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Accents Poems

Accents Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accents poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accents.

New Poems


Most needed sound   -
His  longship’s prow grinding
Up the stony beach ground  
In Vinland.

His  gladdest sound   -
Waves breaking on shore
Saying weeks of ocean-bound
Rowing was no more.

Most welcome sound   -
A newborn cry
Amid the...Read More
Categories: accents, history,
Form: Verse

Premium Member Thy Gift to Earth
In deep dark caverns flowed her lush hair
coats crystal lined caves with sunlight flare.  
The golden honey that draws a bear 
your gold flecked eyes, its color will dare.

The blue of your eyes melt in the sky, 
chasing off...Read More
Categories: accents, appreciation, mythology, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Sediment Layers
The silt accents with no regards, it works steady to cover the earth.
The only exception way up above, there it scatters where the prisms give birth.
Yet down here it only blankets and burys below.
When there's no decision, it truly just...Read More
Categories: accents, art,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member We Are The Human Race
No matter
our quirks;

                 No matter
                 our likes
 ...Read More
Categories: accents, humanity, people, truth, wisdom,
Form: Verse
Blissful emotional physical and spiritual state
Blissful emotional, physical, and spiritual state
(alternately titled Ataraxia)

No rhyme nor reason
explains ecstatic feeling woke
bright eyed and bushy tailed psyche
weight of the world
(think Atlas shrugged)
and/or mysterious Sisyphus

regarding former fate did unyoke,
while immense burden freed the latter
either one or 't'other analogy
allowed, enabled,...Read More
Categories: accents, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse

Urban Attitude Rhyme Refusal
I put eyeballs on rivals
as I survive and rise forth
an arrival of an idol
standing Eiffel with force
surprisingly viral 
taking titles and more
in a wave wide and tidal
winning prizes for sure

from miles behind to in front
a styled climb rushed stunt
this vile...Read More
Categories: accents, urban,
Form: Rhyme

Promenade without shelter
Glasgow accents on wet afternoons
Spanish City helter skelter
Candy floss and balloons

Hissing over the empty shore
Each lone beach grain 
Children’s spades are no more
Now at work in Spain

14  October...Read More
Categories: accents, beach, holiday,
Form: Rhyme
play that funky bouzouki white boy
trying to sleep
take a simple nap
but the whirling
dervishes in my
mind won't stop
stomping or

and as i'm "one
who delights in all
manifestations of the
terpsichorean muse" my
memories remind me of a
time on the island of Thera
Greece where each of us to be

leaving the next...Read More
Categories: accents, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member An Alien called Fred
Let’s get this straight, they are not green, they’re just like us instead,
So, let me introduce you to, the Alien called Fred.

He’s from the planet Zod, a trillion miles away
And when he passed the planet Earth, he didn’t plan to...Read More
Categories: accents, funny, humorous, silly,
Form: Rhyme
Today 8
I met a new day, it had a new smile
It reached out a hand, warm and fertile
It was sculptured by pure genius,
Shinned passionate accents all the while.

Its devotion falls from a mountain height
Its swelled life spills, with such delight
I stole...Read More
Categories: accents, love,
Form: Prose Poetry

The Most Beautiful Sonnet
For every day the dawning sun does rise.
Births jubilation there before Thine eyes.
Brightly colored rays nobly to shed light.
Accents wondrous flawlessness in plain sight.

Sparked myriads of seeds on which life's drawn.
Brash rivers bear oath heirs ‘tis tryst of dawn.
Sways and...Read More
Categories: accents, animal, beauty, birth, earth, tree, water, wind,
Form: Sonnet
Naturally Unnatural
There’s really nothing real in the human reality 
consumers in costumes fake personalities 

skin colour hair colour forged by chemicals 
superficial mammals protest tests on animals

a world organic we cover up in suits 
the panic to cover natural hair roots

kidding...Read More
Categories: accents, people,
Form: Rhyme
School Girl
School Girl

A thick and heavy wooden door yanked off the wall
Carried into the street by a black man 

Peddling wheels and bicyclists ran the streets

People strolled on sidewalks
With hands in their pockets
And music in their ears

A white woman with a...Read More
Categories: accents, adventure, butterfly, devotion, education, homework, imagery, innocence,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member ACCENTS
On the east coast
They will boast tongues
Stress most when pitched.

