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Absurdly Poems

Absurdly Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of absurdly poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for absurdly.

New Poems

Premium Member Below Cathedral Peak
Alone, I camp below Cathedral Peak – 

God, I know you’re not whom we say you are
and you should have a good case for slander.
What fantastic tales we tell about you; 
I wonder if the more nonsensical,
makes, absurdly, you more...Read More
Categories: absurdly, mountains, nature, philosophy, religion,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Do not judge yourself

Why  feel   our life  examined,  and then failed?
Evidence may show this is no fact
To me .alas, I live beyond the Pale

I’d like to  go outside with my  face veiled
I’d like to be regarded...Read More
Categories: absurdly, africa, analogy, angst, anxiety, blue,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Ancient Exhaustion
Asking why our partisan democratic experiment
appears to be
failing feels like asking why our global climate
appears to be
failing feels like asking why old age
appears to be
a failing.

Political minds,
natural bodies,
spiritually cooperative individuals
reflecting upon lose/lose thought and felt
tragic and absurdly nihilistic outcomes
where we...Read More
Categories: absurdly, age, community, games, health, integrity, lost love,
Form: Political Verse
i'm supposed to be
a man of words
absurdly called
a poet

i believe the old lines
in rhyme are
i'm a poet but
don't know it

hoping that that is
public domain
so please don't
sue me

but I find myself which
is usually hard to
do but i did and
i was looking

through...Read More
Categories: absurdly, muse,
Form: I do not know?
god only knows
after the umpteenth
day of rest god
messed up not
paying mind
to Adam's

on that same exact
day of days was
created not one
but two birds
one doomed
and to be

in meaning not so
worthy absurdly
to become
extinct but
not from
his now

name but from dogs
pigs and people
not stupidity as
we all take...Read More
Categories: absurdly, muse,
Form: I do not know?

So glad, so happy, enthralled to have a job! Chortling as I choke back words.  The verse part of my garden absurdly lacking. But so thrilled, tickled, absolutely agog.

bouquet of part-time
bloomed into three full days -
my garden suffers

...Read More
Categories: absurdly, writing,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member I Am Pretty Confident Until
Some people like keeping up with the Joneses
I do not know any Joneses who could keep up with me
So I have elected to keep up with the gnomes
How absurdly difficult could that task be?

I like wearing leggings, and I have...Read More
Categories: absurdly, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Rhyme
First Born - Redux
What of those dreams that in our mind
Seek distant hopes and in them find
That love and life may be combined

Awakening, our thoughts commence
Become aware in sweet suspense
Of all that new life represents

For as the coming years unfold
Despite what history may...Read More
Categories: absurdly, baby, birth,
Form: Rhyme
First Born
What of those dreams that in our mind
Seek distant hopes and in them find
That love and life may be combined

Awakening, our thoughts commence
Become aware of real events
And all new life soon represents

Approaching wisdom born in birth
Exposes fundamental worth
Of all that’s...Read More
Categories: absurdly, baby, birth,
Form: Rhyme
Something absurdly amazing,
About the way things happen:
We plan for, and await events
But they arrive and we ask,
‘Was it worth the effort?’
Some other times, we wonder 
how the unforeseen occur

When things happen,
They may appear, 
forever to last
Or, we pray them to:
But...Read More
Categories: absurdly, encouraging, endurance, hope, hurt, inspiration, introspection, perspective,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member ADHD Sleepless Rant
Oh my god is this 1787,
Was the constitution just written today?
Because the WiFi is down,
And I don’t know what to say,
I’m about to perform a bitch-face frown.

If I were frowning much harder my lips would secede,
As did America’s west from...Read More
Categories: absurdly, addiction, america, humor, social,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member RANT WITH A SLANT

I challenge you to a rhetorical
to prove me wrong else be unconventional 
‘bout a problem that’s gone systematical
everyone’s so radical and cynical   
once burnt all swear to now be rational
petrified to be poetical and get physical  
relationships...Read More
Categories: absurdly, culture, freedom, grief, love hurts, perspective, relationship,
Form: Monorhyme

What if this is reality but I am out of time?
Perhaps my step is syncopated with the other marching drones
and I am Zen and with the moment or perhaps I missed a beat
could I be disjoint and dislocate from ...Read More
Categories: absurdly, allusion, confusion, humorous, hyperbole, imagery, introspection, nonsense,
Form: Free verse
This emptiness inside is absurdly loud
And it rings in my ears so I do not sleep
It's the thought of you
My memory
Which is surely fogged by now

