Oh ye paper souced from woods 
-Be a benefactor To Our Needs. 
-Heal Untendered Wants and desires. 
-Stretch Our Faiths No Longer To The Fire. 
-Words Have Reached Us How You Proved Trade By Barter Unworthy. 
-The...Read More
Categories: accomodate, abuse, betrayal, black african american, dream, loss,
Form: Epic

frozen at night
violent bristles of the tree 
equal to my hearts state, 
rattling,with images of she 
how can one accomodate .   

it seems absurd to rearrange, 
ones palace of boundless love. 
to make any simplistic change 
causes crying like of a...Read More
Categories: accomodate, depression
Form: Sonnet
mirror mirror
Here's sumthing I kinda find funny
All these friends around really don't know me
everyone has a reflection here of
Stay outa my image if you can't look in the mirror
Now you can go with this or that
Whatever you choose, passion is where...Read More
Categories: accomodate, friendship,
Form: Personification
That place

Like a stillborn child they slept;
Their good and evils they 
couldn't do again.
In a place quiet, dark and 
Where even prisoners are as 
free as kings.

Many hopeless people desire to 
go there and live;
Those who are grieved; who 
seek death.
The...Read More
Categories: accomodate, fear, desire,
Form: Free verse
Dusk Testimony
O not farewell, mistress of night and day
Do not be coy and go away
I love it at the sunset hour, I love you more
I languish in the evening's power
When dusk gathers her garment from the floor
And runs naked through the...Read More
Categories: accomodate, hope, night, love, me, night, i love
Form: Verse
Musical Entities
At the top of this mountain
My heart pounding
Aware of all i possess
Once upon a time in vacancy land,
I close this book,
It's last words read,
The power,
I watch as the waves spread
Layering over the crowd
Suffocating us all within unity
The ground shakes
As i...Read More
Categories: accomodate, adventure, art, fantasy, happiness, introspection, music, nature,
Form: Free verse

Where thou thee
Sons of Afrika
There over the edge is a halo
It's coming to crown the world

He who stands wear it first
So rise up my people, my children
For we had long remain knelt to the giant
That charmeleon, Ananse of...Read More
Categories: accomodate, history
Form: Prose Poetry
Fantasy trip
When without umbrella 
it poured mind wandered

how if it rained horizontally
it would rain as a blanket above 
and not stagnate to breed bacteria 
no spoiling of leather shoes 
cow dung on road is waste
but in farm is manure
rain on...Read More
Categories: accomodate, fantasyfarm,
Form: Free verse
The Boy Next Door
Too large for most to accomodate,
If it is important he'll be late.
Sometimes vulgar and crude to the core.
Never mistaken as the boy next door.

A hard headed Giant that's misunderstood.
Entirely too intellegent for his own good.
Cares for nobody but himself 
and...Read More
Categories: accomodate, friendship
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Summer's Guests
Oh! How I dreaded for the bee to come
But he came this summer with all his kin
He has invaded the peas, beans, and corn
They have turned the garden into their  den

I have not seen  the Purple Martin yet
Coming...Read More
Categories: accomodate, animals, imagination, life, nature
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member I Guess I'm Gittin' Old!
I've always looked rather young for my age, or so I'm told,
But a kid in the burger joint today was ever so bold!
He rang up a "senior rate" for the burgers that he sold!
That little scoundrel! How dare he assume...Read More
Categories: accomodate, funny
Form: Rhyme
When You Are Old and Grey..
When you are old and grey
And full of sleep
Recouperating on you mind

Somewhere an equally old grey lady
Will be looking at you
Waiting for more moments to find

Who has witnessed your face
From youthful mischief
To growing glow

From young daddy
To grandfather and great
I've watched...Read More
Categories: accomodate, husbandold, old,
Form: I do not know?
The Secrets that I Keep
Once to find love I compromised my virtue,
I fell in love none to the matter,
The people who stared me down didn't know they didn't understand,
The things that happen between a woman and a man,
The treasured memories, the secrets I've kept...Read More
Categories: accomodate, forgiveness, happiness, hope, imagination, love, passion, me,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Shadows shift to accomodate
Fire burning in my eyes
Fallen angels anoint  my feet
As I cross the gates of Dante's Dream

The holocaust licks my body
Crimson tears bead down my neck
Swollen lips part to sing
The accompanyment to misery

An upturned snear at the...Read More
Categories: accomodate, death, faith, music, places,
Form: I do not know?
Abandoned old Garden Gate

Beneath the Brambles on rock walls end
there lays a stately old garden gate
Lost to the world of traveler's friend
no longer there to accomadate those late

There lays a stately old garden gate
rusted and unhinged where it...Read More
Categories: accomodate, death, nature, nostalgia, time, world, old, garden,
Form: I do not know?