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Abstractions Poems

Abstractions Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abstractions poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abstractions.

New Poems

the thinking eye reflects
        imagines stores recalls
          expresses a sigh
              such...Read More
Categories: abstractions, art,
Form: Verse

Premium Member MAGNIFICENT in decay
   landscapes rural&urban
historic in appearance
vidual arts
modernism in manner

planes of colour
       antiquarian abstractions
     ...Read More
Categories: abstractions, art, people,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member Deep Valleys
She darkly dreams in Anger Valley
discovered shortly and belongingly after
original Fear uncovered
floating languorously downstream
to leave behind red hot footprints
of childhood work
and play
and pray for change,
growing health,
by increasing win/win compassion healing,

Or terror aggressively swims upstream Fear
to warn future past angels of...Read More
Categories: abstractions, earth, environment, health, integrity, language, math, metaphor,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member An A Lesson - CA
Angels observe in un-articulated anguish from above,
 anxiety afflicted by appalling accelerated ambition of the aggregate  
that redefines the archaic, apocalyptical allure 
 driving humanity to its brink of active self annihilation;
those moments of antiquated adversarial abstractions
 when history...Read More
Categories: abstractions, dark,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member THE creative PROCESS
an adventure
     an exploration
              ...Read More
Categories: abstractions, art, creation, poetry,
Form: Verse

Premium Member IMAGINATION illumed
      in unusual forms
      impressions exhibited
of glass wire
         steel lead wood
looking to sea
by...Read More
Categories: abstractions, appreciation, art,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member Restoring EarthJustice
I have been reading Jennifer Nordstrom's contributions
to the resilient Green Sanctuary,
a collaboratory production
giving birth to "Justice On Earth"--
which seems quite different than Donald Trump's
view of how to rebirth America's former patriarchal colonizing greatness,
yet again.

"Justice On Earth"
is more about restoring justice...Read More
Categories: abstractions, community, health, humanity, integrity, peace, religion, youth,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member The Lesson
I. Theory

She is dark and her darkness frightens you. But as closer you come to her, the lighter the darkness becomes. How bright the light were, if a thousand suns would rise in the sky at once, but even such...Read More
Categories: abstractions, dark, death, light,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Starry Night
Over the Rhone,
web of light sewn;
eyes of night’s wonder,
God’s own plunder.

Reflections mirror
the heaven’s splendor.
A magical river,
love it delivers.

A walk on the banks,
amid glowing ranks;
romantic attractions,
vibrant abstractions.

Vincent’s emotions,
magnificent potions.
Vibrant allure,
a must to procure.
...Read More
Categories: abstractions, appreciation, art, beauty, places, poems, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member anologue music please
the sculptor sculpts thoughts
and devil's in the doing
let's just say it's us

for arguments sake
since we're the experience
the metaphysics

logic and reason
just shapes in our image
we have none other

but for abstractions
like mathematical laws
the universe glue

that ensures somethings
as true now but not later
or...Read More
Categories: abstractions, appreciation, art,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Natural IntegriTea
"Nature yields to artifice,
not artifice to nature."
Iain McGilchrist

Winning yields to lost and last identity,
not ego-loss to healthier winnings,
more ecosystemically robust.

LeftWing values for transparent
democratic rights
more than royalistic wrongs,
yield to RightWing 
white supremacy,
not artifice to integrity
of healthy climax powers.

Integrity yields to...Read More
Categories: abstractions, gospel, health, integrity, language, romance, sensual, soulmate,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Sixteen Days
days that brought me to worship
sounds of deity echoing through my room
music that deftly captured my ears and dreams

all we needed to release the discomfort 
of war and plastic cages
was the experience of his Fender Strat
the feedback from that Marshall...Read More
Categories: abstractions, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Dreaded Math Quiz
You've heard,
Mathematics is a metric,
quantitative language,
about Universal relationships,
double-binary, as bosonically articulating polynomials,
variables, changing across abstractions of time,
autonomous spaciated places,

How might we co-define
universal bosonic polynomial (+) language,
robust think/feeling strings
of healthiest experiential history,
as also unitarian holonic experience
of not not (-,-) polypathically nurtured...Read More
Categories: abstractions, environment, games, health, humor, language, math, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
Wheel on a Stick part 7
The Cinematic Film Treatment as a stand alone element 
in the aesthetic revolution we are now not witnessing

