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Abouts Poems

Abouts Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abouts poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abouts.

New Poems

Tribute to The Street Kids of Mumbai Documentary
Tribute to The Street Kids of Mumbai Documentary  

I  used to pick pockets
And steal tomato at the market place
I beg on the streets of Mumbai, India’s largest city
I stop drivers and ask for spare change 
I usually get...Read More
Categories: abouts, childhood, children, devotion, environment, lost, parents, poverty,
Form: Narrative



amidst cancer,

abouts household, smiling,

"T-a-i-wan", sweetheart conveys sweetness~~


**Traditional Cinquain

line 1 - 2 syllables - 1 word
line 2 - 4 syllables - 2 words
line 3 - 6 syllables - 3 words
line 4 - 8 syllables - 4 words
line 5 - 2 syllables...Read More
Categories: abouts, beautiful, emotions, heart, life, love, sad, sick,
Form: Cinquain
Premium Member Shemekia Copeland
Crossing the mud flats
of San Francisco Bay, 
doing sixty-five, 
or there abouts,
on a bright and sunny
summer's day, 

when from out of the radio
a bluesy voice came, 
and caught me as her prey. 
Her voice was young and
with such power,
she really...Read More
Categories: abouts, allusion,
Form: Free verse
Lonely teardrops gasping for funny valentine he's never there.
 How can you mend a broken heart once it's been broke too many times. 
Realizing love is undependable to the many times a day he makes you cry.
 Crying, suffering,...Read More
Categories: abouts, betrayal, black love, break up, goodbye, love
Form: Rhyme
A Former Great Nations Squandered Wealth I
Swept up into piles; everywhere 
Abouts; in collected heaps all 
It is almost as if the drab 
Streets were strewn with the 
Precious wealth of...Read More
Categories: abouts, philosophy, senses,
Form: Rhyme

The Remaking
I stand where the sunset hugely spills    
Out upon subdued but still hotly
Glowering plains...                       
Now,...Read More
Categories: abouts, celebration, fate, hope,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Morning Boys
Nestle in deep slumber the mighty Kublai dreams
of lapping cold milk, eating fresh meat, running wild
with hundreds of his doggie friends

Little Genghis shoots up from bed and darts out
running to room to room to sniff and search for what abouts
finding...Read More
Categories: abouts, dog, fun, pets,
Form: Free verse
Where abouts
For those who wonder where I am
or where I can be found
I'm in the mid west of my country
in a well known college town

How I got here or purpose being
might be easily explained
but looking at this thing called providence
a street...Read More
Categories: abouts, future,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Burning
The Burning

It was seven days and seven nights
Or there abouts, I was not so sure
Life was shrouded in the darkness not at all pure
I lost track of dawn, of dusk, of realities fight
To keep me conscious
To keep me right
Comatose, delirious,...Read More
Categories: abouts, angel, angst, goodbye, suicide, valentines day,
Form: Verse
William the Great
See as a child having a child he was my saving grace, allowing me to refocus my path to a better place, Where he could grow and flourish, So I developed him to nourish, Through my soil which had been...Read More
Categories: abouts, absence, courage, mother, son, true love,
Form: Free verse

The Trials of Meretrix Canto III
Diminishing virtues stripped away
From the flesh
By the fierce brined rods that freely 
Course thy hot crimson blood; 
Dry cracked lips attempting to
Fashion broken words of compliance
That so must needs to be spoken...
But...Ohhh, Meretrix...
My foolish and innocent child -
If you but...Read More
Categories: abouts, philosophy,
Form: Rhyme
The Trials of Meretrix Canto I
When your befuddled mind
Forsakes upon the ragged edge
Of swirling darkness;
Where eternal night awaits
To sate upon purest innocence
Besides an open grave!
When the gravity of your perils
Be foully whispered within
And abject earshot;
Where salvation for despairing souls
Be so hopelessly betrayed!

Then I wouldst draw...Read More
Categories: abouts, philosophy,
Form: Rhyme
O Glorious Autumn
O glorious Autumn of melancholic 
Gold -
All abouts the brightly lit
Your wonderful artistry behold!
Tinted bronzes,
Darting between awkward firs
Of sobering Evergreen,
Loiter inside mauve havens
Splashed with palest yellows -
And dappled with many differing 
Throughout this variegated Theme;
A myriad of rustling contentment,
Sweetest contrasting...Read More
Categories: abouts, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Cygnus olor
Chaste and more graceful
Than the white canvassed Dhow:
Reclines sweet Nefertiti 
Upon a Blue Nile breeze.
Fabled entity more whiter
Than the purest white snow
That thickly blankets
And folds over the wide Pyrenees.

