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Absconded Poems

Absconded Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of absconded poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for absconded.

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{Free Verse}
Jul 27, 2018• Copyright © daniel miltz

Stormy, showery, windy 
Freezing evening
Wintertime, timber
Leaved forest, pointed pines old
A forlorn dog
With thoughts in its head
Growls at eared, sleepy owl 
Who rises from cursed bed
Without a pause
Turned and fled...Read More
Categories: absconded, weather,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Essence Of Love
My veil falls to my feet
I am at my most vulnerable
yet I lose my shyness easily in front of you
as your eyes acceptingly savor me.
I am in awe
of my ease of presence
and of your hunger of my being
in spite of...Read More
Categories: absconded, death, freedom, goodbye, i love you, love,
Form: Free verse

Laughter abounds, but I cannot hear. Revelry overflows, but I cannot see. As the curtain of darkness falls, it’s icy embrace fills my mind with trepidation and loneliness. Like an empty eggshell, my existence has been separated from contentment and...Read More
Categories: absconded, anxiety, depression, fear, life, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
I absconded with reader rabbit Peter to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day
I absconded with reader rabbit (Peter), to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day

Ah Sheik Hog - Ho!
One "FAKE" Wingman Flying
Via O'hare To Dublin y'know
Cuz, The Leprechaun within
me, seeks young sprig poe
whet tick friend in toto,

though nowhere to be found despite search team
loudly...Read More
Categories: absconded, adventure, best friend, courage, creation, heaven, perspective,
Form: Epic
Paradise Mislaid
We decided to turn Paradise into real estate.
Trouble was, we weren’t too sure where to find it,
Though experts had located it somewhere
Slightly west or east (left or right, looking north)
Of a point midway between the Euphrates and the Nile.
According to...Read More
Categories: absconded, paradise, satire, tree,
Form: Free verse

addictive ampoules annihilate after alluring
amphetamines acquaintanceship assuages 
agonizing aches also advocates amorousness
assiduously activating admiration
aggressive attacks assault afoul 

affable affinity and affectionadumbration
anatomical accidental addiction attested as academic,
although afterward abnegation absolutely arduous,
affianced attired apparently as an anomaly 

Ares and Abyssinian Astarte admixture
acquiescence affliction affected adroitly,
and abruptly...Read More
Categories: absconded, 10th grade, 12th grade, addiction, community, dark,
Form: Alliteration
the aftermath from this er
self proclaimed er calculating polymath
no win tent to kindle, 
  or spark hay8 full ire rate wrath

juiced whiling away 
  the early evening hour hath
horror hived this february 
  twenty second, nah scared to take a bath....Read More
Categories: absconded, 12th grade, 9th grade, adventure, me, myth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Warlord Wars No More -2
Pay heed to those deeds from whence the heart must confess...
You're far from Rome Proconsul Caesar...
As they say, "All roads lead to Rome" Ariovistus
and all tresspasses are treated as threats of war...
My recent conquest of your Gaulish pets the Aedui
is...Read More
Categories: absconded, history,
Form: Crown of Sonnets
Shall you Shall i
Who can save mama?
Being stripped naked
Mocked, turned and scorned
By villains, aliens beyond
Shall you? Shall I?

They came with perplexed clothings
Coatings with absconded beauty
I know we wallowed in with confusion.
Who can turn our minds back to our own clothings?
Shall you? Shall I?

You...Read More
Categories: absconded, africa,
Form: ABC
A Lonely day
I woke up and looked around bedroom
My spouse was off to work

I called my Pet dog
But it had been stolen by a jest previous night

To kitchen I went if someone was there
The maid had absconded her duty

I went across the...Read More
Categories: absconded, irony, life,
Form: Elegiac Lyric

I was born in Middle East in the outskirt of a state of Palestine –
Abducted at birth and my father executed when I was thirteen;
We buried him alone, bade him goodbye, in the midst of night.
Our desires and dreams, as...Read More
Categories: absconded, anti bullying, childhood, fear, freedom, , cute,
Form: Prose Poetry
Oxygen Depletion And Deprivation
Some one must have traduced the media
Sucked the oxygen from the room like thieves
Stolen along with logic and what is breathable
Available to the enemy of the state's hyenas

Some heinous fiend absconded in the crime
With their debate and valuable broadcast time
Odious,...Read More
Categories: absconded, absence, anger, anxiety, betrayal, identity, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
Wanted: Queen of Stars