I chose to remember your safe, loving arms
Somehow drowning out the iciness in which you...Read More
Categories: absurdly, angst,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Extreme peace
Some say rainbows are the prettiest things, 
And I like rainbowed colours that grow,
They grow and they burgeon, absurdly flowering, 
Spewing sharp spikes all for show,

Sharp spikes which are bright reflections of peace, 
Tranquil with absolute real,
Shapes that flood in...Read More
Categories: absurdly, beautiful, color, fantasy, happy, imagination, peace, psychological,
Form: Quatrain

The honky-tonk music of ferris wheel rides
Still enchant, as I used to stretch my hands
To gather a chain of moondust above 
A glittered skytop, while the breeze drones
Evening's jubilant melody:
And the lilting rhythm of a float's cadence thrills
While girlhood days...Read More
Categories: absurdly, celebration, nostalgia,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Phoolish Phantom
How foolish am I?!?
YEARS beyond our sad end.
Multiple relationships past the
Joy of all that we shared and were,
I doubt I even (fleetingly) enter your mind,
Let alone time the cadence of your heart to mine,
Or polish the gold memories in your...Read More
Categories: absurdly, break up, heartbreak, longing, lost love, pain,
Form: Shape
absurdly convoluted
absurdly convoluted 
intricately motivated
twists and turns 
combined to form 
an emotional maze 
in which the two 
souls were trapped 
within for years 
till one day one of the
two souls found it's way out 
leaving the other behind 

...Read More
Categories: absurdly, conflict,
Form: Lyric
Mind versus brains
Once having it fun it crawls back from the shell,
Making decisions a true living hell.
'For every action there is a reaction's,
Always here to take away satisfaction.

Had enough beer, right time to find a dame, 
One singing on stage seems to...Read More
Categories: absurdly, desire, humor, humorous, love, romance,
Form: Ballad
The Askance Chapter 4 Part 3c
The love in her, the hate in war and the unjustly moment in time
Is reality the indefinite cause to forbid and discern The Ancients behind?
Decidedly, I lifted her off the ground and began the loneliest path?
Walking in discontent and knowing...Read More
Categories: absurdly, imagination,
Form: Rhyme
The Askance Chapter 1 Part 2
The Awaited

The rain is upon me this night
This night when all else seems lone
In riddance perhaps from too much light
Blinded from all, to find a way home

Home is where comfort belongs
Yet my home, buries but broken dreams
And so it morrows,...Read More
Categories: absurdly, imagination,
Form: Rhyme
The War of Jenkins' Ear
(absurdly enough, a true story)

Four centuries ago this year
(believe me, for I’ve checked!)
Britain and Spain jointly adhered
to the Treaty of Utrecht.

They’d been at war so long before,
concerning – of all things –
the British right, as Britain saw,
of choosing Spanish kings.

Yet...Read More
Categories: absurdly, history,
Form: Quatrain
Theatre of the absurd - fusion
Godot has arrived
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Alive and well thanks!

...said the haiku poster
Crudely pasted to the fence
Who was too busy selling stolen goods
To notice he was a notice
Announcing a brand new play
A fusion of two classics

Waiting for Godot
A play about a man...Read More
Categories: absurdly, funny, humor, humorous, nonsense, silly,
Form: Free verse
Self-Identity as a Self-Made Predicament, Or, More Fun with Socratic irony
An insane System by any other name
Should still be considered simply insane

A prison by any other name
Could well be the throne 
Of a primitivist's brain

A lifestyle by any other name
Would prefer to be called a "subculture"

A truth by any other...Read More
Categories: absurdly, angst, dark, hilarious, humorous, irony, philosophy, political,
Form: Free verse
Nic-Fitting for a Home Cooked Meal
Cigarettes are the cornerstone 
Of any nutritious breakfast:
Try them in omelettes, 
Over easy - Or sunny side up!

Crumble them on cereals, 
Hot or cold
- For a flavor combination 
That is absurdly 
Out of this time zone!

It'll put curly hair on...Read More
Categories: absurdly, america, anxiety, cancer, change, confusion, easter, surreal,
Form: Free verse