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Accelerator Poems

Accelerator Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accelerator poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accelerator.

New Poems

Premium Member The Expert of Everything
The expert arrived in time to show the rest of us 
How to garden, how to bake, how to cook,
How to clean, how to make our own clothes.

She is the expert on everything.
She can show you how to arrange flowers,
How...Read More
Categories: accelerator, woman, women,
Form: Prose Poetry

Particle Accelerator
Standing and waiting, standing and waiting,
For the imminent end,
Or the beginning, however you take it.
The copper coils charge rapidly.

Waiting and praying, waiting and praying,
That all turns out well.
I know how this goes, but hope I’m wrong.
The field flings the particles...Read More
Categories: accelerator, science,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Turn Me On
Sticking your key in me
Goes straight to my battery
Then my starter starts spinning
Sending sparks to my ignition

Your gas goes into my carburetor
Causing an explosion in my piston well
When you press on my accelerator  
That makes me move faster

When you...Read More
Categories: accelerator, metaphor, sensual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Wet Feet
With each swing of the swing the sea level rises
each lump of coal burned defrosts the ice shelf
each squeeze on the accelerator Earth's future demises
But its too late, or almost too late to assert oneself
The deed is done; we shall...Read More
Categories: accelerator, earth, environment,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Patience

When I hear you say, “have patience,”
I want to tell you about the wheel and the mule -
when both stop, both die a little.

Then there are the sailing boat sails
when the wind stops.
Then there are marbles 
when thrown they are...Read More
Categories: accelerator, poetry,
Form: Blank verse

Premium Member Music from the Sixties
Yellow Submarine comes on the radio.
Beatles music.
I press the accelerator, flying past semis who had been chasing each other.

Little Old Lady from Pasadena comes on next.
I go insane, setting a new world record for speed.
Mama Cass’s voice comes out of...Read More
Categories: accelerator, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Free verse
Kill Switch

Neural toxin transmission ... 
duel exhaust verbal emission
Cold hearted con-fusion engine,
fisticuff fuel injection tension 
Hope asphyxiation accelerator ... 
bad brakes, karma crash creator

Metal lip kill switch — 
femme fatale depart spark ignition
Speed dial turbo eraser itch,
carbon monoxide vapor condition

Poisonous rearview...Read More
Categories: accelerator, allusion, imagery, metaphor, psychological,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Reving Her Engine Up
She is a beauty her curves are sweet
I polish her each and every week
I love to turn her on and her motor runs just fine
When I stick my key into her ignition

My battery ignites my spark plugs and, with her...Read More
Categories: accelerator, car,
Form: Free verse
Crossing the White Line

Ebony drunk  and burnt rubber   sienna swerving,
I crossed the white line ...
And tragically,
with emotional intensity,
word vehicular hit a vanilla-colored human being

My coal senses were belly dulled 
by the intoxicating,   sepia pleasure liberating pang
Released from the...Read More
Categories: accelerator, anxiety, color, psychological, race, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Within My Quasi Immediate Environs number 1
An unexpected burst of energy
helped fashion a second poem he
ving up from deep within the key
per of Matthew Scott's ideas - nee
i.e. unexpectedly manifesting que
cull lee coalescing, buta not three
endeavors crafted since quota we
kind to exhaust passion before zee...

land revisited,...Read More
Categories: accelerator, 10th grade, 11th grade, 8th grade, autumn,
Form: Free verse

Small Town Breakdown
I'll run the red lights tonight. 
Laugh at the service engine light. Blare crowded notes, and scream until the rancor in my chest destroys the windshield. I've been driven out. Driven mad. And, I'm pulling out the stitches- The mask...Read More
Categories: accelerator, angst, anxiety, car, depression, family, mental illness,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Know for why
Yorkshire terrain 
Country road
Street lights dim
Open go

Rooftop down
Windy sky
Birds fly by
Accelerator drive

Through the bends
Speed like lighting flies
Mind racing hard
Caution cries

Valley road
Hill tops kiss the sky
Feel the power
V6 cry

Push it harder
Push it wide
Adrenaline feeds
Danger collides

Push it harder
Challenge the risk
Feel your soul
Scratch...Read More
Categories: accelerator, adventure, appreciation, car, care, crazy, fun, surreal,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Poems from the heart I encounter with a eureka delight
Offering me vicarious reality insights ubiquitous in the global poetry site
Exposing myriad experiences – personal or spectacular in passion’s might 
Taking my empathy prowess to the next level of sensitivity-height
Reprimanding my...Read More
Categories: accelerator, blessing, confidence, encouraging, faith, god, inspirational, poetry,
Form: Acrostic
Annoyous Interruptus