A practicing hermit comes ‘board the train— 
"Faux Pas Degenerate’s the name."
The sundial dust of a spider 
on silken words retires; 
Easy now with walking 
‘fore the secret slips out: Desire.
"Paranoia: witch’s brew. 
All the nights that don’t eschew...Read More
Categories: absconded, beauty, fate, fear, surreal,
Form: Dramatic monologue
I found this thief
He absconded from my thatched-roof hut
into the thin air he disappeared hurt 
Found him in the kitchen and watched him cook 
Alas! What a confident crook! 
I forced him prepare food for the entire family 
to make him pay for...Read More
Categories: absconded, age,
Form: Lyric
In the fall of 1803
In the fall of 1803,
The good ship, “The Queen Ann’s Knees”
Sailed out on the bounding seas.
Out of sight of the land
The captain looked grand
As with little ado
He spoke to his crew:
“Men, I’ve nothing to hide!
You all may have noticed how...Read More
Categories: absconded, humorous, silly,
Form: Epic
In a Forgotten Field in England
He had no insight into the mysteries
Of the gilded sports 
Of the British social elite,
By the time he arrived at his beloved college,
Long, long ago in a long-forgotten England,

And in later years he came to the opinion
That if he possessed...Read More
Categories: absconded, dream, education, england, memory, music, nostalgia, passion,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Palestinian's Engineering Dream
Once I was thinking of building a shopping plaza just along the Gaza strip
But the Israeli's being what they are; I thought my sales could take a dip

So I thought I'd build a set of tunnels starting from just beneath...Read More
Categories: absconded, humor, uplifting,
Form: Couplet
All That Remains
Somewhere there's a Master Sergeant
who watched Iraqi oil being loaded
on a tanker While Bush denied
 we went to war for decayed riches.
How's that for misguided love affairs
We stripped Iraq down to her bare essentials
Made her sign a pre-nup and dumped...Read More
Categories: absconded, scary,
Form: Free verse
Hidden fate
Each act
So credulously evoked a tangent-
Henceforth lulling this:
Keen careened,
Sense unseen,
With a disparate fate...
That soon will eventually burden all

And these acts
Forever growing truths from forms absconded-
In flesh they bonded:
Lost to those
Dreams that flow
To align, matched right...
Yet veiled into a fear of...Read More
Categories: absconded, body, dark, passion, soulmate, teacher, truth, women,
Form: I do not know?
war is around 
deadliest of all
no one remains
when it ends
neither me nor you
not a soul
come back
your dog died of hunger
yellow cat absconded  without notice
your mother committed suicide
young child was raped cruelly
you know
every thing looks bleak

you are my solace come...Read More
Categories: absconded, fear,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Betrayal
 Absconded from the scene, but dying fast,
 to seek a vengeance in a candle flame,
 I whisper names as prayers, a spell is cast,
 and goes about its deed--this is no game.

 The...Read More
Categories: absconded, absence, betrayal, soulmate,
Form: Iambic Pentameter
Our decimation is no news no more,
And brothers swam the sands of the desert
For our heads - as tears became thicker than blood;
Hell has found its place amongst us.

The morning and night are against us.
They conspire with the bulb of...Read More
Categories: absconded, death, dedication, deep, fear, horror, imagery, writing,
Form: Burlesque
No sense, No resolution

who stood by me the most In the muddy years of adolescence 
an invisible crutch, a stretcher of magnetic preportion
may it be harmonious, or a cacophony of dissonance
the eyes salinate, the skin raises, the body with its contortion

Soon it will...Read More
Categories: absconded, anger, betrayal, depression, emotions,
Form: Rhyme
Sock Returns
            Sock Returns

The washer absconded with a sock
Then went into an agitated cycle
Blamed the dryer for the missing thing
The dryer accused the weather
Said it never saw the red and...Read More
Categories: absconded, absence, adventure, conflict, confusion, lost, mystery, silly,
Form: Free verse
Ducks Walk
            Ducks Walk

Ducks walk
That’s what they do
It’s what they do when you‘re not there that’s scary
(Technically speaking they waddle but who cares)
Work occupies my every hour
Ducks can’t be tended...Read More
Categories: absconded, animal, bird, confusion, fun, identity, imagination, mystery,
Form: Didactic