Dipped is thy beak 
Into a harvesters August sunset;
A Bohun proper,
Gorged and...Read More
Categories: abouts, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Churchyard at Midnight
Twas darkness upon the quietly residing heath...
And deathly was the sullen red sandstone tower...
Standing gloomily inside the masons dry-stone walls
Amidst toppling granite slabs and the faded, wilting flower.

Solemn was the chime of the hollow, mournful bell
When tolling out on midnights...Read More
Categories: abouts, environment,
Form: Rhyme
It is thy wanton gestures that contrive inside long auburn
curls -
Wherefore to diminish the pleas of a warm, lustful
For though gilded rays shall grace all thy sunlit days 
Tis Moonstrucks cast beams, your mischiefs, 
That did so deceive.

Happily ye wander...Read More
Categories: abouts, love, mythology,
Form: Rhyme
Crafting illustrations of endless doubts,
Tirelessly exploring for those so-called peaceful where-abouts,

   Slowly illuminating those dark corners of paranoia,
Trembling as the shadows conspire into black-hearted Casanovas,

   Conforming to the consistent routine,
Abandoning yet another opportunity into the unchanging...Read More
Categories: abouts, depression, fear, life, people, sad,
Form: Free verse
Listen my children and ye shall hear,
A tale to make ye quake with fear.

'Tis a scarey tale I tell ye no lie,
Of a man who was told he had to die,

For a crime he committed in the dead of night,
And...Read More
Categories: abouts, fantasy, imagination, seasons,
Form: Couplet
The Chase
I am walking through the darknest
Overcasted by the confusion that clouds my life and decesion
Feeling my way Through life not a map,
Or even a familiar sight to determin my where-abouts
Lead by faith but desived by my preseption,
And as I came...Read More
Categories: abouts, depression, lost love, lovelife, voice, faith, life,
Form: Free verse
Working she thought I be
so there I was 
fishin just because
working I told her I be

she didn't know my where abouts
or me in's and me outs
bet her I'm home by 2 or 3

trolling a long
scratchin my ding dong
happy as could be

so there I was
don't...Read More
Categories: abouts, adventure, family, forgiveness, funny, happiness, inspirational, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member ISM
Solace in solitude is not solace,
Yet solitude drapes around me as fog.  
It backs up against the yellowing pale of democracy,
falling to cries of ism.
Ism builds the bridge 
but passes nothing across.
Ism makes us all equally nothing.
It fills no...Read More
Categories: abouts, inspirationalchild, me,
Form: Free verse
Our Life Station
Pondering impossible possibilities
mind collapsed in simple mazes 
that refused to show path out
internecine walk abouts tiring
mouth agape,breath on tape
scourging for missing energies
ghoulish ghosts never spake
secrets intensed even with a lens
noir turned more, darkest thus far
riddle walked ridley speed in a...Read More
Categories: abouts, life
Form: Free verse
Lost Star
Do you not hear my heart felt cries?
The gentle wind
                underneath the moonlight sky

Do you not sense my fears and doubts?
Where the clouds
  ...Read More
Categories: abouts, introspection
Form: Free verse
The Ugh-gy Little Duckling in Dixie
Tha lil ugh-gy duckin...

...Waa-uh-uh...a BAT lookin baby!
An somMO (I don mean jus maybe!)
Growt up in a house-boat shack
Way downt-ere in ole MAN-chac
Ain lyin!! (An I AIN hat no toke)
Ugh-gy baby make BU-tam-ous foke
All LAFIN an bubbly an-DIN!
Dat black hair and...Read More
Categories: abouts, funny, granddaughter, people,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Why?
A man disappears where abouts unknown
Not at his work not at his home
Days pass as a passer by finds
His right leg in a country wind
Days later his left arm in a ditch
All is quiet, enquiries have hit a hitch
News...Read More
Categories: abouts, death, husband, loss, sad
Form: Rhyme