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Acceleration Poems

Acceleration Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of acceleration poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for acceleration.

New Poems

COVID 19 pandemic analogous how indigenous peoples got felled
COVID-19 pandemic analogous how indigenous peoples got felled...

Woebegone, enraged spirits
holographic images taciturn
journeying somberly aghast
at their stolen sacred lands... mourn
dead souls impossible mission

sabotaged aery mission endeavor
happy hunting grounds upheaval
witnessed gaunt bloody sojourn,
perhaps collective aboriginal ghosts return
to haunt cruel innocent heir/heiresses
regarding interlopers,...Read More
Categories: acceleration, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, america,
Form: Elegy

Hyundai Sonata malfunctioning brake caliper blues
tweaked to pass inspection broadcast on the double
(alternately titled snafu: ma bell heave hubble
vehicular repairs (prohibitive)
finds me bleary eyed stupefied
and countenance grizzled with prickly stubble
collapsed amidst virtual rubble).

Best sung courtesy rotten dull liver:red worst
after words which, I gotta quench mine...Read More
Categories: acceleration, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, adventure,
Form: Dramatic Verse
A Deeply Rooted Faith
Do you know the acceleration and speed of the cheetah?                              ...Read More
Categories: acceleration, faith, strength,
Form: Couplet
Three, Two, One
Three… two… one… Ignition! The voice said.
In my throat my heart beat so fast.
One mistake we’ll all be dead.
Too late! We’re underway!
“Mission Control…”
“a problem…”
Good bye…
...Read More
Categories: acceleration, fear, science fiction, space,
Form: Nonet

2. Aria

Twain kindred souls start slow and reunite,
Same as lovers who split and then made up,
Though, twas a mere slow dance, a Pavane,
Taming a dance floor with their passive feet,
As Faure's piece fades, delayed music mix,

Next, a minuet by Beethoven...Read More
Categories: acceleration, motivation, music,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Theodore Travels
Stuck on a hybrid labyrinth race track in undue course

Crash helmet cracked under the raw tempo of stagnation

Chequered flags waving but a motor running against the clock

In reverse and the traffic prohibits pit stops for tyres and fuel

  ...Read More
Categories: acceleration, confusion,
Form: Free verse
Onerous anus complex number 2
cuz poisonous toxins sting like scorpions
severely crimping ability to sit down absorption
radiating throughout every
cell guaranteeing abstention
against hidebound contract, no

ifs, ands, nor but tucks
whereby mood linkedin
to nihilistic abstraction
particularly as quasi pincers jabbed
like sharp serrated knives acceleration

guaranteed, where bum rapped cheekily
prospective hemorrhoids...Read More
Categories: acceleration, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, betrayal,
Form: Dramatic Verse
My home cooking zest verily exposed me 
to cornucopia’s functional essence
since we in the family were nourished
with blessings'* bounty…
Tasty delicacies sizzled with love  
when as early in the morning, coffee brewing 
would turn to sweet blends of fellowships.

My mother’s...Read More
Categories: acceleration, appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, family, god, jesus,
Form: Narrative
Love Invited For Ever for HER
My Love is “the gift “for you ever
Believe me  its forever 
Gift is not to create rift 
It's to lift 
Gift is not to relate swift 
  It's to make wift 

  It's to impress 
 ...Read More
Categories: acceleration, i love you, life, love,
Form: Diamante
Premium Member TAKE-OFF THRILL
Despite my carbon moans
I love these aeroplanes.
I always get a buzz
from this new jet Airbus.

Waiting for take-off run
with turbofans idling.
Now ready and all clear
gradually bring up power
from four Rolls Royce engines.
The take-off run begins
now ready for full power.
Now hear those...Read More
Categories: acceleration, fun,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Driver of Victory
The road was taken, the heart was shaken
The gears were meshed and wound
As the fear of acceleration and speed abounds
The pedal was thrust hard down
The race embarked in the heat
Of its fate to risk the loss or win the feat

For...Read More
Categories: acceleration, character,
Form: Verse
Handsome Man
Handsome man with,
Smooth light skin,
Rough dark stubble,
And lean muscular body,
Had my eyes latched on him like a magnet.
Handsome man,
Your abs,
Had my heart racing faster than gravitational acceleration.
Handsome man,
Seeing you in ‘my ‘ element,
The gym,
The clothes,
And oh yes, the lifting gloves,
Had...Read More
Categories: acceleration, adventure, africa, age, allusion, angst, art, beautiful,
Form: I do not know?
Cycle Bike Psycho AVA MAX Sweet but Psycho Parody
I drive around a bi-cycle
a cycle bike psycho 
at night a light’s on
my-ma (ma) mountain bike
oh it’s a little delightful 
my seat on my cycle 
I ride all night on
my-ma (ma) mountain bike 