Unforgotten Lacerations 

A pataphysical circus of visual elements, possibly comprehensible depending upon one's ideological orientation or level of pre-programmed self-inhibition, as a product...Read More
Categories: abstractions, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Failed Poetic Attempt
I deleted my site some time ago because I felt I was not writing good poetry.  Still not up to scratch I know.  But I must persist.  This poem was written two years ago.  May be...Read More
Categories: abstractions, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member poke a dot spaces
abstractions within chaos

is seen whatever
way we choose to see the now
meh ta phor be with...

stan sand...Read More
Categories: abstractions, allegory, analogy,
Form: Haiku
Shadows addressing empty chairs
Your face contorts in a twisted effort
Plaintive in non-decorous reverberation
A terrain around a pair of distant orbs 
Lost in extemporaneous consternation
To ward off the fear of unwanted evanescence
Upon the wanton revelation
Of a day you wish had never existed
Tremors beset a...Read More
Categories: abstractions, analogy, assonance, rap, symbolism,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Degenerating Democracies
ReGenerating MultiCultural Ecologies

Our unwhole Uniting States'
degenerative republic governing system
was designed by white patriarchal representatives
to expand our polarizing divide
between what a true European Native USA Representative
CEO supremely looks like,
resonantly sounds like,
resilient health feels like
competing WinLose defensive wealth

To invest in a clearly...Read More
Categories: abstractions, america, community, health, integrity, math, psychological, science,
Form: Political Verse
Reconnect to Divine
Forgetting the abstractions of our brains
And the scientific way in which our mind is trained
A thinking beyond the thoughts of materialism
A joyful try to connect to realism
Of the higher worlds of invisible existence
Emitting energies of unconditional love and acceptance
A deep...Read More
Categories: abstractions, psychological,
Form: I do not know?
Poetic License
My poetic license became revoked on Doomsday 
An afternoon or dawn if I remember in December
The government won't help the situation much
They expired two days before the end came about
On marble floors and flat tires on the roads
While opioids spilled...Read More
Categories: abstractions, appreciation, conflict, image, judgement, language, poetry, writing,
Form: Free verse
Beatnik Snap
Pale white against the ghostly fog
Smoke curled for lack of oxygen
Black rim glasses hide, head bows
Conceal eyes of cool cat daddy-o

In dark, goatee, groomed and moody
Beret tilted silhouetted, covers identity
Captures blues wrapped in a sax
Brown paper bags cover booze

Jazz releases...Read More
Categories: abstractions, abuse, addiction, character, conflict, identity, image, poets,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Letter to DC
It eludes me,
 the delusions and illusions touted on the news.
The left, the right, the pseudo ruse,
 talkers converging to voice their own views.

That desire for fame, fortune and power,
 the many who seek to hold that ivory tower;
I'm content...Read More
Categories: abstractions, political,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Einstein EcoMetrics
The younger Albert Einstein
was more intrigued by geometry of experience
than mere metaphysical abstractions.

During this younger time,
he wrote about bi-optical illusions
of Ego against Eco consciousness:

"This delusion is a kind of prison for us,
restricting us to our personal desires
and affection
for a few...Read More
Categories: abstractions, destiny, earth, education, humanity, integrity, math, teacher,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Dear Gustav

Oh ...

Gustav, how you pique the senses
Captured passion's plural tenses

Lovers twined in percale folds
Caught supine with spattered golds

Porcelain dolls in fetal slumbers
Brushed, sublime, in tans and umbers

Bold, the bleeds of Burnt Sienna
Stippling portraits of fair Vienna

Yellow Ochre, Prussian Green
Cadmium Yellow,...Read More
Categories: abstractions, art, beauty, history, humanity,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member Emotional Attraction

While in this world it seems opposites have attraction
Male - female, plus - minus, north - south, captain and crewman
Between these terminals, force yielded by interaction
Drives the machines of existence material and human

Another vector impels not by contrast causation
Draws...Read More
Categories: abstractions, creation, emotions,
Form: Verse