Each of the town
Will pass down how
Theirs sound in talk.

From New York to
Penn state you will
find new forms said.

Not like those in
Cape Cod being not
Like Maine as same.

They all have flaws
As...Read More
Categories: accents, america, culture, life, perspective, sound, stress, words,
Form: Than-Bauk
First Warning
Think you’re a bad man,
It’s really quite sad,
Speak but no actions,
Stationed on tag,
putting on accents,
as do men in drag,
you’ve no connections,
as do your blags.

I wouldn’t dare a psycho violent
sit there, don’t swear keep silent.
Know I don’t need to rent an...Read More
Categories: accents, confidence, conflict, hate, rude, urban, vanity, violence,
Form: Rhyme
In Costume
A costume lets you be transformed
Into a different being.
Your insides feel as unfamiliar
As the parts you’re seeing.

Just a wig or make-up
Or some clothes you’d rarely wear
Can construct a new persona
With few aspects that you share.

Thus, a costume also liberates,
Allowing you...Read More
Categories: accents, change, character,
Form: Rhyme
Saint Patrick Party
Tonight my friends and I wore green, 
In mock accents recited limericks seen,
Listened to Celtic music serene,
And polished our Irish dinner plates clean.

Then gambled and chatted away the night,
Finding high betting penny ante Tripoley a delight.
Amiable banter and teasing the...Read More
Categories: accents, celebration,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Do Cows Moos Have Accents

Here's a humorous fact about moo cows
They moo in an accent from the region they chow
Mind blowing if true
Dug it up just for you
Big guffaws this hilarious tidbit it allows!

...Read More
Categories: accents, fun,
Form: Limerick
The Answer to Complaint Part 3
You split yourselves in countless sects, In classes high and low;
Think you the world its gifts will still on such as you bestow?
Who now forgetfully neglect My Rasool’s Law sublime?
And whose lives write them clearly down As servers of the...Read More
Categories: accents, allah, faith,
Form: Heroic Couplets
The Answer to Complaint Part 1

When passion streaming from the heart turns human lips to lyres,
Some magic wings man’s music then, his song with soul inspires;
Man’s words are sacred...Read More
Categories: accents, allah, faith,
Form: Heroic Couplets
Premium Member Profusion of Confusion
'Tis no collusion in the collision
  or delusion in the decision

But the effusion of elision
  in the intrusion of the incision

Accents the protrusion of provisions
  in the suffusion of supervision 

By which diffusion of division
  in...Read More
Categories: accents, confusion, word play,
Form: Monorhyme
Brownness matches the little accents,
So I see, as covers are spread.
...Read More
Categories: accents, home,
Form: Crystalline
Good-bye McC-whatever your name is
Ashe is a punny name for a 
Bandit and Aristocratic girl
I've never seen white blankets of winter stupor,but her hair is as white as snow
Gold-accents and speck of southern rich 
The anxiety of teasing  dynamite like grill sizzles hiss...Read More
Categories: accents, character, fun, games,
Form: I do not know?
You cannot say tinker now.
It's simply not allowed.
If we are to be PC.
Not stand out from the crowd.

I love the way tinker sounds.
Memories from my youth. 
Shrouded in woolly blankets.
Scary to tell the truth.

Turf fire smell and welly boots.
Bare legs...Read More
Categories: accents, appreciation, childhood, culture,
Form: Rhyme
Waiting for the Ferry to Passage East
It seemed in the manner and easy pace
of Ireland that no ferry would be over
for another hour or maybe three and so,
things being as they were, we had a while 
to wait, finding as the day grew warmer
the onset of...Read More
Categories: accents, confusion, ireland, journey, people, perspective, travel, wisdom,
Form: I do not know?