I’ll jump the curbs in acceleration,
and pedal...Read More
Categories: acceleration, fun, funny, humorous, parody, song,
Form: Lyric
DeLorean View

Flip the kill switch,
start the genocidal ignition
Hate is the fuel injected
into the lethal gas shark tank
Cull waters are on a
flux capacitor overflow
Anger accelerates the murderous rage glitch
Hydrogen fusion kaboom ~ Mushroom heat bloom 
tints the side window

DeLorean view
sits temporal pessimistic...Read More
Categories: acceleration, future, imagery, visionary, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member time portals
the day,, the...
live long, just won't stop...
i mean...there's no end...

it's always the same...
moment, minute, too hour...
time is...standing still...

it's...time dilation...
the ames room time lapse effect...

causes expansion...
through other time dimensions...
a necessity...

one is not enough... effective time machine...
brings time to a...Read More
Categories: acceleration, adventure, analogy,
Form: Haiku
Time Contraction

I remember the sheer elation,
just like it was yesterday

Forty years tears of joy removed ... 
Thirty months, same feeling safely deposited
Twenty weeks marked a memory pulse acceleration
Ten days of jubilation thoughts from bald to grey, 
felt like five hourglass Palm...Read More
Categories: acceleration, religious, spiritual, truth, visionary,
Form: Free verse
Trenchant Recalcitrant Poet Welcomes Animadversion
(alternately titled: aery diction galloped jocosely)

Abbreviation asper "FAKE"
abdication (wishful thinking),
an aberration Trump accepted
abjuration (or alternative) i.e.
ablation, thee apprenticed

president, would never forsake
abnegation (sooner his cold,
dead paws pried loose Putin
on the Ritz Carlton), this
abomination, his indiscriminate

abrogation appears (underwent)
acceleration autocratic accentuation
Americans aver acceptation,
acclamation,...Read More
Categories: acceleration, 12th grade, fate, goodbye, hyperbole, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
Nothing Between

So full of empty between the ears;
void breeze reasoning,
zero thoughts a-blowing

Banished to the barren cornfields,
multi-grain years of accumulated wisdom
bear no pleasant, golden-age yield

Black sky intellectual famine
was lost cause shuttered-in, 
by a blight of self-centered locust feed

Constant dry spells of self-absorption:...Read More
Categories: acceleration, dark, perspective, sad, sick,
Form: Free verse
Revival fire makes spiritual endeavors ablaze
...nourishing souls with Scripture-blessings' bounty.
It kindles love's impact against apathy’s coldness
…turning brewing friendships to sweet blends of fellowships.

With revival fire pursuits, I’m exposed to broiling tests
…and roasting trials that reveal integrity’s credibility.
Likewise are demands toward...Read More
Categories: acceleration, blessing, character, encouraging, faith, god, inspirational, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Revival fire makes spiritual summer cooking ablaze
...since souls are nourished with Scripture-blessings' bounty.
Tasty delicacies sizzle with love's impact against apathy’s coldness
…while brewing friendships turn to sweet blends of fellowships.

Thru the summer cooking festival of personality development
…I have learned the basics...Read More
Categories: acceleration, bible, blessing, character, christian, faith, god, spiritual,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Delivered Acceleration

D-r iving
D-elive red

Topic: Birthday of Gina Devida (April 23) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...Read More
Categories: acceleration, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member THE GETAWAY
acceleration gives flight, damn the metal rip ties  
instinct breaks through power on a leash
momentum turns to fearless an engine now complete
velocity is true to the bluff of cold steel
incentive for this 1000 pounds of real
a recurring urge hits...Read More
Categories: acceleration, adventure, anger, car, conflict, courage, imagery, power,
Form: Free verse
The Clock

In the shadows of deepening twilight
remote in a familiar world;
each moment the tick of a clock,
each one added to all
that have gone before,
each, one less the total.

How many days have I
or should my time
be set in breaths.

What if I...Read More
Categories: acceleration, dark, deep, introspection, memorial day, military, night,
Form: Free verse
Crazy Love
drives me crazy like a limbless behind a wheel.
Yet I've told know not much of how she feels. 
it does not matter when my eyes are onion peeling.
as long pots are filled with gifts that she's eating.

when I hold on,
she...Read More
Categories: acceleration, anxiety,
Form: Free verse

Since industrialization there’s been agitation frustration palpitation trepidation vociferation
And unequivocal asseveration in favour of our planet’s welfare glorification and protection

Premeditated or not, the results on the planet are nothing short of brutalization and martyrization
Damage is irreversible and orchestrated with acceleration...Read More
Categories: acceleration, abuse, corruption, environment, future, irony, planet, vanity,
Form: Monorhyme