He sidles up next to you,
so stealthily
It’s like he appeared out of thin air
Then breathlessly,
he gives you a Jimmy Stewart howdy do,
and starts air guitaring in his chair
Just when you were on the verge of
hitting the right vibe 
with a...Read More
Categories: accelerator, cute, funny, humor, parody, social,
Form: Light Verse
Total Eclipse Of The Sun August 21, 2017
Though the starry eyed corona sporting sun dance 
cosmic phenomena (stealthily slated to describe mid expanse
night during broad daylight), this astronomical event common at a glance. 

Said Hal lens neigh saying Trojan Horse 
   advancing into Troy i.e....Read More
Categories: accelerator, adventure, angst, anxiety, blue, community, cool, innocence,
Form: Dramatic Verse
On Both Sides Of The Equator

I'm going to still be a trailblazer

Going beyond all the acres
And glaciers

Above and below any crater 

Similarities and differences on both sides of the equator

Events turning out minor and major

Waters with and without crocodiles or alligators

It was done realistically or...Read More
Categories: accelerator, dark, how i feel, perspective, poetry, rap,
Form: Rhyme
Road Rage
recklessness attacks ego
fury attacks soul
adrenaline attacks viscera
middle digit attacks upward
foot attacks accelerator
vehicle attacks vehicle
hand attacks pistol
lead attacks flesh
remorse attacks fury
gavel attacks sound block
inmate attacks inmate
...Read More
Categories: accelerator, anger, conflict, dark, pride, rude, sorrow, sorry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Center of Spring
This is perhaps the most powerful day, 
early spring giving way to the main course, 
the trees hastily bursting their buds, 
blooming in reds, oranges and yellows - 
the reflection of the opposite season, 
now with the addition of white,...Read More
Categories: accelerator, life, nature, seasons, spring,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Drag Race

The day has come, weeks and countless dollars invested in this moment.
All preparations have been made.
A myriad of nuts and bolts, inspected, tightened to torque.
Fluids fresh, topped to level, tire pressure lowered... maximum traction.
In rank and file I now sit...Read More
Categories: accelerator, car, poetry, race,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Manchester United 1958-Part One of Three
by Robert (Bob) Moore © 2015

I remember the 6th February, in 1958, 
the day before my 16 birthday, everything was great
I was working at the CIS, an Insurance mob in town
I’d finished work at Deansgate, and I was heading home

I...Read More
Categories: accelerator, death, funeral,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Spilling some ink
Spilling some ink as quick as ya eye's blink,
These freestyle writings are the missing link,                         ...Read More
Categories: accelerator, meaningful, mentor, poetry, wisdom, words, write, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member NEED FOR SPEED
As I put the key in the ignition 
To win this race is my only ambition  
I love to hear the roar and smell the fuel; 
All the cars are revving up to join the duel
I’m ready to make...Read More
Categories: accelerator, car, destiny, race, sports,
Form: Rhyme
Safe This Time
There are times when the demon in us stealthily it appears...
How else I get to explain why I did what I did when life is so dear...

How can I explain away my flaunting of a basic safety driving rule...
It is...Read More
Categories: accelerator, blessing, body, celebration, destiny, meaningful, stress, thanks,
Form: Narrative
The Ghost
On my way to the Northern of Namibia,
between Kalkveld and Otjiwarongo,
I saw a woman next to the road,
a tall, battered figure, with blood-stained cloths,
eyes glows yellow in the light of moon, 
long pointed teeth in a red colored mouth,
feet that...Read More
Categories: accelerator, adventure, blessing, color, conflict, courage,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Ain't No Humble In A Hustlin Heart
Pride is a motivator,  a stimulator of scarlet soul
an accelerator to the next glorious goal
generator of newcoming awakening
cultivator out cunning the unkind
cutting away all the doubts and flouts, leaving the babel and rabble behind, 
a slayer of beasts and...Read More
Categories: accelerator, heart, philosophy, pride, truth,
Form: Didactic